My Blind Heart Novel Chapter Twenty-Five 25 Written by Mira Abu Al-Khair

The young man winked at his friend and worked himself. He would catch a piece of Rahaf’s back in the dress, her back was sincere, and the two young men smiled maliciously and preferred to take dirty looks, and she shouted and Laura came back into the elevator knowing her back: How are you doing, you little polite, Hayo?

The young man was cold and malicious: God, I was falling, moon, I had a phobia, sorry.

He winks at her and the little girl is scared to Rahaf.

The second young man slyly: We can not have a little fun, Mazza, while we are like this.

Rahaf furious: I swear to God, if anyone comes near me he will call the police, your hybrid, for you and him.

They are still talking. The elevator door opened and the people came out sly and tender laughing. She met Mustafa, who was waiting for her a little far away.

Mustafa, do not understand: Then … he sees her back where he took off his jacket and put it on for her.

Rahaf with tears: I do not have a lesson to cut alone.

Mustafa Bishk: Ummm, let’s go.

She smiled in fear and anxiety.

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

by Sila.

He went to the Arab side, where Sila was traveling, and it was a bus for a series she was making, with a picture of Qusai and a smile. Qusay was standing in the mirror and she was next to her and was wearing the t-shirt. Silla felt in her heart that he was hitting fast with a voice. She found the one standing in the mirror. I was shocked : Qusai.

It was a ghost that finished and turned to walk and a tear fell from her of joy and she tried to get the door closed and she called him and the sound is quiet.

Taif walks, he stops and feels he needs a pee, and sees him and Silas calling and staggering on the bells: Cut out.

Taif surprised: Is it me crazy or what?

Sila listens and steps on the steering wheel Zamar Taif Bass on Arabic: This is a limit in Arabic.

He walked quickly and Asim went and opened the car, a line came down quickly from it, and Asim was surprised: Silas, Silas, where did he go?

Written by Mira Abul Khair

Sila comes running up and her tears fall from joy.She feels right, and she turns to him: Cutieeeeeeeee.

Asim went to her: Sila, give Qusai what ..

Sila shouted angrily at him: Did you say, Qusai Ayesh, I swear to God, I saw him now, he was there.

She ran on the same path as a tide that met her, and Asim ran after her.

Sila caught with tears and the chain: Where are you again, my darling?

She sat on the ground and her tears subsided, and Asim Jah held her hands and stood up and beat them.

Qusai came out of the supermarket and saw the view, but from the afternoon he smiled: It seems that they love each other and are married.

He smiled and kept walking.

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

After a while, Sila was glad that Qusai finally came out, Ayesh, and they were wrong and she was right.

Asim Mshfeq is the same, and Taha asked: Silence.

Sila smiled: Yes.

Taha Hamama: We asked you for a psychiatrist because of your condition.

Sila shocked: My condition is ahh, why can you not believe that me and Qusay Ayesh saw it with my own eyes, my heart was scattered and my eyes saw it, Taha, believe me, I’m not crazy.

Taha unfortunate: Qusai died and was buried on top of me.

Sila angry: If I said that sentence again, forget that I’m your sister.

Asim calmly: Medicine, see the doctor, and then my soul.

Sila: No, I will not see anyone.

She came out under the eyes of sadness and eyes of malice: That’s how Sila made everyone an official mad Haha poor thing.

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

He returned to his apartment after either getting tired of turning around for work and eventually found himself in a company.

Taif is tired: Oh, I’m going to take a shower and rest, and tomorrow I’m going to work.

He showered and everyone found that the door slammed, his hair dried and it was going to open …

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

by Hazem.

Inside he saw Nihal, and he ate something with him. He knocked on the bathroom. There was no reaction: Nihal, my love.

no answer.

Hazem came out: Where was the lady who was here?

Al-Tamarji: I do not know I will leave her here until I return with treatment.

Hazem grabbed him by the neck: Are you saying, O my wife, how are you?

Al-Tamarji and the people heard: I do not know, by God.

People walked between them and he cursed angrily.

Hazem: You’ll go to the hospital if you look at me.

Written by Mira Abul Khair

Doctor: Well, let’s look at the surveillance cameras.

Hazem angrily went with him Bs Jalh iPhone.

Hazem: Hello.

Nihal shouts: Give me a chance, Hazem.

Hazem Bakhda: Nihal Nihal.

The person maliciously pulled the phone away from her: Your wife will do with me what I tell you.

Hazem furious: Who are you, Ben *****.

The person laughed: You are wrong, you are going to go like Al-Shater, you are going to give up your mother’s case and take her out.

Hazem was shocked: My mother is the one who sent you.

The person cold: Carry it out .. a lock in the face and firmness, I was angry at the end of it, and thought of a solution.

by Nihal.

The person stared at her as she trembled with fear and held her stomach: You know your mother-in-law asked me something sweet, oh, you.

Nihal, shocked: What?

The person with malice: Haha, you will know later.

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

when cute.

He opened the door to get a beautiful girl, his feet, and I stood in shock and embraced him: Qusay, my love, I was sure you were alive.

Taif surprised her: Who are you, miss?

Sila with tears: You tear me apart, Qusai, I am Sila, your wife, your darling.

