3-series that tops the attention of the public on social media

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3-series that garnered the public’s attention on social media, today, Friday, 10 June 2022 17:15

The hashtag “Series of Eight” is already popular on Twitter in a number of Arab countries. He was widely praised by his followers. Its events revolve around a gang that decides to kill one of its members after violating their laws. But the plan failed. The survivor prepares to begin implementing his plan of revenge. And with Aser Yassin and Khaled Al-Sawy in the lead roles. Directed by Ahmed Medhat.

The series was written by Turki Al-Sheikh in his first experiences writing drama. It was filmed in Egypt, Morocco and France as part of an interesting mix of drama and action in a police format and a fast-paced event, with a group of Egyptian and Arab stars in addition to international stars. The most prominent of them from Egypt: Mohamed Alaa. Reem Mustafa. Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi. Hanan Suleiman. Lara Alexander. Sarah Abdel Rahman. An eregaste Ghada Nobility. Muhammad Mamdouh. Ahmed Fouad Selim. and Ahmed Wafik.

The series “Beirut 303” is scheduled to air on June 12. It’s about a horrific tragedy with which the story begins. The accident of a plane coming to Beirut. The fate and fate of many has changed. Fingers are pointed at the offenders. The work is directed by Elie Samaan.

The work combines Abed Fahd. Sulafa Architect. Moatasem An-Nahar. Nadine El Rassi. Jerry Gazelle. As well as Magdy Machmouchi. Rain that rings. Jana Eid. Amanah Wali. Inspiring people Baravi’s decoration. Hassan Hamdan. George Kabyle. Sami Abu Hamdan. Camille Matthew. With the participation of Khaled El-Sayed. Karen Salameh.

Essam Ashkar. Raymond Azar. Faisal Ostany and others. It was written by Seif Reda Hamed and Bashar Mardini and produced by the Sabbah Brothers Company.
Events unfold. When the passenger plane “Beirut 303” crashed over the sea before arriving at the airport. Where Aziz was accompanied by his wife, Taj, who was waiting for their son to get on board. But the wind is not what they desire. The wreckage of the wrecked plane resulted in many casualties and missing persons. Including their son.

At this point, question marks arise over the offender and the beneficiary of this incident. Obstacles follow in front of the crown. To reach the spectrum of a surviving airline passenger. And his fiancée was one of the victims of the accident. And discover the truth about Aziz’s secret business. In the midst of it all, the work monitors the fates of the characters, similar to what happens in our reality. It relieved a plane that had crashed. And killing innocent people. They died without justice finding its way to implementation.
With the launch of the series “Al-Hiba” on the Netflix platform. The star of the work wished artist Tim Hassan. Nice look for the audience. Who is going to continue the series in its second, third and fourth parts.

The series “Al-Hiba” achieved great success in all its parts, as the star Tim Hassan played in it along with a large number of actors who followed in all the atmosphere of the series, which is known as the most famous in the Arab world be considered. .

Tim Hassan wrote on his personal page: “The Prestige” is now on Netflix with three additional seasons “the second, third and fourth, and in all languages,” The Prestige of Return “,” The Prestige of the Harvest “and” The Prestige of the response. ” In addition to the first season in several years. I wish everyone a pleasant viewing. Produced by Sabah Brothers, directed by Samer Al-Barqawi.

It is noteworthy that Tim Hassan has finished filming “Al-Hiba” in Turkey, written by Issam Bou Khaled. Saeed Sarhan. Samer Al-Barqawi, directed by the latter, and starring Tim Hassan and Zeina Makki, and the production company have released the official poster for the film, which is waiting to be shown in cinemas soon.

After years of absence from the spotlight. Latifa was eager to reassure the fans and supporters of Ziad Rahbani. After appearing with him in their latest appearance in Beirut.

Latifa arrived in Lebanon two days ago and in a video expressed her love for this country and its friendly people, especially since she has missed a visit to Beirut for the past two years.

Nicely placed. Via her Instagram account. Two photos of her accompanied by Ziad Al-Rahbani, and she wrote: “Every time I come to Lebanon of the sweetest things that happen to me, I see you, visit you and sit with you, and I am glad if I see you, and you increase my confidence in art, your love and your optimism, give me hope in Lebanon. ”

Latifa collaborated with artist Ziad Al-Rahbani in 2007 through an album titled “Foreign Information”. The collaboration between them was a remarkable success.

This is Ziad Rahbani’s first appearance after years of absence from media appearances or appearances at any of the events. Especially that his fans have repeatedly called on him to appear and take a stand on all the events that have taken place on the Lebanese scene lately. However, Ziad chose to remain silent and stay out of the spotlight despite the difficult conditions Lebanon is going through.

The photos won the admiration of a number of artists, including Nadia El-Gendy. authenticity. decoration. Bossi. Fifi Abdo .. Other.

Great dissatisfaction among the audience due to the great artist Nabila Obeid’s welcome. With the participation of artist Saad Lamjarred. In a video clip for one of his songs. Emphasize that he overcame everything with his tact, respect and love for her.

It’s coming up. to nominate. Not because. The star of the masses to appear with him in a lyrical track. Obaid emphasizes. via Instagram. I have to agree that she will appear with him in any artwork if her presence is appropriate for her. And she said, “Seed just skipped with his tact and respects all the lines, which makes me happy.”

This is the second attack on Nabila Obeid due to Seed Lamjarred. She supported him in the well-known rape case in which Ali was charged

French girl’s hand. At the time, she was publishing a video of herself from the movie “The Dancer and the Politician”. And he put on his famous song “Adi Kalam”. as his background.

A great deal of controversy was caused by Diana Haddad’s last photo before the Kaaba and her visit to Saudi Arabia to stage Umrah, and some people have spread her image as modern. But she made sure to clear up the matter in an audio recording. She confirmed that the circulated photo of her is not new and is 5 years old.

Diana said in her social media commentary: “With God, the audience had a lot of interaction, and there were beautiful reactions from them. Positive reactions from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, the Arab world and the world. “, and a large number of media professionals contacted my office.”

She continued: “I praise God for the love of people. As for this picture, it is from 5 years. I was in the Kingdom to perform the rites of Umrah, and my daughter was with me, and now “Mashallah, she’s taller than me.”

She added: “I respect all religions anyway and every person is free in his beliefs and in the thing he does. I definitely leave the creation to the Creator.”

At the end of her speech, Diana sent a message to those who publish news before verifying its authenticity, “I just want to send a message to some people circulating any news at all. There should be a reference for the person involved. person to confirm the authenticity of the news because the news is old God is always good news.

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