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Amman- Modern life has forced new patterns on all family members, including the passion to watch football matches, which is no longer the preserve of young people, but the interest of many girls in this sport has become clear as we see one of them deepen in matches, and another finds that she is specialized in the laws of the game. And she is interested in following the heroes of the “round witch”, their clothes and their public life on social networking sites, and some of them prove their presence in the stands, and there are those who chase with her husband to to confirm her understanding and love for football, to find herself within the circle of followers.

Mother and daughter among the fans

The employee, Laila, confirms that she, her husband and three children are interested in watching some local and international matches, as her son Mustafa tells her a day or two before the broadcast of it about the date of one of the matches , so she can prepare in advance to prepare food or buy “crunches”, which adds a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere to the follow-up Just on their favorite team.

“My boys wear shirts for the two teams in the match, and we follow the course of the match, anticipate the goals and enjoy it,” Laila explained, pointing out that she never thought she would be among the fans of the matches. not, but this interest infiltrated herself through her husband, two sons and a daughter.

She adds that “the topic of matches sometimes becomes a cause for intense discussion and anger, especially after the loss of the favorite team.” Voices get louder and analyzes of the match progress are plentiful, in addition to the intolerance of opinion on the part of the man and children, which explains that she plays the role of the referee trying to control the case.

Watch matches in family sessions, usually accompanied by enthusiasm and heated conversation between fans of the different teams (Shutterstock)

Girls and follow the news from the players

As for university student Dana Ayman, she is keen to follow the Spanish Clasico matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​indicating that she is a “Madrid fan”, and she always tries to gather information about the team and follow its news .

Dana declares that she feels angry when the “Madridians” lose, as is the case with the team’s fans, but at the same time she defends him fiercely when he fails in one of the matches, according to her description, as she starts by remembering his achievements by publishing such information through her accounts on social networking sites.

As for her “Barcelona” sister Hanin (16 years old), she says: “I love this team, even after the departure of the legendary Lionel Messi. I encourage him and follow the new players who join him, and I know the names of all the team’s players. ”

Grandma shares the joy of winning with her grandchildren

Employee Suhair Jawdat said: “Football has become a magnet for young and old girls. I have a lot of worries, but my boys follow the matches with passion, and the best thing is that my mother is also interested in attending local matches, so that she can encourage her favorite team. ”

Suhair added, “Before the game, my boys go to their grandmother’s house so they can follow the game and expect the goals together. My mother is also interested in buying sweets (Helwan) after the victory of her favorite team.”

5- Internet channels have contributed to the spread of behavioral infection by encouraging certain teams - (Pixels)
Internet channels have contributed to the spread of behavioral infection by encouraging certain teams (pixels)

Different opinions

Juman Ali, forty, believes that some women’s attachment to matches has turned into a pathological phenomenon, and this may have negative consequences in the long run, as it is not an ordinary follow-up; Rather, it is similar to addiction and control of human mind.

It seems that if the woman is interested in following the matches, getting closer to the man and communicating with him, this may in the future lead to another form of unbalanced family relationships that is affected by the results of the matches. The woman must evaluate herself and the extent to which she is affected by the follow-up, and its impact on her family as a whole.

Her husband, Abu Yanal, disagrees with her, saying: “It is nice for women to be attached to matches. In the past, my wife has always complained about my interest in attending matches and sports analyzes, in addition to my contacts. with my friends. to evaluate the match and its results, but now we follow the matches together, rejoice in the goals, and exchange views with our children in the midst of a fun enthusiastic atmosphere. ”

An association’s view of the collective unconscious

Clinical psychologist Fida Abu al-Khair says: “Female people are more interested in sports in general than before, and in encouraging football teams to follow matches and news related to this game.”

1- Clinical Psychiatrist Fida Abu al-Khair - (Al Jazeera)
Fida Abu al-Khair: Girls’ interest in football raises awareness of sport they buried (Al-Jazeera)

The specialist explains this interest by saying: “If we look at the gender role in general, we will find a difference. In the past, some roles were limited to men, and now they are related to women, and the girl can play some of these roles. “

She explains, “In the past there has been a case of more gender classification and judgment, for example, matches, football and sport in general, are classified as men in particular, and this is an opinion of an association with the collective subconscious, and that’s started to change recently, so we’re getting interested in sports by women, and following the news and encouragement. And so on. “

Social networking sites are a reflection of the interests of individuals

The specialist Fida says: “There is currently an acceptance of the topic, and its appearance has become increasingly clear, and adds, and there is another issue in the presence of social media channels that have certain details in “shows the lives of individuals around us, and their opinions and comments on many matters of life, and it makes us aware and aware of many details that are related to or associated with individuals.”

She pointed out that girls’ interest in matches became clear, and its influence spread to others, as interest in football and going into the details of this game is a kind of motivation and encouragement for others to join this participate in sports, and to show their interests or encourage them to certain teams, as well as pay attention to hobbies or sports skills They are buried.

Soccer and Mental Health Improvement

According to the specialist Fida, when we talk about communication websites, we are talking about a change in concepts, the collective unconscious and its gender perspective, and the interests and tendencies of individuals.and the improvement of the psychological state of the individual.

And it turns out: “For example, one of the pieces of advice we give to people with psychological problems is to exercise or follow up on sports activities, as sport is one of the factors that helps to improve sleep quality, mood and psychology in general. , so awareness is provided regarding mental health in general.The encouragement to sports, and the presence of many places for rehabilitation and sports training, provided the opportunity for the girl to participate in sports activities.

3- The girl's interest in football increased by encouraging teams and participating in sports discussions - (Pixels)
Girls’ interest in football increased by encouraging teams and participating in sports discussions (pixels)

Behavioral Infection in Team Encouragement

Fida Abu al-Khair points out that the change in society’s outlook and society’s acceptance of female sports is one of the reasons that has contributed to the girl’s pursuit of sports activities, including football. Which led to a state of competition in opinions and information related to the sport of football.

The availability of channels on the Internet or satellite channels that specialize in broadcasting matches, and the opportunity to watch matches for all family members at home by participating in these channels, is also one of the reasons that contributed to the spread of behavioral infection by encouraging certain teams, according to specialist Fida.

And the clinical psychologist concludes by saying that by following family members to football matches, we – somehow – have a case of modeling, and the girl got sports information from her male siblings, and thus she has certain teams encouraged to participate in sports discussions, and sometimes tends to read information that improves her knowledge of the laws Football-related matches and classifications.

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