My Heart Is Yours Alone, Chapter Fifteen (Part Two) 15 by Maryam Muhammad

At that moment, Murad and Selim join his team

It’s time to dump her and move on.

Murad ran fast while his heart was beating very fast

on love

Love strong: I grabbed a word and hit her

in his head and falls to the ground

Love: Thank God

Murad reaches the room he is in love with

The first time he came in, he ran at her and hugged her tightly .. and she held it tight while she cried

Murad: I’m sorry, my soul … I swear to God, I’ll never leave you again .. Your right is on me, my love

Love crying: He was …. He wanted everyone to marry me “with the bastard.”

Murad took off the jacket he was wearing

He carried it out of love, carried it and carried it down


Salem’s team took Salem’s men

And none of them remained

And Murad took Ashk out of that place

And he put her quietly in the car, and she was with her, King and Omar

A king took her in her lap to calm her from crying

Murat came inside again

And he went up to the chamber where Salem was.

He found that he had regained consciousness. So he approached him and pulled him out of his clothes, and he chose to “hit B in it to the extent that there is no room for him to be intact.”

Murad angry: I’ll teach you how to do it, soul of your mother … and teach you ways so you know how to lend a hand to something you do not have, son of a **** *. …

Selim: Your hand, Murad

Come on, men, take Salem’s uncle Ali to the warehouse because he’s our guest of honor from today and we must add to him the hospitality of the people who are like him, or what, Salem .. and I will not tell you

What do you think, Samia .. no Salem, because it is not suitable for you .. honestly, you were worthy of one woman .. not a pure man.

Salem Bahous: I love love..and love loves me..and no one will be able to stop our love..I would prefer to love love for the last moment of my life, listen

Murad approached him and punched him hard in the face, making him look like a dummy

Murad: I’ll tell you how to pronounce my wife’s name on your tongue, “it’s dirty again”

Salim motioned for his men to take Salem to the storeroom … (This is the same storeroom where Salim’s father taught people who were bothered by the love of literature in it ????????)

Selim and Murad left that place

And they went to the cars

on the way

Selim with a smile: What are you doing now, Shushu?

Ashg: Thank God, Selim … Imagine this mentally handicapped man would like to marry me to this crazy man.

Selim laughed: What did you say in the first place, crazy … I mean, his words are not sixty for a crisis

Murad held her in his arms and fell in love with him with a look he did not understand

Selim: What’s wrong with you, O king of Sarhana ?!

King: No, it’s not necessary .. I’m laid off for a while, no more

Selim: Do you have to harass yourself, my love ?!

king. With a smile: No, Simo .. I have news, my love.

Love with gratitude: I do not know who else I would have done with this crazy man!

Selim: Your husband loved him. The first time he knew you were kidnapped, all the people came out to us. He was almost insane, and he says, “I love you. You have been kidnapped. By God, if I do not return, I will commit a crime.” Nobody expects me to do that!

Love softly: he’s crazy all the time

Murat: Are you saying something, my love?

Love: No, there is not … I say your whole life you are afraid of the sky

Love with a question: But do you know where I am ??

Selim: Do you see the necklace you are wearing?

Love: Ah

Selim: This is what we got for you … she is the one who determined the exact location..the most important thing is that you are doing well, Shosho

Love: May God bless you, Simo, my love

Selim laughed: What is the best way to change, and it is not necessary?

Murad Hob: Omal, if I did not fear her, I would fear who … This is the soul of my heart

Selim: Uncle Murad, are you sitting with us in Snagel?

Omar: No, I’m not going to be single from tomorrow

Selim: Why would you do that, Si Omar ??

Omar: Will you get married, Simo?

Everyone: Will you get married?

Omar: Oh Jadaan, why did you do that, why did I say something wrong or what?

King laughing: Congratulations my love, but who is the bride you are going to marry, so … Sorry, you’ve always made a mistake, my hand of the Nile.

Omar: sleep, sleep, it’s going well, my lady

King: O Lord, you love me as I am, Omar!

Omar: I seek refuge in God with you .. the most important thing is the bride is one of our family and you love her very much

Love with thought: Salma, the daughter of Aunt Dawlat

Omar: No, of course, that reminds me of Nadia Lutfi …. I want someone like Zubeida Tharwat … and she’s part of Zubaida Tharwat.

Everyone: Yes ??? !!!

Omar: What’s left, people? It’s me. All I say is, you have to do it. Well, with God, no, I’m sitting still

King laughing: You do not say strange words, O Omar. We want to say what that means!

Omar: It’s okay, Six King, I do not want you to say anything .. you know it tomorrow

King laughing: Lord, the parable of the bride I have, who sits tighter, has her hair when I am harassed.

(Who sells like a king like this ???????)

after a while

Everyone arrived at the villa

Salim and Ishq: Thank God for your safety, children

Everyone with a smile: God bless you

They kept talking a lot

Then everyone went home

When Murad and Love

Love: We will divorce when, Murad

Murad: There is no god but God … sleep, my love, my love

Eshk: I’m not here, Murad, except when you say we will divorce when!

Murad: There is no divorce, my love. Rest in peace

Love: Murad I’m hungry

Murat: I do not know if I’m sitting with a crazy woman and you will go crazy like her

Ashiq: I’m hungry, Murad .. you will ask for food and do nothing!

