The novel of The Maid and the Bey, Chapter 8, by Nourn Hisham

The novel of the servants and the father, chapter eight, written by Nour Hisham

An heir in shock and anger approached this person and looked at him.He met him.He caught him on his face: Who are you?

The first person when he heard the voice of an heir came running, but an heir seized him and came down and struck him violently and angrily: he came out of my mirror to try, O son of all.

Everyone gathered at the sound and his life went to the corner of the bed, folding her legs on her chest and preferring to cry: No, no, no, no.

Warith slaps this person

Zain: Oh heir, he will die in your hands, that’s enough

An heir whose anger was blind: He will no longer be built faithful to *****

Zain: OK, heir, I’ll deal with him

Tamara stood at a distance and watched with tension and fear, except for this person revealing it to him

Tia saw life in this view, I approached her: H life

Life was further away and stuck in more caution: No, no, no, not further from me, not further

An heir who sees her heart hurt and has tears: I am an heir, my love.

A life without consciousness: No, no, stay away from me, stay away

Heir: I am an heir, Hayat

Hayat: And an heir. By God, he is the one who tried. I did nothing. Through God, through God, I thought.

An heir descended to the ground and took her in his bosom: I will shock you, O life, do you not fear?

(Everyone went out when they saw this view)

Hayah slept in the arms of an heir, and Fadl’s heir knocked on her shawl and put her on the bed and went in with the change and took her cheek in his bosom and exhausted and slept wearily.


With Tia and Zayn

Tia is lying scared on the bed

Zayn climbed out of the bathroom and was drying his hair out of the water

Zayn noticed her fear: Malik, Tia, and sat down on the bed next to her

Tia Sarhana did not hesitate to shake her arm: Tia Tia

Tia took her mind and suddenly cried

Zain hit her: Tia, you are fine, you have nothing that hurts you

Tia Baiyat: I’m Jalabi, I’m not reassured, Zain, I feel like a catastrophe is going to happen and it will destroy our whole family.

Zain was shocked by her words. He took her in his arms and beat her: Medicine, give the first, and what made you wander like that?

Tia Bayat: No, no, Zain Chalabi. I’m not really comfortable. I’m scared of Joey

Zain while she’s still on his lap: Medicine, give me a present, love me

Tia and Haya go more into his embrace: Promise me you will leave me your age

Zain in Arabic: I promised my life to leave you and maliciously went on to tell her of her love: Unless you tell me, Totti, you’re sweet every day, and I’m not the one suggesting it ( Zain and Tia normally talk love, they agree but when they are only together)

They came with a darkening and beat him lightly in the chest: But it will be darkened

Zain: Oh, you’re so lazy, but they have. Why are you so sweet?

Tia Baksouf, I tried to do it: I do not respect yourself

Zain malicious: Medicine, you’re so sad, come tell you a password

Tia, I understand what he means: I hurt and then I’m pregnant, brother, otherwise you do not see the watermelon you are in

Zain: the sweetest watermelon, people, but come on, but

Tia rose from his bosom: Ziyin ….. He interrupted her with a tender and romantic kiss expressing his longing and intense love for her, and Tia responded with him.

They drowned in the sea of ​​their love


Tamara is going to enter the room. She was very scared that Wraith knew something because she knew if he knew he could kill her in it.

Tamara called on an unknown person, but this is their big one, and we do not know him now. Who is at the events? You will know

Tamara: Hello, boss

Boss: Hello, what have you discovered or what?

Tamara with fear: No, but I’m scared, but an heir knows something I can not get enough of, and he will not rest until he kills us all.

Al-Bassa malicious: Do not be afraid, I will tell you about something to do and ***********

Tamara with fear: If I accept that someone has revealed to me to do what I can do, I will go to Dahi

The bark is malicious: you do not fear and you do not except in the important thing, but understand it

Tamara: I understand

She stopped and went to sleep, but fear and tension controlled her, but she fell asleep


In the morning

When the heir and his life

A life woke up before an heir sounded, I found him sleeping like a little child

Hayat: You look very pretty while you sleep and I do not see you, and you are a pure fanatic. I came near him and kissed him.

Heir smiles without opening his eyes: Are you depriving me of my life?

Shocked life: What are you, sober?

Heir maliciously opened his eyes: I’m so scared of myself

A life with a funny shock and the opening of his trumpet: Yes, you are afraid of myself of me

Heir laughed out loud and his dimple in his left cheek looked like this: Well, close your horn, but only the bear goes into it.

Life was happy in his smile: God, you look beautiful and you laugh, no, not just like that, and you also have a dimple, no, no, that’s too much for me

Warith: I know, I know I’m attractive, you know the girls, they all make me

Another life, and I grab him by his T-shirt: Yes, my brother, daughters, where are they from? Where am I going? Kill them all.

Selim smiled when he felt her jealousy and said maliciously: And you are your money, life. Are you jealous of him or what?

Life nervous: No, it expanded so much, and I quickly entered the bathroom

An heir smiled and suddenly thought of what had happened yesterday: It could not be the darkest life, and I must hear it first.

