Dubai makes me feel like I’m among my family

Spanish tennis player Paula Padusa, third in the world rankings, expressed her comfort in taking Dubai as her home, in light of the warm hospitality and good treatment she received in the Emirates, and she always feels that she is in the middle of her large family, among her family and in her homeland.

Padusa (24 years old) was born in the US city of Manhattan and moved with her family between several cities, including Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Madrid, before recently settling in Dubai together before moving for the second time last April. place showed up. highest position in the classification of female tennis players.

In an exclusive interview with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Padusa confirmed that the availability of all the conditions and possibilities for her to live and train in Dubai, encouraged her to take this step, in addition to the availability of appropriate training grounds.

She said: “In Dubai you can get everything you want, it is a city that is easy to live in. I did not hesitate for a moment to choose to live here. The city is wonderful , and there are beautiful beaches where I can rest, that’s what happened to me especially after my recent injury. ” .

Padusa is preparing to take part in the English Open (Wimbledon), the third of the four Grand Slam tournaments, which start on June 27, to be the first tournament she will take part in after being injured and her third round of the French Open. (Roland Garros) last month.

“Wimbledon is one of the best tournaments in the world, and I’m always looking forward to playing in it because I like playing on grass, it’s different,” said Padusa. “And for sure, I’ll be one of the favorites to win the title. I’m very excited, and I’m going to fight for positive results.”

Commenting on the injury she suffered recently, Padusa confirmed: “Injuries are part of the game. I was sad about my injury at Roland Garros because it is a very important tournament. I have spent enough time recovering from the injury. recovery as well as recovering mentally and physically.My presence in Dubai contributed to that as I came to recharge my energy.I am exercising again and feeling much better, I have a few more days to recover and I I think I will do well at Wimbledon. “

Padusa touched down at the Dubai Open Tennis Championships, which she ran in 2022, but was eliminated in the round of 32. She said: “It will definitely be a great thing for me to take part in it in the future. It is a very important tournament for us as professionals. I look forward to the future, and I hope for good results. to achieve in my next matches and even win the title, and then it will be a victory with a special taste, because I will have achieved it in my house. ”

And Padusa managed to make a clear impression for her at the beginning of her professional career, when she won the women’s title at Roland Garros 2015, when she was fourteen years old.

Padusa broke into the top 100 in the world in 2019 and reached the top 10 in 2021 after winning the Belgrade and Indian Wells WTA championships. And at the start of this year, she reached her best rankings on the world rankings, after winning the Sydney Championship.

“I think 2022 is the beginning of my real breakthrough,” Padusa said. “I will continue to work, I see that I am doing well. I look forward to being number one on the world rankings and one day one of the best players in the world. It’s my dream, now I have Wimbledon and I hope to make my dream come true. “

Padusa faces a strong pursuit from the Tunisian Ons Jaber, fourth in the world rankings. And they have met 4 times before in different tournaments, mostly to Padusa, who expressed her admiration for the Tunisian star and described her as a “good friend”.

She explained: “Anas is a good friend, a real talent and plays great, and she is an inspiration to Arab girls and tennis players, she does good things in sports and makes history. I think she will make a big difference in sports in the Arab world. I am very happy for her and I think she deserves everything. ” “.

And about the most prominent stars and stars of the game, which she considers her role model and ideal, Padusa said: “(Rafael) Nadal is an amazing player and he is a role model for me and all of us, like the “Rest was Maria Sharapova as a tennis player when I was a little girl, as well as Simona Halep, she was a fighter and I see myself in her.” When she plays, she has the same playing style. When I was young, I always said I wanted to play like her. ”

Padusa grew up in a family that specialized in the world of fashion, where her mother, Maria Gibert and her father, Josep Padusa, are among the greatest specialists in this field, which made her strive to be a model then she was a child, but the tennis world managed to lure her.

About this she says: “My family has always been related to the world of fashion and I had this sense for it. They tried with me when I was a kid, but I fell in love with tennis.”

As a Spanish athlete, football can never be of interest to her, as is the case with many tennis stars. “Honestly, I attended a few football matches and enjoyed it, but I do not follow them very much. I sometimes go to Barcelona to see matches because I am from Barcelona, ​​and I went to watch Real Madrid matches because I lived in Madrid. has.”

She added, “I have attended matches for both teams and I know they are competitors, but I’m just going to watch and enjoy football. Honestly, I love both, and I know it’s not common.”

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