Lebanon is at the crossroads of escalation or cooling, and the demarcation file has reached its most dangerous stage, and the international community is advising a government with full descriptions

Al-Gomhoria newspaper focused on the fact that “the atmosphere before the arrival of the American mediator in the negotiations on the demarcation of the southern maritime border, Amos Hochstein, to Beirut, was loaded with many dangerous possibilities, and set the sea borders . on a boiling fire, with a real fear that this boiling point would reach the point of “overload”. Fires have spread from the sea to the land, and as marine facts indicate, the fate of the region is determined by the destination that the Greek will take drilling, either in the direction of tension, escalation and the opening of the region for dramatic consequences. , or in the direction of cooling off and the return of the parties to the negotiating table to resolve the final lines of the maritime borders of Lebanon, as well as the territory to which Israel says it is subject.

escalation restriction

Reliable information revealed to “Al-Jumhuriya” that “the diplomatic channels have seen remarkable momentum in recent hours and have moved in the Lebanese and Israeli directions, and neither the Americans nor the Europeans were far from this move, and the their main objective was to contain any escalation as it would not be in the interests of any one party, and emphasized the priority of returning to the demarcation negotiating table, while emphasizing that the interest of all parties was to reach a speedy agreement. “

Diplomatic sources told the newspaper that, “Despite the political and media escalation, there are no indications that the possibilities of escalation are improving, and we do not believe that the Americans desire the development of maritime affairs to the point of a military collision, and it was conveyed by direct and indirect messages to officials in Lebanon. ” “.

The most sensitive and dangerous

An official reference confirmed to Al-Jumhuriya that “the file of demarcation between Lebanon and Israel has reached a stage that is the most sensitive and dangerous, that is, the stage of no turning back, and Lebanon has no choice but to to insist on his right to his oil and gas wealth and to exercise his full sovereignty over his country as well as over his whole. ” crisis, to force him to give up and accept any solutions at Lebanon’s expense, through offers or proposals that affect his sovereignty and rights.

He pointed out that “Lebanon’s position is consistent with regard to its rights and borders, and this has been reported to all US mediators, of whom the last is Hochstein, and Lebanon will confirm this before the mediator if he attends, and finally, we do not want an extra centimeter on our exclusive maritime borders, nor can he accept that deduction even a centimeter One of our borders.

Regarding the rumors that the American mediator is coming to listen to what the parties have, not to offer solutions, the reference explained: “We do not want to anticipate what Hochstein may have in his pocket, but I think everyone is now aware, with the provocative steps taken by Israel, that the security of the region It’s all tied to the deck of a ship, and Lebanon only asks the American mediator to be an honest broker, and does not accept the Israeli proposals. And he said, “If we go back to the paths that the demarcation file has had since its inception, we will see that we have a set of experiences that have proven that all American mediators see only with the Israeli eye. . “

“Hezbollah”: to “try” to form their government.

Al-Gomhouria said that “the consultations for mandate and authorship have not yet taken a serious course, other than the stage that preceded the formation of the previous governments, before the binding parliamentary consultations began.”

She pointed out that “while sources close to the” Shiite duo “are likely to remain attached to the Ministry of Finance, Hezbollah confirms that” no one has yet spoken to us, either on behalf of the prime minister, nor about the nature of the government. , and whether it be political, techno-political or Government of specialists, he has not yet started talking about this. Whoever talks about the Ministry of Finance and the sect of the Minister over which he will be in charge puts obstacles in time, while it is not all on the table now, and it is still too early to talk about it. Even the President of the Republic has not reached a certain climate to hold consultations, and therefore we are still far from talking about the Ministry of Finance and the sect of the Minister. We have not yet discussed the matter with us. “

Hezbollah sources have focused on the fact that “the date of the consultations and the names proposed for authorship must first be determined, after which the designated president proposes the form of government and the rotation or not, and then we determine our position. who set prerequisites before their time is wrong, “and note that” the majority governments The previous were governments of national consent, and when we went to majority governments, “what went wrong,” of the previous government of Najib Mikati, who was considered by most former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and others to be a majority government, after the government of Hassan Diab, who was considered the one-color government, and that Because the country’s sectarian, political and regional structure does not allow one group to do not rule without working with others.