After a while, she changed. She was wearing a Baby Blue dress, with a Baby Blue veil and a white kochi, and she was wearing eyeliner and cocoa butter, and she looked gorgeous.

Heir: Oh yes, where are you going?

Hayat: Working with you

Reeth: Oh, I’m going to shower soon and want you

He came in and out with black pants and a black shirt, and the first two buttons were opened, the sleeves rolled up, and his black boots, and a Rolex watch, sprinkled with his favorite perfume, and he was on top of the attractiveness.

The first life, when I saw him, I lost his beauty

Inheritance serious: A life that needs you in need

A life beyond her imagination: I love you

Heir: What was your night-night party, and why did you wear it like that?

A life with tears: I wanted to reconcile you when I met you, you did not speak sweetly to me, and I wanted to know why you speak to me as a monster

Warith whispers: Hey, I’m sorry for what I’m doing now. He looked at his life at the window and saw a person and started hitting his life with a pen.

Hayah did not understand him, but when I met him he apologized, I understood and acted with him: You hit me, heir of medicine, they divorced me.

Heir furious, her mind did not shake: Yes, your mother’s soul, what do you say?

Hayah started winking, he understood what he meant and cursed himself for being in a hurry, but thank God Hayat did not think he thought it was a joke.

Heiress grabbed her hands and entered the bathroom: We have to deal with the fact that we can not stand each other, because we are watching.

A life with understanding: okay

Heir puts his hand on her cheek: I hurt you

Living with a smile: No, heir, redemption

Warith: Do not forget if I treat you under a monster, because we will watch

Hayat: All right, I understand

And they went down, and were far from one another.

Safaa was surprised: What are you arguing about or what?

Heir Bass for life, they always said, “Ready for life.”

Heir furious: There is no yamaa!

A life that calls itself disgusting and quiet

Tamara believed it and was so hilarious

After a while, Zain and Tia went down while holding each other’s hands and talking and laughing.

Safaa smiled: What is all this sleep?

Zain: Sorry, my mother-in-law, the origin of Tia, she was angry with me and looked at Tia and winked at her

Tia darkened, and to manage her eclipse, she grabbed the phone and worked herself to talk about it: Hello, oh, oh, I’m Tia Naglaa, my love, I miss you

Everyone laughed at her

And then they sat down to eat and when she saw the eggs, she felt that she wanted to give back an heir. Every little while he spit on her from bottom to bottom, and she came too, but note that she does not eat as if she wants to return.

An heir bumped her leg under the table. He lived with a voice. They spoke in the language of the eye

Heir meant: why do not you eat me?

Hayah: do not eat

Tamara noticed that they were looking at each other, she became angry

Zain: Come on, heir, so you’ll not be late

Heir: Oh, and he said to Hayah, “Oh!”

They were driving the car, and when they got in, Hayat rested her head on the window.

Heir shakes it over her: Oh Hayat, why do not you have it?

Hayat: No, I ate, but I was a little cloudy

Zain was surprised: You do not argue?

Warith: No, but I recently noticed someone watching us, and I felt that when we meet, we fight, he cheers, and when our relationship is sweet, he gets upset.

Zayn: Ummm

Reeth: Beware, you’re near the valley in this store

Zain: Shame on you, senior What you order is the one that runs

The heir of the Arab leg and they went to the company

An heir came from the Arab world and life came down and Zain came down and entered the company, an heir came in with prestige and arrogance and life was meager on the one hand, and Zain on the other hand, an heir when he heard the staff whispering about Haya Min and what a beautiful comea he grabbed her from the middle to let them know she was the queen of the king, the heir of the fisherman

An heir entered the office and his life came in and saw him and Zain and saw him

Heir sat at the desk and his life felt dizzy and sat on the chair all the time

Heith Qam: You are good

A life in spite of dizziness: Oh, it’s good

Heir: Okay, how are you?

Hayat: Do not worry, I’m fine

Heir: Ok

A life with enthusiasm despite its fatigue: What is the job, I want to work?

Heir smiled: Please translate these files

Hayat: OK, where’s my office?

Heir: The office that is on the outside

Hayah shakes her head, takes the files, climbs out and starts working

Zayn: Go here

An old heir, Zain, went to his office, right next to the heir’s office

after a while

Hayah worked and integrated at work

One of the employees looked at her maliciously and lustfully

Employee: What, Mazza, are you greeting me?

A life you ignored and grumbled

He held her hands and said, “I’m not talking to you.”

Hayat quickly jerks his hand and says angrily: Respect yourself, Hayat, “N you.”

The employee’s name is (Walid): So, I live, “N, scavenger.” It’s you

Hayah did, but the first time she started, the dizziness became more and more and she surrendered to a black whirlpool that pulled her, and the surname was on her tongue: And Regrett

An heir who heard her voice trembled. He got up quickly and found this Walid standing and staring at her, living on the ground.

He looks angrily at the heir: Hey, hey, what are you doing here?

Walid was only shaken when he heard the voice of an heir: and heir behemoth, come to him who sacrificed herself to me, bey.

Here is an heir who lost every atom of grace in his heart and was hit and the whole company got hurt and Zain tried to keep an heir away from Walid and …

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