Aiten Amer: “Men’s Snatch” made my dream come true!

Written by: Sarah Al Farsi

Apart from its continued success in the field of Drama and cinemaAnd the last of these was her prominent appearance as “Ruqaya” in a series «Written above“with Akram Hosni Last Ramadan I achieved Aiten Amer Eventually, her 18-year-old dream was postponed by appearing as a singer in a number of single tracks recently released, including “Banass” and then “Men’s Hook,” which is trending on the sites “Tap Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.” In the following lines, Aiten talks about Her Deferred Dream, and about the success of the song “Khutafa Al-Rijala”, while performing the scenes from her latest series “Maktoub Alia” and her upcoming work in film and television.

At the beginning, what were the reactions to your new song, “The Men’s Snatch”?

It was amazing and exceeded my expectations, especially since it was not limited to women’s admiration for it, but it also won the admiration of men, and I was very pleased with the audience’s interaction with it through the “Tik Tok” videos , so that the song was at the top of the trend of the sites “Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter”, since the promotion was launched, its own.

Are you going to shoot it as a video clip?

Indeed, we are now studying the idea of ​​filming, and the place, to appear in a different and new way, and we will start filming over the next few days, and I hope this will come as a surprise to the audience. , and that they will like it.

What is the secret of your attraction to her from the beginning?

Because the character of “The Men’s Hook” is a new and daring idea, and has not been discussed before in any lyrical work, and her “blood is light,” and I was attracted to her distinctive melody, which is strong and different areas. in my voice.

Being on stage has been a dream of yours for many years. Why did you procrastinate?

The singing step was delayed, although I dreamed of singing before acting, specifically about 18 years ago, and my preoccupation with studying and acting caused the delay in that step, but I sang in most of my dramatic and cinematic works, but it was time for singer Aiten Amer to appear.

Why did you choose this time to announce your singing talent?

Coincidence played a big role in this case, when I was surprised by a call from one of my acquaintances who told me that one of the officials of a song production company wanted to contact me to agree on a new project for me. to come, after they have listened. to my voice and expressed their enthusiasm and admiration for the collaboration with me, and from here I contacted the producer and selected the composer Walid Saad and the poet Tamer Hussein to prepare for my first singing work.

Why did you choose this particular duo?

Because he’s one of the most important composers on the music scene, and I’ve been hoping to work with him for a long time. We’ve indeed had projects since I started my artistic career, but fate did not want them to be completed, and this is the second work with the poet Tamer Hussein after the promotional song for the movie “Ya Tahadi Ya Tadi”, so I was happy to work with a leading team for my first professional singing career.

How was receiving the audience and your friends within the artistic community for you as a singer?

I received great support from my fellow artists, as well as from the audience who expressed their happiness and love for my voice, although they did not initially recognize me, but they enjoyed me a lot and supported me to write more lyrical works in the coming period. to offer.

What is your next plan in your singing career?

I’m currently working on more than one song “Single”, because I’m very busy acting, and at least for now I have not been able to release my own album and because I’m dealing with the field of more professional singing, I’ll be preparing soon before for concerts.

The song “Stu Anna” was a great success. Will you repeat the same style of songs again?

The song has indeed achieved great success in a short time.The song has achieved great success in Ramadan, and part of the success is my friendship with Akram Hosni, who helped the duet appear in a unique way, but I think that this type of singing is suitable for drama and not for albums and parties.

Who nominated you for the role of “Ruqiah” in the series “Maktoub Alia” … and how were the scenes behind the work with Akram Hosni?

It was Akram who nominated me for the role, with director Khaled Al-Halafawi and producer Karim Abu Zekry, and the scenes that worked with them were more than amazing, especially in the presence of Hanadi Muhanna, as it was difficult to to control the laughter. the set.

How did you get the feedback?

“Ruqaya broke the world,” is what I saw with my own eyes, and I personally did not expect success in this way.

Is there a plan to make a second part of the series?

