‘Dubai should be blacklisted for not fighting oligarchy’ – The Guardian

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French authorities seize Russian sailor Igor Sechin’s yacht

We begin our tour in British newspapers from the Guardian newspaper and a report by John Enguide-Thomas, entitled: “Activists say Dubai should be blacklisted after they failed to fight Russian oligarchy.”

The report points out that activists and politicians called for the UAE to be blacklisted for failing to curb the flow of “dirty money” and for failing to assist other countries in implementing the sanctions imposed. imposed on the Russian oligarchs.

The report adds that the Gulf state has emerged as a major haven for wealthy Russians fleeing the impact of global sanctions as their private jets and giant yachts depart for the Emirates following the invasion of Ukraine.

“Dubai has always been a safe haven for dirty money,” Bill Browder, a financial expert and critic of Vladimir Putin’s regime, told the Guardian. “It should now be blacklisted and its leaders should not be welcome here.”

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