“Al-Dustour” reveals the £ 20 million waste from the General Assembly of Potato Producers’ funds (documents)

Al-Dustour has obtained “documents” revealing the waste of more than £ 20 million from the funds of the General Assembly of Potato Producers on employees and members of the Board of Directors, with the Chairman of the Board of Directors currently unfair in his position, as he is the place of his membership according to the law, as well as the waste of public money In the construction of Jamalon in Tawila branch, worth 9 million pounds, without a license, and it also has catastrophic defects, and the transfer of more than £ 65 million to the Suez Canal bank, Mansoura branch, due to the presence of the cousin of the President of the General Assembly in the post of branch manager, which raises many questions in that matter.

– eclipse:

The documents obtained by Al-Dustour confirmed the £ 90,000 embezzlement in the association’s resort’s income, and their failure to provide them with the association’s bills, as well as the demolition of the Tawila truck scale. branch, the cost of which exceeds one. million pounds deliberately due to the fact that the chairman of the board of directors owns a bicycle next to the Tawila branch, and spent more than 108 thousand pounds without documents from the association’s social assistance fund, as well as the payment of more as 95 thousand pounds of the General Services Fund without documents, and the purchase of parts worth millions of pounds per direct order without conducting tenders, in violation of the law and regulations.


The documents explained that the interests of deposits and bonds were added to income, and that it was not increased above the reserve, and the interests of deposits, current accounts in banks, investment certificates and treasury bills were not increased to the legal reserve.
439979.24, bank credit interest 4599357.40, daily interest on current account, 1177352.60 interest on treasury bills, 178309.00 various credit interests 86041.17 Egyptian Export Group (interests of the association’s share in its deposits in banks due to the).


– Financial corruption:

The documents indicated that “there is financial corruption in the process of establishing the Tawila branch of the association, and despite the establishment of the cap at a cost of more than £ 9 million, it was: the cap was established without obtaining a building permit, deception from the chairman of the board of directors, the director of the association and the committee set up to investigate the financial and legal procedures, licenses and the general manager of the association. The board of directors should involve him in a major disaster., In the event that the responsible authorities in the state remove this hood due to a lack of a license, which implies the rest of the board members to more than 9 million pounds of wasting the association’s money, which is considered public money.


The “Documents” added that a license for the activity in which the hood was used was not obtained before it was leased to the company to store food in it, and the emergence of catastrophic defects in the roof of the hood leading to the led to a fall. of the water collected thereon as a result of dew and rain within the hood, which several times destroyed quantities of goods stored therein, and the company was compensated. Cracks also appeared in the floor of the hood over the value of the goods. five months after its construction due to the fact that you did not do a soil test, used materials that were previously rejected, and did not cast the cement floor in the proportions indicated in the assignment, indicating that the cost to build the canopy is much less than the cost approved by the Board, in addition to giving the contractor a contractor amounting to 1453000 pounds from which the value of the extracts was not successively deducted in accordance with the Tenders and Auctions Act , and this amount remained in his possession. for 18 months without right, which at the association the value of the interest of the amount for that period, estimated at 218000 pounds approx.


Manipulation of extracts:

The documents confirmed that there was manipulation in the extracts of the construction process, and the expenditure of more than 2 million pounds without submitting to the board of directors, according to the detailed report of the Central Agency and the report of the Central Administration for Agricultural Cooperation without documents, and it was seized in the form of other false works on bill, meals, routes and transfers. Also, in the final settlement of the liquidation of the account between the association and the Crescent Company, the value of the tender with the company was increased from 7 260 000 pounds, according to the council’s decision, to 8 million pounds, an increase of 740 000 pounds without mortgage or reasons, and also the breakdown of the balance of the association’s school in Tawila branch and the waste of nearly 1 million pounds.

The documents confirmed the existence of a number of other financial and administrative offenses (for example, but not limited to) the payment of £ 108,000 from the item of social assistance without documents in breach of Article (36) of the financial regulation of the association, in which the original payment is not allowed, except with documents, and the payment of £ 95,000 was granted to member associations without Documents in breach of the law and regulations, and large amounts of deposits and current accounts was transferred to the Suez Canal Bank, Mansoura branch (which is a subsidiary bank and not the main bank) on the instructions of the Chairman of the Board of Directors without taking a decision of the Board of Directors contrary to the Association’s financial regulations Chapter General Provisions Article 4 due to the presence of a boy. uncle, Yasser Ahmed Azzam, is the director of that branch, indicating that the association’s accounts were tampered with by letters of administrative transfers.

Illegal payout of ads:

The documents indicated that £ 20m treasury bills had been purchased without a decision by the board of directors, and subsidies were paid out to some associations, amounting to £ 50,000, as a concession to some members without providing approved budgets , and large sums were spent. without documents in general expenses of the Administration Expenditure Fund under the names of dry meals Exaggerated routes and transportation, resulting in excessive amounts of money spent during the year under these names.

He explained the duality of spending in the routes of Mohsen Al-Husseini, Osama Hassan and Raed Adel, as the amounts of routes and meals were paid out in transfers from the administration to the Ministry of Agriculture or the central administration, despite the fact that they were independent of the association’s car in these transfers, and the director of the association used the car to move from his home to the administration And vice versa, despite the fact that he made £ 1,500 in transfers per month spent, which is considered double spending, the violation of the statutes of appointment and promotions in the Labor Act and the Association’s regulations, and the promotion of some workers who did not have two years’ work in the association to directors of departments, and increasing their salaries in flagrant violation of the Labor Act and the list of personnel matters of the association.

The documents indicated that approximately one million and six hundred thousand pounds were spent annually on 12 employees without others, represented in salaries, incentives, additional wages and allowances, and their work, due to their inefficiency in filling their posts, benefited not the association. in making a profit, representing a large percentage of the total The salaries of 150 employees of the association, who receive about 7 million pounds annually in the form of salaries, incentives and additional wages. From what has been offered before, it becomes clear the extent of financial and administrative corruption and the waste of public money in the association, which prohibited the association’s funds without supervision, and which required investigations into those violations, and the transfer of those who committed it by plundering the Public Prosecution and recovering the funds of the association.

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