Kuwaiti businesswoman Fatima Al-Rashoud: With will and determination, life’s shocks can be overcome

Kuwait Fatima Saqr Al-Rashoud, who has a BA in Accounting from Kuwait University, has worked in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance for 17 years, and her practical experience has made her among the first accounting names in Kuwait, the Gulf and worldwide; She was registered in the register of the Special Authority for Auditors of Companies under the supervision of the Capital Markets Authority, and although she is the daughter of Kuwaiti director and artist Saqr Al-Rashoud, she went another way and established her group in the field of accounting and auditing bearing her name .. for her contribution to the Kuwaiti economy in the field of information systems and solutions The necessary services and services for small and medium enterprises, revealed in Ms.’s interview, to the details:

Is the work of accounting and auditing suitable for women?

Yes, it suits women; Because they are often characterized by patience, accuracy, deep thinking and studying things realistically; To come up with the right decision for financial problems, starting at the level of her small family, we can therefore generally say that qualified women are distinguished by finding solutions to economic conditions at a general level, and the evidence is what we see in the accounting and auditing offices run by women, which has made a good reputation among the large offices run by men.

Judicial arbitration locally and internationally

What about your work in the field of judicial arbitration and training?

I worked in the field of judicial arbitration at the Ministry of Justice, where I participated in many important accounting matters in the Department of Experts in the Ministry of Justice, which was at the public scene in the state of Kuwait, as well as the preparation of accounts and financial statements presented in these cases, in addition to judicial arbitration and inspections.Accounting for some local and international companies.

In terms of the field of training, it has contributed to the training of young graduates in accounting work, by following international methods and applying them in accordance with the Kuwaiti labor market, and giving them experience and competence, which qualifies them for promising frameworks to be around the Kuwaiti economy and in the future.

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global trust

Kuwaiti businesswoman Fatima Al-Rashoud

What are the main problems you have encountered in your work?

At the beginning of every work there are certainly obstacles; Where accounting work requires an intense and meticulous effort to prove yourself to achieve the desired goal and ambition, and thanks to God, the goal has been achieved with perseverance and determination, and the name of Fatima Saqr Al-Rushoud’s office has a become good reputation, honesty and trust at local, Gulf and international level.

Why were you not affected by the work of your father, the famous director, Saqr Al-Rushoud, and did you work in art?

Because I love the field of accounting, and I succeeded, and I found myself in no other specialty.

In what other field would you have worked if you had chosen to change your field of study?

I will choose the same field in which I work; I love my field of work, and I do not think I will change it.

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worldwide recognition

What awards are you proud to receive?

She received many certificates of appreciation and honors from the Minister of Trade and Industry, and the President of the Kuwait Accountants Association, in the presence of the Speaker of the National Assembly and government agencies. The Leading Edge Alliance, for which I was the CEO of the Middle East and North Africa, honored me, and it was my greatest recognition. I was also selected on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022, as the most important women working in the field of accounting; By the Leading Edge Alliance), which is the second largest international federation founded in 1990 in the United States, and consists of more than 175 institutions that provide high quality commercial, financial and accounting advisory services, in collaboration with 2 150 partners, through 450 offices and 175 institutions It was a surprise to me, and I felt very happy and appreciative internationally.

Who is the most prominent person in life as you want to be?

My father, director Saqr Al-Rashood – may God have mercy on him – was a man of thought and culture, and he had many books and plays, and this man is honored annually for his outstanding achievements.

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We invest in our national cadres with accounting specialties that are in line with the labor market


Kuwaiti businesswoman Fatima Al-Rashoud

Who supported and helped you on your long journey?

I relied on myself to achieve everything because of my father’s death from my early childhood; Which made me a responsible person, and I trusted God in my decision to open my office, and I succeeded.

A model for the most difficult situations from which you have taken an unforgettable lesson?

There are many difficult situations I have encountered in life, including the death of my father when I was young, and the death of my only brother Salman 14 years ago, and after the effort I was able to overcome the shocks of loss, and complete my upbringing, and successful in my practical and social life, and I learned the great lesson that life is not a path It must be powerfully completed, no matter the problems.

What talents do you practice besides work?

My reading is varied in literature, culture, religion, accounting, psychology and some scientific and literary books. I also write the short story, but I did not publish it.

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Accuracy and patience are some of the characteristics of Kuwaiti women … and they have proven their worth in building their society

Life is a path that must be completed with power, regardless of the difficulties

Balance required

How did you manage to reconcile family and work?

All glory to God, from an early age I organized my study life until I entered practical life. We were taught from an early age how important it is to balance work and household affairs. On a personal level, I work daily in the office until the time of departure, then I go to the management of my home and my children, which I follow in their academic and social lives, and even during their studies outside the state of Kuwait , and I give them first-hand advice, and together with my daughter and son, I prepare them for the future by helping me in the work of the office.

merit in all areas

What do you think of the progress of Kuwaiti women’s achievements in building their society?

Women in Kuwait have demonstrated their value and dedication to managing their home first, and then their outstanding contributions to the development and building of their society, which began at a remarkable earlier period in Kuwait’s history. Therefore, the Kuwaiti legislature was eager to get justice done to her by granting her political rights in 2006 in appreciation for her struggle, and she had the right to run and vote, She also held many leadership positions in successive governments accepted, which contributed to the revival of her country. We saw her as a minister, an ambassador, a candidate for Parliamentary elections and membership of the municipal council, a judge, and in all areas.

Has the Corona crisis affected your business, and what do you advise working women to do?

Corona has affected everyone, and despite the circumstances we are going through, whether at world level, or the wars we are currently witnessing in the world, the leadership of our country has been characterized by wisdom, and it has certainly affected us as a people reflected, and fortunately we overcame it, so with a little patience and perseverance it will be. All our affairs are right, and here I advise my sister, the working woman, to do more zeal, and to complete the path of achievement for the sake of herself and her country.

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