It has not been finalized yet, but if a second part is agreed, I will definitely welcome it.

What are the similarities between Aiten and Ruqayya?

There is no similarity, to the extent that if I actually met “Ruqayya”, “I will kill her”, because she is a “provocative” character.

Is the idea of ​​”The girl who loves unilaterally” a repetition of the characters you presented before?

Indeed, I have presented the character of the girl who loves one side in more than one work, including the series “Faisal’s Apartment” and “Second Chance”, but with different circumstances surrounding the character.

What’s behind the scenes of the series “The Common Point”?

“The Colloquial Point” is for me a very important transition phase in the complex roles, and the scenes were difficult due to the different nature of the work, because it is a dramatic work of a special nature, and the character of Dalia ”Is of a strange psychological nature, as she suffers from chasing memories from the past as a result of the death of her parents in an accident, so This role has psychologically exhausted me because I was affected by it, and I have more contacted one psychiatrist to find out what the dimensions are. of the role I play, and one of the influential scenes in the work was Dalia’s discovery of the death of her husband and children in an accident, so that the “guilt knot” kept haunting her all the time.

What do you think of electronic platforms?

Although I was scared of the idea of ​​showing a dramatic work on one of the electronic platforms, as happened to me in the presentation of the series “The Vernacular Point” on the “Weyak” platform, but I was impressed by the audience’s reactions, and indeed the electronic platforms have recently contributed to the success of many very dramatic works, especially that the audience enjoys watching the platforms because they show the work without advertising breaks.

What about your participation in the series “The Choice 3”?

My nomination came from director Peter Mimi, and my participation in “The Choice” is an honor for me, as it is a work that contributes to the development of the mind and awareness of the Egyptian citizen, and in spite of me appearance as a guest of honor, it is in addition to my career, and I am ready to participate in any national work that will be implemented during the coming period Due to the importance of participating in such great works that the modern history of Egypt for document future generations.

How was the collaboration with Karim Abdel Aziz?

Working with Karim is interesting because I’m a fan of him, and I respect him on a personal and professional level, and standing up for him is one of the happiest things for me this year.

Who are the personalities you dream of presenting their biography?

I do not like biographical works, but I can embody public figures with a strong influence on society that no one has seen before, and I do not agree to embody a famous art figure.

What are the criteria for choosing your roles?

I try to avoid the “fall of repetition”, so I choose my roles carefully, and that they differ from the roles I offered, and I hope the next step will be a romantic work, because I did not interpret this type not from work before.

What is the business closest to your heart?

The movie “Oh, my devotion, my transgression”, because I have participated in its production since the idea, but I can not go beyond the works that made my name in the beginning, like the series “Al-Dali “and” Hadrat Al “-Athim Abi.”

From the stars of the beautiful art era, did you wish one work would bring you together?

I was hoping to stand in front of Rushdi Abaza, especially since he would give any star working in front of him an amazing space, and rather be the heroine as events progress.

What are the latest developments in the dispute between you and Reham Hajjaj?

I lodged a complaint at the request of Dr Ashraf Zaki, and the complaint is now in the syndicate, especially after the testimony of both the director and writer of the work, which revealed new facts of which I knew nothing . The complaint has not yet been investigated.

What are the details of your work in the coming period for acting?

On the film front, I finished filming my viewers in the movie “Their Uncle”, starring Mohamed Adel Imam, in which he appeared as guest of honor as “Sahar”, an action comedy movie, which is expected to be shown on Eid. al-Adha, and I have not yet decided on another job. On the dramatic level, it will be shown to me on the platforms, including “The Novel” which is shown on “Shahid”, and a second part of the series “The Colloquial Point” is scheduled to be shown on the “Weyak” platform to be made.

Finally, how do you reconcile your personal and professional life?

During the holidays I try to take care of my family life, especially after God has blessed me with children, even friends have become second to me, and there is not much time left to meet them, due to lack of time available is away from work.

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