Cities – It’s time to take back the loot

Today, Marcel Ghanem’s impact on news consumers and producers is similar to that of Donald Trump during his tenure as President of the White House. The aspect of kinship or comparison is not an issue of racism or the excessive use of terms that indicate hatred or discrimination against women, although there are those who see it as a valid comparison.

What is rather meant here is that Marcel, like Trump, has become a source of news and reactions to it, in the context of what is now being enforced by the nature of news consumption controlled by an exhausting pendulum. In this sense, it is beneficial to the industry in its current dominant nature. If Marcel now comes off the screen, as Trump did with his loss of a second term in the White House, much of the excitement and senseless controversy on social media would be missing.

Some may attribute this to his success. Not in the sense that his success makes him vulnerable to the arrows of competitors and haters, and is unable to enjoy the rainbow of his fame, but in the sense that the measure is the amount of noise he makes. As long as he maintains a strong resonance during and after the episode, in social media, then he is still able to keep up and keep going and so on … From the prequel whose causes are known, a mixture of connections of money, power, advertisements and the continuation of the vicious cycle that revolves endlessly.

In contrast to the “sweeping” look, which is undoubtedly high from the perspective of the curators and followers of the “Rating” frequencies, there are remembering viewers. A large number of other Lebanese are no longer able to waste their precious time on screen, especially if it has become a lack of justification to use it, whether simple fun, or serious news and graceful cultural knowledge. Yes precious time.

Television is seen as a platform for presenting material, entertaining or educational and political at best, at a cost almost nothing, if we forget what the viewer as a consumer in general pays in return for it. In Lebanon, the time devoted to television has become morally and financially costly. This is due to many factors, including the fact that electricity does not come for long or for long, and therefore its presence is very expensive, and for that reason the neighborhood cheers, and the people of the house call it “radiator. “jet”, it is the worthy welcome to the dear guest. In addition, the electricity bill, whether provided by the state or by subscription, is high in both cases. Therefore, sophistication lies in the clever use of time in the presence of electricity, with the “comfort and luxury” it offers, and accordingly the comparison becomes: “It is time” not to neglect watches and jewelery and put it in a large amount to waste. of a sticky mixture of content of ambiguous identity.

If we set aside what appears to the participant and viewer to violence, both visually and auditorily, due to the ongoing emotions of the host character, which no studio, screen or theater, or the spacious space, is capable of absorb or contain. its inflation, we will have a program with a fickle mood.

The description of the host here seems more accurate to indicate what he is doing. He houses guests, participants and staff, who do not understand when they are biased, when they are preparers, researchers and co-hosts, and when they become experts, but we know that they call him “Professor Marcel” in all cases. He’s not a presenter or a conversation partner, because Marcel, who does not accept being called by his first name, is no longer a conversation partner in both traditional and modern ways. He does not wait for answers or hear them, he swings in the air on the ropes of sarcasm and indignation, in the face of the guest or participant. The program is not entirely cynical, nor is it a platform for what viewers once demanded, the revolutionary weather, the partisan citizens countless times, and never and always the politicians of the system, without the brother George, whose character or the reason for the his permanent presentation is not yet clear: a historian? Media, advisor, or just a brother?

Despite the interruption of it all, fans find themselves virtually spoiled by the frequencies of this content, even if they manage to become deaf to it in their sessions with friends. They fall into the category of those who find it inevitable to communicate with the frequencies of this content via the Facebook-Twitter-Instagram trio.

A good portion of the Lebanese are now seeking an end to this pattern, which no longer even provides a minimum of poor entertainment, but rather looks like systematic violence, and they are the victims of it.

The problem, however, lies elsewhere, in the fact that there is still no claimant to the throne to save the wasted time, and it does not seem possible soon, unless there is a real uprising in the media that is particularly presented on screen. word.

It seems necessary to re-believe that the formal and moral collapse currently taking place on the screen in Lebanon will not provide us with entertainment material that gently removes some of the sadness from our chest, so we will regain some energy to our daily difficulties. It will not open a conversation or prepare it for the path of change in social and political consciousness. The stream, which seeks its path, is plodding with the sediments on the one hand, and the ability of the financiers and those with political influence, that is, the system, on the other.

There has been an urgent need to change the dominant and empowered style as an octopus, and to look for unique content that is also diverse and calm, serious and entertaining, consistent and inconsistent. People deserve respect for their minds and tastes, and the media in Lebanon deserves to recover its stolen spirit.

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