And she believes that “therefore, governments of national consent are the best governments to avoid political divisions and for powers to stand together to find solutions to crises.” And she declared that “the opponents of the party say that the national unity governments have frozen the country and that the monochromatic governments have failed,” and asked, “What do they want?” In response to their statement that they want a government that they can form without the participation of “Hezbollah” and its allies, she replied, “Let them try.”

Pre-election government … Post-election government

The newspaper Al-Akhbar stressed that “the likely new mandate of the provisional Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, to form the government for the fourth time after the years 2005, 2011 and 2021, seems the easiest in what has been achieved. The leader of the Sunnis, or the most powerful representative in the sect, or the head of a significant parliamentary bloc, or in the worst case, being a representative. ”

She pointed out that “because he is the only questioner of the position, the man likes to dictate his terms and conditions, and he tries to win the bet, and he can make sure he can achieve it:
The first is to prevent the difficult experience of former Prime Minister Tammam Salam between 2014 and 2016, during the vacancy of the post of President of the Republic and the acceptance of his powers by his government, at the head of a national unity government is restored. which exploded from time to time from within.
Secondly, Mikati’s last position on the airport on Wednesday announced that he could turn to extending the concept of doing business outside its narrow scope, and consequently holding cabinet sessions when necessary, on the non-excluded possibility of the composition of the new government, if the local parties try to impose conditions on it that will not respond to it.
The third, the easiest and most complex conditions at the same time. He will not form a government except in the image of the provisional government, if not himself. The truth is that he does not want anything else. He expressed his willingness to agree to the replacement of the name of one, two or three of his 24 ministers as a maximum. As for what he refuses to delve into, it is the exchange of portfolios, as well as its redistribution to the sects, sects and referrals involved with the current resigned government.
Fourth, Mikati’s insistence on the image of the current government, with its technocratic ministers, is nothing more than to exclude any idea that says new ministers should be brought in, from outside the powers that have contributed to the past in the formation thereof.

The international community recommends a “complete description” of government … and its alternative is a protracted crisis

An Arab diplomatic source in Beirut revealed to the newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat, that “the political data available to him so far confirms that the leadership of the new government will inevitably go to the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati. and that the alternative names proposed to take it come in the context of the insistence of some parties. ” to raise its political ceilings to improve its conditions in the coming ministerial formation. “

He pointed out that “Although Mikati was most likely to head the last government during the era of President Michel Aoun, he is not in the process of returning to head of government at any cost, because the cost of the delay will be excessive and will negatively affect the country on the brink of collapse, with the unanimity of the willing countries.to help him out of the crisis that has reached its peak.

The diplomatic source confirmed that “Mikati refuses to limit himself to the terms of this party or that, and he has informed his position to all who meet him, because simply conceding means that he will be an agent for bankruptcy. who will manage the crisis and sign the extension for it. “And he found that” the binding parliamentary consultations are not aimed at filling the gap, but rather should go hand in hand with facilitating its task through a to form a homogeneous and solidarity-based government, which takes it upon itself to take serious steps to save the country and pulls it out of the bottom of the crisis in which it is plaguing, and it requires all those involved to rise above personal accounts. ” To make room for the IMF to meet in the middle of the road to achieve the desired goal of saving. “

In turn, a prominent source in the opposition warned against “yielding to the terms of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement”, representative Gibran Bassil, who insisted on a government in which he had the final say in the case. that a new president of the republic can not be elected before the current president’s term ends, explaining that “Hezbollah, although it gives Bassil time to improve his conditions, on the other hand, he can not extend it, if due to the political damage it causes that extends beyond the inside to the outside. The mistake “.

The newspaper concluded that “the presidency of the government, even if it returns to Mikati, in case the political forces respond to its political conditions to launch the struggle to save the country, even if it comes late , provided a government is brought in with “complete descriptions”, as the international community strives to do, to prevent the country from being plunged into a vacuum sponsored by a government. elections.

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