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How did the Houthi invest decades in inciting Sana’a regimes against neighboring countries?

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The forces of Sanaa, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, played a role in injecting young people and the general public in the north with hostility towards the Gulf states. Muhammad Al-Masari that the Yemeni Brotherhood believes: “Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Islam and Muslims, and some of them declare that its leaders are reconciliation.” He added that he had met the observant general of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, Yassin Abdel Aziz, and he had told him some of these words, and that Saudi Arabia was an enemy but required the stage to not to collide. The regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh and his party was more in tune with the Brotherhood in the file of the extortion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the invasion of the south, the plundering of its wealth, the destruction of its infrastructure and the settlement of terrorists and extremist elements on its lands. his inflammatory speeches and lectures against the Gulf states, the Muslim Brotherhood group. He spoke to the soldiers, saying: “Because we are facing a blatant challenge, not of the gang of apostasy and separation, but we are facing the enemies of unity, the enemies of Yemen, the historical enemy. “the backward, reactionary Saudi regime. You defeated Fahd and Fahd’s regime, you defeated the Emir of Kuwait and you defeated Sheikh Zayed.” The position of hostility and the continuity of incitement against the Kingdom and the Gulf states by the forces of Sanaa is old, renewed and constant. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar said in an interview with a photographer for the officers of the First Armored Division, “Saudi Arabia from the first day of the Yemeni revolution, and it is against the revolution, sheltered the royals and sultans and returned to fight the revolution … But in reality they will continue to fight us, they fight us economically, they fight us politically, and they fight us militarily .. They are against the Republic of Yemen, so when Yemen was united, they always pushed the north against the south.It would not become a state of fattening tribes When we were in control, the hatred was less, but now it’s really hate, in the sense of the word, but it’s buried under you. not sincerity, but they are not afraid in their actions, their words are wet and their actions are malicious, we must also take their methods and beat the same level. The officers present cheered heartily, then Al-Ahmar resumed his hostile speech against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying: “The background of our dispute with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an old one. The Houthi’s rhetoric whose hostility to the Kingdom transcends the facts of history and geography coincides with the essence and vocabulary of the Yemeni Brotherhood’s hostility to the Kingdom. Senior Yemeni Army Officers: “The royals, after the end of the monarchy, have the areas near Najran completely surrendered to the Saudis. I handed over all the green, the cross and the spots to the spots. It was all handed over. Eventually, after the defense of the Yemeni revolution and the defeat of the royals, the whole country was handed over to Saudi Arabia. Then they entered Sharurah. The sultans were brothers. The sultans were there as a rescue army. they were finished, Saudi Arabia could stay in the country. to the border mercenaries, who are near the border. The Houthis inherited the results of decades of Yemeni hostile incitement against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provided the people in the Arab Republic with support not provided jointly by their governments. In its strategy to support the infrastructure and state components for the north, the Kingdom aimed to serve the people and transfer the Yemeni state from the structure of the tribe and sectarianism to the personality of the state in its modern form .In return, the elites of Sana’a took turns in all parts of the religious, heart, military and sectarian regime to demonize the kingdom and the continuity of the state and Yemen more like With an explosive device that the threatening security and stability of neighboring countries, these elites have made weapons of all kinds common to the tribe, the government and the general community. They established the idea of ​​armed and belligerent citizenship, and they believed that it was the most effective way to keep Yemen a source of threat and extortion to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If we look at Al-Houthi’s rhetoric, which from its early stages seemed to threaten and threaten the security of neighboring countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and logically – that the Yemeni people are armed – we find that this clumsy speech is an extension of the discourse of the Sanaa system and its systems, and that is what General Al-Ahmar touched on in the same video, which he said. In it about the Kingdom and the Gulf, it states what Al-Houthi is saying today, which means that they rely on Israel and America: “We have the greatest lessons, the power of the Gulf, money is worthless and has no value. themselves, but he relied on the protection of the Americans. ” This video,, summarizes the task of searching for the starting points for the influence of the citizen in the north with the Houthi speech, to the extent of conviction and belief in it as religious and national postulates His victims turned to his supporters against those who came to their aid and salvation, it was not for the fact that the forces of Sanaa, such as the Brotherhood and the Afash regime, built for decades in the imagination of the Yemeni community has castles of illusion, concepts and justifications for hostility towards the Gulf states, suspicion and distrust of all that is Arab and that the Yemeni is in a state of war with its depth and identity Arabism and its renaissance project led by Saudi Arabia an aggression against Yemen, and no one is as brave as the Yemenis to face it. As a matter of martyrdom, and before Al-Houthi appeared as an Iranian sectarian project, we find that General Al-Ahmar and his party had established the same delusion, as he says: “We are really in the sea, no one can except the Yemenites. In the Empty Quarter, we say the Empty Quarter is part of it. , the transgressions of Ben .. They also count of him as a victim .. It is calculated from the Empty Quarter.Unfortunately the UAE is under the weight of Saudi Arabia and can not speak Oman

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