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You may think that there is nothing you can do to make you feel a little happier. In fact, being happy is something you are in control of, no matter what situation you are dealing with. If you want to be happier, you have to be willing enough to change your outlook on life so that you accept more of what life throws your way, but at the same time you have to try to change the things that are not good. The stress of everyday life can drain your energy and negatively affect your level of life satisfaction, even if you have no mental illness. Dr. Amira Habarir, a psychological expert, tells Ms.: There are evidence-backed methods that can help get you out of this problem. The field known as “positive psychology”, which emerged about 20 years ago, offers us countless ways to improve the mood. If you want to feel happier as soon as possible, follow these steps.

* Change the way you think

Think in a more positive way

Think in a more positive way

The easiest way to become happy is to make an effort to be a more optimistic person. An easy way to think more positively is to surround yourself with positive people. The optimistic energy that surrounds them will make you feel optimistic.

Make a list of the things you wish they had.

. Take a pen and paper and sit in a quiet room, and start writing 10 to 15 things for which you are grateful. Think of anything that makes you smile and make your life a little happier. Writing down all these things will help you to see how many things you are grateful for and make you happy.

Appreciate the little things

You have to work to appreciate the little pleasures in life more as you appreciate the big pleasures. Stop and smell the flowers. Stop – literally – at every flower that grows near your home, and see how beautiful the flowers are. Try the mini pastries at your cafe, and enjoy the rich and blending flavors.

– Living in the present moment

Learn to interfere in the present moment instead of regretting what is gone or thinking about what is to come. Living in the moment requires practice, and you can get there faster if you practice yoga or meditate.

Set a time to meditate

Set a time every day, or at least every week, so that you can just sit still, look at some situations and think about all the events that have happened to you. You will feel calmer and less like things are taking over your mind, and it will make you happier.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Remind yourself that all people have their own problems and things that suit them, and that you can not have everything Focus on what is yours instead of looking around, you will be so happier.

Feel more sympathy

Feeling empathy for a friend or stranger in need can make you feel complete, self-aware and grateful. The next time you spend time with a friend, make an extra effort to feel empathy. Understand the situation from your friend’s point of view, ask additional questions about how your friend is feeling and show that you really care.

* Change your behavior

Spend more time with the people you love

Spend more time with the people you love

. Spending more time with the people you love — and the people who make you happy — is a definite way to feel happy.

– Fix anything that is broken

Another way to feel happy is to look at your life for a long time and change anything you can to make you feel happy. There are little things that change can make a big difference. If something does not work for you, it will definitely make you happy if you change it.

Spend more time outdoors

Just going outside and breathing in the fresh air and letting the sun’s rays shine on your face is a guaranteed way to make you feel happy.

– Reduce your stress

If you make the effort to reduce your stress, you will feel happier in no time. Start with the little things – clean and organize the space around you so you do not feel stressed looking for something every morning. Reduce your social interactions by 25% to have more time for yourself.

– Change your lifestyle

If you want to feel happy, a simple change may be all you need. If you’re unhappy, it’s probably because you feel like you’re falling into boring monotony, and that you’m tired of doing the same old thing day in and day out. Doing just one new thing a day can make you feel happier.

Spend more time pursuing your passion.

Anyone will be happier if they spend more time doing the thing they truly love. You may not think it is fruitful to pursue your passion, but it will definitely make a difference to your happiness score.

* Create happier habits

Exercise regularly

Get enough sleep

Making sleep 7-8 hours a day becomes a habit, it will definitely make you feel happier. Happier people make their minds and bodies a priority, which is something you have to make first if you also want to be happier.

– Exercise regularly

Regular training makes people happier, and it has a clear impact on how happy you feel. Choose physical movement instead of transportation every time you can. Even a 15-minute walk to the grocery store instead of a car ride, or four steps to your office instead of the elevator can make you feel happier.

-smile more

. Studies have shown that many smiles actually make people feel happier.

Make time for happiness

Look at your day and identify anything that made you feel happiest. If you find that hanging out with your best friends makes you smile, spend those happy hours with your co-worker and give it to your friend in return.

Do nice things for others

Whether you are helping a friend get through the ordeal of a divorce, or helping a homeless shelter, you need to put more effort and focus into doing good to others. No act of self-love is 100% free, and there is nothing wrong with helping others at the same time helping yourself to feel equally happy.

Make time as your “own time”

If you want to feel happier, you need to spend more time thinking about yourself. By spending time with yourself, you can relax, unwind and feel happier.

Forget any attempt to control things

The truth of the matter is that you have no control over most of what happens in your life. Once you accept this, you will discover that you have no control over what life may bring, whether sadness or joy, but that you can only control your reaction. It is up to you to choose to happen, but to choose to be sad or happy is up to you.

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