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One could say that the decision of the Central Council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, “suspension of the recognition of” Israel “and termination of The obligations of the Palestinian Authority in all agreements with him until it recognizes a Palestinian state on the borders of “June 4, 1967 as its capital East Jerusalem and the cessation of settlements, as well as the cessation of security coordination with it,” is just a vent of the political tension that the Palestinian National Authority suffers due to the stalemate in the “peace” process and the withdrawal from the international role in support of this The process, especially since the Council itself previously took a similar decision in October of 2018. It has not been implemented since, so the last decision is nothing more than a duplicate of his brother Previous

Before reading the significance and political impact of the Palestinian Central Council’s decision, it is necessary to point out an existing fact here. It can not be ignored or denied, namely that the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the National Authority in general do not own it. Which cards help her, she puts herself on the table of the political game while facing an experienced occupier who is skilled in evasion Politics, rape and denial of the rights of others, except to be backed by the most powerful countries in the world, led by the United States The United States and its Western allies, which enabled Israel to refuse to implement all international legitimacy decisions without any accountability.

In principle, whether or not the PLO’s recognition of “Israel” has any Political effect on the status of the entity, the organization should in principle not have been subject to recognition without being equated with recognition of the Palestinian people’s right to their independent state from the side they accept From historic Palestine, which is the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as the international community agreed and Resolutions of international legitimacy and the positions of almost all countries of the world regarding the West Bank, including the eastern part Of the city of Jerusalem it is occupied lands and all actions in it are considered illegal in accordance with international law and the decisions of the Security Council and the United Nations.

Since the Palestinian Liberation Organization recognized Israel in September 1993. To date, the latter has not received this recognition with any steps that would lead to a solution to the case. On the contrary, the rate of settlement has increased in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, specifically in the West Bank, which serves as the backbone of the promised Palestinian state, and, moreover, Palestinian recognition. the Prime Minister of “Israel” was sent. The late Yitzhak Rabin, did not receive recognition from the latter of the independent Palestinian state, but according to what was said in Rabin’s response to Arafat’s message, “Israel recognizes the Palestinian Liberation Organization as the representative of the Palestinian people.”

In terms of the political significance of the Palestinian Central Council’s decision to suspend “recognition of” Israel, “that” it complicates the political contacts between the two parties, and perhaps, and this is unlikely in the current circumstances, to countries to pay. who pose as sponsors of the “peace” process in the region must move and push. Speed ​​up this process again, in the hope that it will succeed in removing the calcification that plagues it, as the power has tipped Politics in Israel to the extreme. right, leading a rapid process of Judaization in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, especially the eastern part of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Central Council has no choice but to take such a decision, as it is not on the horizon. , and even explicitly states that it is against the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and with the extension of the settlement process on these lands to permanently close the door to any possibility of such events. The state in the future, in addition to that, the Palestinian street puts strong pressure on the national government and on an organized leadership.

The PLO leadership had no choice but to make such a decision, even if it did not escape. There is no political gain behind it, at least so far, as the Palestinian recognition of “Israel” does not bring about any political return in favor. on the Palestinian side, and therefore the continued existence of this recognition in the light of the denial of leadership The “Israeli” right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, is not this recognition. is absolutely justified, because the Palestinian side has nothing to lose by suspending recognition, but even Who drew it.

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