“Protec” chases “Fentek” in Dubai

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The impact of modern technologies has extended to the language, as abbreviated technical terms in English have become an essential part of business sector narratives in all languages, including Arabic, to describe specialized technologies in specific sectors, given the complexity of technologies and their uses. In this regard, the term “Protec” which stands for real estate technology has been crystallized, to compete with the term “Fintech” which refers to financial technology and its technologies.

Among the terms most commonly used today, especially in the aftermath of the “Corona” pandemic, is the “Blockchain” technology, along with “Fintech”, which symbolizes the term financial technology and its various technologies, including digital payment solutions and many others, whose importance increased during the pandemic.

But at the same time, terms similar to specialized technologies have also crystallized in recent years, including “Protec” which stands for real estate technology, a sector that is witnessing successive developments in which it competes with the developments of financial technology “Fintech” in general worldwide and in Dubai in particular, which occupies the leading position in this emerging field in the light of its pioneering vision to adopt and develop the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in addition to the prosperity of the real estate sector in the emirate, and consequently Dubai has a launch platform for many innovative “Protec” platforms that develop the use of artificial intelligence, large data management and blockchain technologies to develop real estate transactions outside the model of The basic work from which these platforms were launched, which is only an electronic offer for the rent and sale of property was no you have become an integrated smart world providing advanced digital solutions and services to all parties, from developers to real estate agents, to investors and tenants.

Dubai recently witnessed the launch of new digital solutions that form a qualitative addition to the real estate technology sector “Protec” during the real estate summit held recently at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, and in the presence of almost 3,000 experts and specialists in the real estate sector, Bayut and Dubizzle unveiled the two platforms.The two companies operating in the real estate field have announced five quality tools that will enhance the competitiveness of the smart digital sector.

These solutions include “Search 2.0” technology, a search engine that provides property searchers with an easy and distinctive experience, as the results are sorted by choosing the ideal options based on the desires of clients. The role of AI is to help researchers gain a more comprehensive understanding and study the housing options that best suit them, based on their daily lifestyle.

In terms of “Smart Share”, it represents a new solution that helps real estate agents create custom rating lists for recommended properties that can be shared as an interactive link with a potential client based on the criteria he prefers and what he is looking for. , which will enable him to study different options and choose the best properties according to his needs.The other advantage is that agents and dealers can share their opinions and discuss other real estate options and their characteristics through the same tool.

ProConnectTM is the first tool of its kind for corporate (B2B) transactions, as it directly connects the agents of both buyers and sellers. This interactive tool, developed using sophisticated algorithms to identify similar options that both parties are looking for, allows real estate agents to work together and ensure a faster and smoother buying and selling process.

As far as “Pro BoardTM” is concerned, it is an advanced evaluation system to reward and evaluate real estate agents with outstanding performance based on multiple criteria, especially the agent’s response, user recommendations, in addition to the credibility of property that emerges through use. of the “True Check” tool and more. Based on the results of the Pro Board, property seekers will be able to communicate with the best real estate agents.

TrueViewTM is a comprehensive reference for real estate transactions that uses geospatial information technology, where agents can share reports and details, giving buyers an in-depth understanding of how to handle similar units. It should be noted that agents and clients can communicate with each other through this tool.

Developed in Dubai by Bayut and Dubizzle, these technologies offer promising prospects and will be a qualitative leap in the field of real estate marketing and will motivate real estate agents to continually improve their performance and services, such as in modern technologies and social media. investing in general will help create more opportunities for success in The real estate market in the Emirates.

Haider Ali Khan, CEO of Bayut and Dubizzle and CEO of EMPG Group in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “We have been able to achieve great success in the real estate field, and we hope to have a positive impact on all aspects. see. of the market. ” Property in the future, emphasizing that Bayut’s permanent commitment to development and innovation, and that the new features announced during this great event will benefit both the seller and the buyer.

He added: We will continue to provide technical solutions that make the lives of customers and individuals simpler, and strive to create a more connected and professional world to facilitate negotiation between seller and buyer and thus convince customers and thus the to achieve desired results.


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