The Rayyan phenomenon has brought it to the fore again | And the “relaxed” still loot the Egyptians’ money

Mohammed Abdullah

Victims: We have fallen into the trap of temptation … and they regret what we did

The relaxed is a phenomenon that Al Rayyan has brought to the fore again. There is no talking in our homes, except about the people who appear every day and focus on the millions among the citizens.

The Public Prosecutor is investigating only twenty-eight cases in Aswan, in which thirty-seven accused are accused of publicly inviting the public to receive money represented in sums of money, cars and cattle heads; To invest in them in exchange for profit, and to employ and invest them in contravention of the legally established conditions, even if they are not licensed to engage in the activities of companies registered with the Capital Markets Authority , in addition to their refusal to return those funds.

Since the beginning of this month, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has received reports of three thousand nine hundred and twenty-two victims in these cases in the Edfu and Kom Ombo districts in Aswan. 455,931,745), and to date the Public Prosecutor has heard the evidence. of eight hundred and twenty-nine (829) victims, and ordered that seventeen (17) accused be imprisoned, and the arrest and bringing of the other fugitives.

M testified. One of the victims of Mustafa, the resting bank, said he sold his land and paid all the sums of money he owned from many years of work in exile to place it in the hands of the rest in exchange for a promise of high monthly interest The one who is comfortable with public figures and that he paid thousands of pounds in exchange for cheating himself to get financial interest every month.

A. said. A. One of the victims of the Aswan restaurant Many of the governor’s villages and families of Upper Egypt in the neighboring governorates, and we never heard that he cheated on anyone, and that he was surprised by social media that ‘ a number of people talk to deceive them.

M testified. B. One of the victims of the resting place that he sold 3 cows to invest his money with him and that he gets money every 21 days and that he promised to increase profits if he increases the capital so that he also invests the profits had with him and that he had no doubt that he would contribute to increase his money, for there are many cases in the town, they got much profit from him, and that a number of the relatives of the estate rested in the villages constantly, giving money and showing signs of opulence, and they regularly made sacrifices and claimed to be from the family of the house, and they do so for the sake of God.

He added that he got money from him over a period of three months, but then the money was cut off and that he argued that he had investments that needed time, and he was never late in the profits, so we believed him and he did not sign a paper between us and him because we trusted him and his family and we did not hear anything bad from them during the last period .. T. said. One of the victims of the demobilized Mostafa the bank worked in the field of livestock, specifically those owned by the people in Aswan, not the money, by buying it from them, but he does not give them the financial return on at that time. Another thing about his activities and that he learned from these events from social networking sites.

As for MA, he said that a few days before Ramadan, he had supplied Mustafa with the bank, worth £ 2 million, and that he had not asked him to sign any security receipts for the previous transactions and trust. between them not. and that before it he obtained profit from him, and it was a few days before Ramadan, and he received a promise from him to receive all the value of his money within 21 days after receiving the cattle, as in the past, but they were dealing with small numbers, but this time the number of cattle was large, more than 20, and he did not expect to be deceived because of his knowledge of him and his family and their good reputation among the people.

Mustafa the bank admitted to the investigating authorities that he had obtained the livestock of his villagers, a large number of neighboring villages and towns from other governors in Upper Egypt, and that he had two farms, and he had the money every 21 days paid on time, and that he did not evade people and did not refrain from returning their money, but it happened to him. Some problems due to the recession in the markets and that he will return all the money he took from people because it is not a quorum, and that he gets these cattle without any bills or security receipts because his reputation among the people of the town was good and that people trusted him.

On his threat to kill the people who promoted his escape, he said he did not intend to kill or threaten them, but they tarnished his reputation. It’s worth it. mentions that the Public Prosecution ordered the sale of four hundred and forty. seven cattle heads seized at auction under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor with the knowledge of a committee of members of the Ministries of Agriculture and Supply and the Department of Medicine The veterinarian at the highest price, as the estimated selling price of five million pounds (5 000 000) were delivered to the court’s treasury pending the case, and other amounts seized, estimated at one million three hundred and eighty-two thousand eight hundred pounds (1 382 800), are also to received the court’s treasury. In addition, sixteen (16) gold coins seized were deposited with one of the accused in the court’s treasury.

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