Murad: We’ll go out to dinner, my love

Dear happy: you speak seriously

People will just sit and spit for me

Murat: my love, I do not care about people

I am all that cares for you and only for you

Love: I open the closet to choose something to wear

Murat: Present, my soul

Murad went to the closet and opened it

Eshq wore a light pink bag, with a white fur jacket on .. She wore a scarf of the same color as the bag .. And a white dress … with a bag of sugar color..The set has many sweet equal.

on her

Murad Hob: Evening of beauty above all beauty

Love with shame: let’s stay because you’re late

Murat: Present, my soul

Murad and Ashq went to a good restaurant

I love nervously: why do people look for work?

Murad: because you see the moon

Love: No seriously, Murad, why do you look like that?

Murad: I swear to God, in your words, very seriously .. and then let the one who spits spit

Mourad moved the chair she was sitting on and sat down on it gently.

and sat down next to her

Ashiq: What do you think we order our sushi!

Murat: Why, my dear, we order sushi

Murat asked for food and they started eating it

after a while

Murad with a smile: Tell me if I have to laugh so I can laugh with you … He needs something to laugh, to love

Love with a smile: How are you?

Murad: What does that mean ?!

Love: I mean, in your sense, two people, not one person .. it’s you who has schizophrenia

Murad laughed: She also achieved a split personality!

Ishq: You are once nostalgic .. once nervous .. once insane .. once ok very good .. your sense changes every bit.

Murad: All this … Generally, my lady, forget what’s over and let’s go to what’s coming

okay ..

Love: okay

Murad’s cell phone rang, and it was dr. Salwa

Murad: Yes, Salwa, what’s good?

Salwa: Sorry, Murad, I’ll ask you for a request

Murat: Oh, of course, you’re welcome, Salwa

Salwa: You can take Nour to you today, but because Mum is very tired, and I have to be with her in the hospital … and no one will be with Noor at home.

Murad understands: are you not saying this, Salwa?

Nour comes any time I love her so much

Salwa: Thank you very much, Murad .. Say hello to lots of love .. She said she was upset because Nour will come to sit with you today, against my will, by God.

Murad: No, you do not care, Salwa

After a while

On the road (inside Murad’s car)

Love with laughter: What do you say, Murad?

Murat: Yes, my love

Love: She can not sit with us for two days either … I loved her very much.

Murad: I can not help you because of her mother

Love as she lovingly takes her on her lap: Her mother is as sweet as she is, Murad?

Murat: Why is this question necessary, my dear?

Love: I mean by asking a normal question

Murad: She’s looking for her father, not her mother

Love with a question: Where’s her father’s hope, Murad?

Murad: Her father is a match for Sab Salwa and I will marry her. She is the one responsible for her education.

Ashiq: May God take revenge on him who is far away .. Stay in someone who will leave this moon ..

after a while

Murad and Eshq showed up with Nour bint Salwa with them

She changed the love for her clothes and slept next to Nour

Ashiq: I’m not jealous of you because he loves you .. but he has the right to love you. Who sees this whole moon and does not like it

And she wore it with love. Kharathi on beauty

On the morning of a new day

Love with a smile: Come on, Nuri, let’s go to my mother

Noor: Mathie, Tent

(Go away, tons)

Love: My soul is on the trumpet as it rises from your trumpet, this honey

Murad: nè. Oh darling my darling..Noor is ready

Love: She’s ready .. and I made her a haircut like the moon

Murat: Come on, Nour, my love

Noor: Mathie, uncle

In the villa of Selim El Tohamy

Omar: Good morning, Dad

Salim: Good morning, my love

Omar: I wanted to talk to you about a topic

Selim *: I love you, Omar

Omar: Dad, I want to get married

Selim *: I do not care..but who is the bride?

Omar with a smile: Aseel, my uncle Ziad

Aunt Lilly

Selim with a smile: I agree, my love

We just have to take the opinion of her family, the opinion of Waseel

Omar eagerly: No, what is approval. Not Fadel without the approval of Uncle Ziyad and Aunt Lily

Selim *: All right, my love .. You’ll call Ziad and talk to him

Omar happy: May God protect you, Lord

Selim *: And leave you to me, my love

King: What’s going on here?

Selim *: Kom, Luca Parki, na Omar

King laughing: What is it that he told you, who is the bride?

Selim *: Oh..but why are you laughing?

King: The origin of he said she’s like Zubaida, a wealth and a piece of it

Selim laughed: You said it, Omar

Omar laughed: Oh, Dad

Selim *: And then he really makes a mistake

semi buttermilk

Malak: There is no one we know, like Zubaydah Tharwat, who does not ask, and it is not possible for her to be the bride!

Selim *: Why is this so possible .. She really is the bride

King with joy: I swear by God, I will deceive you, my love


In the hospital on Murad

Salwa with a smile: I do not know how to thank you

How are you, Murad .. thank you very much

Murad: No, it’s normal and you do not care..that’s how much I fell in love with Nour

Salwa sad: I do not know what to say to you, but Murad … Nour was very attached to you and kept saying, Uncle Murad, why do not you stay with us?

So, I wanted to ask you for a request, but it was too late … and I want you to think before you respond

Murad: You are welcome, Salwa

Salwa: Can you be the father of Nour, Murad ??

And by the way, it will only remain a passport on paper

Murad thought: ……..

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