There was a slight feeling of pain in his brain, but he ignored it: I sometimes regret it.

Sila: No, you are Qusai Josie and my lover, look until this is your picture with me and …

Keep pictures and throw them away: normal Photoshop, go outside.

Sila shocked: Qusai, you really do not remember me and I do not know who I am.

Taif cold: No, my name is Taif, I said, and you do not know how.

The door closed in her face, and she was shocked and beaten, and he ignored and held his brain: Oh, this headache is terrible, and yet I will encounter other forms.

Sila bursts into tears: Qusay Open and the Prophet, I am your wife, your lover, I will not stay except when you hear me.

Taif of Goa: Stay at home.

He fell asleep and cursed a worker who was fidgeting.I sat sadly at the foot of the door: No, you are my story, you are not the kind of my heart that says it.

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

She preferred the base and her tears subsided until the second day.

A gentleman says and does some exercises and showers and gets ready to go to work.He opens and gets her to sleep.The foot of the door is shocked: You are a black day, miss.

sella varkvet

Behz and Shah Lard trembled and wrapped her in the air and sat her on the couch in fear, her body trembling: Lord, what should I do now.

Silla hallucinates: Qusay, I’m Silla, your darling.

A ghost grabbed her hands and looked at me with fear, her face and his heart beating: Sila, miss me, teacher, silaaaaa.

Gap perfume and start overdoing it.

Sila tired and opened up when you find her focused on her facial features, smiling: Qusai.

Taif with a smile: You mean a soft face, miss us. I do not know what happened, but all I can tell you is, I’m not short, and this is my card, and all my papers are complete. It may seem like your loved one, but not him.

Sila throws the paper: Whatever you do, you are my darling.

Taif with a smile: Yes, with God, it is not the same.

Sila took out his passport, took photos of it and threw it defiantly in his face.

Sila did a challenge: Listen, what is your name, my beloved and my beloved, and as you have done long ago to win my love and my heart, I will not give in to anyone, or I will bring you back to me , O Qusailo .. She throws a kiss in the air and comes out with amazement: She is crazy.

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

with Mustafa.

Rahaf took him on his lap and waited for his friends: Rahaf, get ready, they are going up.

Rahaf: Oh, my love.

She prepared and Mustafa opened the door for them and they went inside.

Rahaf entered the hospitality and was shocked. The same juice fell from her hands in shock with a voice. They were afraid to say anything to Mustafa.

Mustafa went to her: It happened well.

Rahaf was afraid and shouted at them: Sorry.

Mustafa smiled and sat down and started blaming Alazaz and taking him to the kitchen.

Young Man 1: You went out with his wife, but you know, Mukhtar and Tikka came out.

Young man 2: Omal cream like this.

Rahaf with fear: Oh you respect yourself, look forward to justice.

The young man noticed the arrival of Mustafa: No, of course not, it is the lack of literature.Coman, my son.

Rahaf was surprised and Mustafa: What are you?

Young man 1: Nothing.

Cheb2 malicious: Your wife presents herself to us, this is the end of your choice.

Rahaf furious: I swear to God, they are the ones who committed suicide, “Show me in the elevator, Mustafa.

Mustafa approaches her anger, and …

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

When Hazem gave up the matter and his mother came out and triumphantly shouted at him and walked away.

Hazem was behind her and the police were also in disguise.

at the person.

He enters with six and a girl who looks awful: What is it?

The person with malice: This is the request of your mother-in-law, that we will perform an operation for you to deal with it.

She surrounds her stomach with fear and shock: Ahhh, you say what?

The person approached and pulled her and threw her on the bed and tied her to An’f: Come on, Saadiya, start the operation.

Saadia Qirf: Come on.

I approached her and Nihal suddenly called out ………

Written by Mira Abul Khair.

Qusai or Taif went to work and got the employees and got to know some of them and got a young man: You know they say that in the Maghribi Group company the competition for our company is that of the old manager, may God have mercy on him.

Taif cold: I did not work for an invitation in a company other than ours.

The person malicious: Look up at her.

Cute do not understand: who is she.

The person took her photo from the newspaper and shocked the same girl: De Sila.

Person: You know her, son of the lucky one, well together …

Before he finished his words, he was hit, and people gathered and separated from each other, he left the company angry.

Written by Mira Abul Khair

When Asim smiled, he, Taha, Jamal and Suzy Ali, the last of them, got angry.

Sila enters the villa, hilarious, and she sings, shocked by the one presented by Asim. Taha, Jamal and Mazen.

Silas does not understand: What is it.

Asim went and held her hands and sat her down and she did not understand anything.

Written by Mira Abul Khair

Asim: I agreed with Baby to complete what I knew what to do and also because of your situation, Sila.

The beauty of his tears fell.

Silas does not understand: I regret what you have accomplished.

Asim with a smile: I married, my love, not that you loved me, and Qusay died, and you are not convinced, and that is the solution.

Sila was shocked to speak, a voice interrupted them.

: But it is not possible for anyone to marry a woman who is already married, and many times also with his brother, Asim Beh.

They all looked at the sound in shock.

All in one voice, shocked, wow …

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