Poor awareness programs behind the high divorce rates

Divorce cases in Qatar at the beginning of 2022 peaked last February, with 212 cases recorded, after which the number of divorce cases decreased during the month of April to 157 cases, according to official statistics, indicating the instability of divorce rates over recent months. , due to various reasons, as a number of experts believed that the non-education of children and to make them aware of the true concept of marriage and how to take responsibility for the family and security and safety for it offers, most reasons behind the high divorce rates in Qatar .. They also stressed that most young people have a superficial idea of ​​marriage as a luxury wedding night. And a honeymoon in an elegant place, and other things that are far from the true meaning of marriage in that it is affection, peace and grace between the spouses.

Experts confirmed to Al-Sharq: that if we want a successful couple in their married life who live on affection, mercy, tolerance, indifference and charity, then we must take care of children from the stage of education, so we start by instill morals, principles and values, with an interest in learning their skills that enhance the characteristics of men with their responsibilities and roles, and also give women skills that strengthen their responsibilities and roles, then each of them will know his duties towards the other , and here we have prepared children who are able to cope with life in general, and marital life in particular, and they emphasized that the interference of parents in the life of the spouses and residence with parents after the marriage and imitation of friends and family also one of the most important The causes of the crisis of high divorce rates in society and the serious negative consequences of this e problem, the most important of which is the destruction of the basic ties of the family and society.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Yafei: The absence of a marriage culture is the main reason
Confirmed psychiatrist Dr. Abdullah Al-Yafei that the main problem in divorce lies in the married people themselves, and in their weak intellectual level, especially in the culture of marriage, which influences the method of dialogue to be negative, lack of respect, and in which it is offensive contains. criticism, ridicule, ridicule, and belittling and minimization of the other party, with insults, insults and insults, And with the insistence on opinion, even if it is wrong, because of pride, and among the reasons is also a lack of understanding of the meaning, importance and goals of marriage, and a lack of knowledge of their marital and family roles and duties.
He continued, “One of the reasons for the increase in the divorce rate is the failure to teach children from an early age to accept responsibility and independence and their roles as a man and a woman in life, which is reflected in their lack of knowledge of their roles while married, in addition to the lack of educational curricula in schools that teach children the importance of family and marriage and poor rehabilitation programs for those about to get married. the couple is taught the effective method of communication and gives courses on how to communicate positively based on respect and appreciation, and not to insult, ridicule or belittle the other party. ”

He stressed the need to teach spouses how to properly confront marital problems, and the obligation to have educational curricula about the family and marriage and its importance in primary school schools, and compulsory attendance at a course for those who is about to get married. an integrated curriculum for those who wanted to get married.

Muhammad Al-Shaer: Divorce is the breakdown of the family and the loss of children
Psychologist Muhammad Al-Shaer said: Divorce is one of the most common problems in our time. Divorce poses a great danger to the disintegration of the family and the loss of children. Most divorce problems occur due to a lack of patience and the burden Many women leave their husband’s home, no matter how simple the problem is. Parents interfere with problems, do not hesitate to ask for divorce, marital infidelity, lack of religious scrutiny on the part of the husband or wife, and failure to perform housework.

He explained that the children most affected by divorce are the children, so the children are lost between the mother and the father, in addition to the psychological problems that form with them and that it is difficult to get rid of them regardless how old the children are. The wife falls into the bad view that society sees over the divorced woman, as well as the formation of hatred and hatred between the spouses and the disintegration of society, in addition to the psychological impact that falls on the husband, especially when taking responsibility for the children and their supervision.
He added: “The impact of divorce between spouses not only depends on the children but also reaches the community. Divorce causes a form of family breakdown and loss of bonds of love and affection and can spread psychological illness among all parties. formation of their bad self-concept.

Dhabiba Al-Muqbali: The Corona Pandemic Reveals Imbalance in Some Relationships
Zabih Hamdan Al-Muqbali, Executive Director of a Specialized Center for Consultation and Research, said that the Corona pandemic faced many marital problems, and that the couple had the real gap that existed between them, faced, but it was ignored due to the pressures of life, work and obligations, but when Corona forced families sitting at home, it appeared.The gap is clearly visible and can no longer be ignored.

She added: “Unfortunately, the family in our society does not raise the boy and girl to bear responsibility, especially the responsibility of marriage and raising children. The family focuses on the wedding, the wedding party and the financial and social level. “
And she continued: “Many girls have been affected by Western thinking, emancipation and arrogance over men due to financial independence, and the man is the most important thing for him to meet his desires, needs, travels and friends. That is why we a feeling of selfishness more than a sense of responsibility, and that is the biggest motive for the couple who do not cling to the family and rush to apply for a divorce because they do not feel a sense of belonging. ” “.

She stressed that children are the victims of divorce, and the mother and father are victims of society, and therefore we hope that the state, just as it obliged the spouses to perform tests before the marriage, obliges them to the attend courses and lessons arranged by the Family Counseling Center for those intending to get married, and before the marriage contract, the training certificate and the examination certificate must be brought along.

Hind Al-Saffar: Continuation of married life requires concessions
Attorney Hind Al-Saffar said that marital life requires some compromise from both parties so that life can continue between them, but what we unfortunately notice about a significant increase in the divorce rate in our society is the insistence of both parties on their positions without making any concessions, especially that Western thinking has affected them, which means that the man or woman They are able to live on their own simply because they have financial independence.Before going to court, the spouses should try to a reasonable party of the husband or wife’s family to try to reconcile between them and satisfy both parties.
And she continued, “The family court tribunal is initially transferring cases to the Family Counseling Center to find solutions to the dispute between the spouses, and to the Secretariat the center is making a great effort to prevent the spouses from reaching divorce, but unfortunately there are many couples who insist on the divorce decision and so the court starts the divorce proceedings and confirms Most of the divorce cases in Qatar are in which the woman is the one who filed for divorce and started the proceedings.

Ahmed Al-Rashed: Carries Material and Moral Responsibility Before Deciding to Get Married
Ahmed Al-Rashed, a human development coach, said: The interference of the parents and stay with the parents after the marriage or the pursuit of extravagance and only material whether the girl or boy does not allow to choose a partner is of the reasons that lead to the increase in divorce cases in our society from year to year, but in my view there is a reason why My head precedes all these reasons, namely the lack of understanding by the majority of the concept of correct marriage, and most of them take marriage as something necessary to do and nothing more, either by the influence of the family that it has become of marriageable age or by imitation of friends, without understanding the main reason for the marriage And no one knows why he gets married and when he gets married?

He added: “Our children need to understand that marriage is the formation of a family and bears its responsibility, and not just an association between a man and a woman, because marriage is not just ‘ a wedding party, a white dress and a honeymoon, he has enough capacity to bear the responsibility of marriage, not only the material responsibility, but the intellectual, cultural, social, psychological, and above all the responsibility for security and provide security for the family.

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