“Hezbollah”: to “try” to form their government.

Source: Republic

Raquel antique

The commissioning and authorship consultations have not yet taken a serious turn, unlike the stage that preceded the formation of previous governments, before the binding parliamentary consultations began. This, according to some, is due to the President of the Republic’s failure to determine the date of the consultations after the completion of the right to elect the parliamentary committees, as well as the preoccupation with the issue of demarcation of the sea borders, drills in the Karish field and waiting for the arrival of the American mediator. Others believe that there is no enthusiasm on the part of political forces to speed up the formation of the government in anticipation of all internal and external conditions, and if it allows the time consuming without a new government to complete the presidency of the Republic, as President Michel Aoun’s term ends after about 5 months.

Despite this, a preliminary consultation is taking place between the political forces on the mandate and establishment, pending Aoun’s invitation to consultations. »Samir Geagea, the specifications of the future prime minister and his government, including that the designated prime minister undertakes not to assign any ministry to any sect. As for the “sovereign conditions” set by Geagea, this promise required of the Prime Minister is also a subject of controversy, after the “Shiite duo” intensified during the formation of recent governments in the allocation of the Ministry of Finance to the Shiites, in order to preserve the third signature on the decrees.

This Shiite compliance with the Ministry of Finance was one of the main reasons that halted the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron during his gathering of Lebanese leaders at the Pine Palace table in September 2022, as some at the time thought. To apologize for the task. The “Shiite duo” were able to obtain the Ministry of Finance in the formations that Prime Minister Saad Hariri submitted to Aoun, before Hariri’s apology as well, and then the “duo” acquired the Ministry of Finance in Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government, which became a caretaker government. The “duo’s” compliance with the Ministry of Finance also led to the failure to adopt rotation and the adherence of the rest of the parties to the same sovereign portfolios given to them in the Hariri government before October 2019.

Will the “duo” in the future government cling to the Ministry of Finance? Will the rest of the parties call it a pretext not to accept rotation, while the “foreign” and “defense” of Aoun’s share and the “Free Patriotic Movement” remain? This proposal may be premature, but according to the general political atmosphere, the appointment of any prime minister is linked in advance to all these proposals, so that it is not “assignment to command” and it is impossible to authorize. This case also depends on the results of the mandate consultations, and what majority of votes will appear, and if the opposition forces will be able to secure a majority for a specific name, it puts Hezbollah in principle outside the government’s equation according to the positions of these opposition forces, of which the “powers” are the most important.

While sources close to the “Shiite duo” are likely to remain attached to the Ministry of Finance, “Hezbollah” confirms that “no one has yet spoken to us, either on behalf of the prime minister, nor about the nature of the government, and whether it political, techno-political or a government of specialists.Start talking about this afterwards.Whoever talks about the Ministry of Finance and the sect of the minister over whom he will be in charge, puts obstacles ahead of time, while all this is not now on the table is not, and it is still too early to talk about it.Even the President of the Republic has not reached a certain climate to hold consultations, and therefore we are still far from talking about the Ministry of Finance and the “There has not yet been a discussion about the matter with us.”

According to the party, “the date of consultations and the names proposed for authorship must first be determined, after which the designated president will present the form of government and rotation or not, and then we will determine our position. Those who set prerequisites ahead of their time are wrong. ”

As for Hezbollah’s position in the event that its opponents could succeed in gaining a majority and nominating a person to form the government, and if it accepted the result and “set aside” a government, it as follows:

First, if they are the majority to do what the majority requires, knowing that in the elections for the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Vice-President of the Council they have not proved that they are the majority.

Secondly, they say that they are a majority, and it is natural that the majority party will name the prime minister and the second party will give his opinion. Therefore, the question is not whether we accept it or not, it is democracy.

Thirdly, what we are proposing is the participation of all, as the country is facing a crisis, from the demarcation of borders and the possibilities of war to the bad economic situation, and every party should not set its conditions, and we prefer that all the Lebanese be with each other and cohesive around a single national position to get the country out of the crisis.

The “party” indicates that “the majority of the governments were governments of national consent, and when we went to the majority governments,” they did not go wrong, “of the previous Mikati government, considered by Hariri and others is as a majority government, to the government of Hassan Diab, which was considered the one-color government, and that Because the country’s sectarian, political and regional composition does not allow one group to govern without cooperating with the other. of national consent the best governments to avoid political divisions and for powers to stand together to find solutions to crises.

He points out that the party’s opponents say that the national unity governments have frozen the country and that the one-color governments have failed, he asks: “What do they want?” And when the “party” is told: They want a government they form without the participation of him and his allies, it replies: “Let them try.”

As for the proposal to reassign Mikati to form a government or to re-trust the current provisional government, the “party” is waiting to determine its position until “the proposal becomes serious.” He says: “Our position on the issue of the name of Mikati, or the nature and form of government, is determined in the consultations.”

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