How MedCare went digital in the UAE during infection

As far as private healthcare providers in the UAE are concerned, Metcare is a brand that still stands high in its category. Premium Medical Care, part of the parent group AsterTM Healthcare, treats 1.2 million patients each year in 35 specialties. These patients come through the doors of four modern hospitals and 18 medical centers across Dubai and Sharjah.

Needless to say, digital transformation and connectivity are very important to a very important group in the medical field in the UAE.

But what happens when an unexpected epidemic strikes and disrupts strategy and plans? The key is to accept, adapt and throw away projects that embrace digital transformation and technology, regardless of time.

Bahaa Seigner, Chief Information Officer at Medcare, explains: “Before COVID, our strategy was around our new electronic medical record. [EMR], which was the basis for our hospital. And the [then when] There was a lot of doubt about when, of course, what happened to the government [we would] Start the project. What will you do about it?

“[But] I am proud to say that the leadership in the middle was very supportive [pandemic] We were able to conclude contract negotiations. Several companies may have thwarted or stopped their plans and we decided to move on. That is the strategy. “

Ongoing work on critical care and behind the scenes

While the UAE focused on its response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, hospitals and medical centers did their part to help. According to the International Hospital Federation (IHF), this includes Medcare, the first private healthcare brand to recognize and treat cases of Govt-19 in the UAE, in partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which designates two of its hospitals as designated. COVID-19 facilities.

A lot has happened in 2020, but like many companies, unexpected changes have helped them quickly adopt new ways of working.

“We were on this digital journey before COVID, but it was [was at] “Slow speed,” says Dr Shanella Laijo, CEO of the Metcare Group. I think the epidemic has already accelerated [Medcare’s] Because digital change is traveling [of the complete restriction of movement].

“We wanted to understand how to treat our patients – we wanted to make sure our patients were cared for and their needs met.”

Business continued as usual, with the website saying: We printed. We formed our application team; New employee [talent]. We took down our “launch” and started working in a new way.

He says it is important to involve clinicians from the outset to avoid setbacks in the acceptance and implementation of MetCare EMR.

“I believe it is well known that these EMRs are clinically targeted; They are not IT-led programs. [we did] To ensure that physicians were at the forefront of this program from the beginning, we set up our actions – all physicians coordinated as the leader and co-leader of each action.

“[That way,] All workflows [are] Reviewed by doctors and signed. When it’s time to start working with the system, we can sign in and practice [staff]And relive it with the least amount of surprises.

What does it contain for the user?

The pandemic emphasizes the need to improve communication, as it is important for all involved. Knowing the value of what is being offered is very important for adoption, says Venet Purushothaman, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Medcare.

“what do I get out of it?” If the user does not see it, it will not work. It is important that they realize the benefits, ”Telemedicine is an example.

“Telemedicine, as a technology of telemedicine, has been around for about a decade – nothing new, but people – doctors and patients – are very open to use. [it during the pandemic] Because they saw the benefit. So, I think that’s what’s important.

top of technology

Referring to Medcare’s accreditation of the healthcare information system, Laiju acknowledges that Tracker, through Inter Systems, is a “bold” step for the brand.

“When people were a little skeptical [about making] lots of investment [in technology]Not sure where the world was [heading]We have taken the bold step of investing in InterSystems. Show our vision on the digital journey; to make sure [offer] A smooth journey for our patients.

“There is proper documentation; There is a perfectly upgraded system. ”

Puruchutaman added: “We are working closely with the Dubai Health Authority, the Ministry of Health and other UAE officials. [my experience] This is one area where government and regulators are very much at stake.

“This is another reason why we chose a multi-layered product like Tracker because it offers you [feeling] jogging on the road. ”

Patients come first

The benefits of digital connectivity and technology adoption in the healthcare system are clear. With regard to Medcare, it is important that these benefits are achieved by patients.

Dr Rahul Deshmukh, medical director at Medcare Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, said: “Patient-centered care begins with the patient’s first contact with Medcare. We respect the patient. That is the most important thing for us. ”

It touches on the benefits of digital transformation, listing 24/7 access, continuity of care and patient safety.

“It is very important,” he says. “No matter what we do, patient care is fundamental to what the Department of Health does. As long as patients are safe, the industry will function.

I look forward

A strategy has already been put in place for the four Metcare hospitals over the next few years – Metcare Hospital Al Safa, Medcare Sharjah Hospital, Metcare Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Metcare Orthopedic and Spine Hospital in Dubai – and their medical centers.

“Four or five years … we have a wonderful vision. We have strategic planning. I think a lot will be invested in digital technology and innovation.

Purushotman concludes: “One of the core principles of our vision is to make hygiene affordable and accessible, and I believe this can only be done with technology in today’s era.

“Not only does technology improve, it gives us access, but also [it] help bring [costs] Generally down for a long time. At first it may seem like it [like] It costs a lot; [it’s a lot of] Invest in technology. But how will technology make a big difference in making medicine affordable and available. [and] Ensure that the patient experience is of high quality.

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