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Education, health and management challenges “1”

Dr. Camille Moussa Fram

06-12-2022 12:21

The royal meeting at Al Husseiniya Palace with former prime ministers, as part of a series of meetings aimed at discussing challenges and listening to opinion leaders on their perceptions of the proposed solutions, was filled with many national axes, but I will dwell on the emergence of two important proposals in response to the words of the state of Dr Abdel Raouf Al Rawabdeh, and the state of Dr Aoun Al-Khasawneh, and related to the looming concern surrounding the files of education, health and administration, due to the marked decline in performance and outcome, as we face the mirror of truth that requires the boldness of recognition for diagnosis, in preparation for solutions with its various names and complications. And his characters who brought us to early aging due to selfishness and lack of competence, and who try to plug themselves into the present time and find an advanced seat to propose solutions from the principle of self-affirmation, within the form of knowledge and creativity of a genius acquired in ancient circumstances.

We must recognize in advance the decline in the level of education; School and university achievement and result compared to previous decades The middle of the last century is considered the golden age for achievement, where the integration between the pillars of the teaching process; The school, the curricula and the students, with unspecified support from the parents, the student goes to school and university with the aim of gaining knowledge and foundations for thinking to hone the talent that makes him a productive person. A patriotism , devoid of selfishness, but relying on a balance of love and giving, reflecting the values ​​of tolerance and kindness, all within a revised and studied curriculum appropriate to the age period with a cognitive rating, providing the information in the student consolidates his mind and allows an overarching margin to define the future characteristics of an integrative profession, so the teacher was a messenger of social status This is not a competition, and it will not be allowed to approach it or to tamper with its constitution.

Educational and pedagogical issues overlapped with updates that ended up in a balloon of change whose godfather we did not know until now. The individual behavior of the parties to the comparison has changed, and attention to the word and knowledge has bottomed out. the personal priorities of individuals; Selfishness and self-love became the title and content; Alternatives are advancing to the front rows, starting with new terms such as private lessons, shift schools, affiliation at the university, changing curricula, radical inflating of assessment and examination methods, prioritizing the owners of the back rows over the owners of the first rows. , strengthening and disorganized reproduction in private schools and universities for poor justifications that do not rise to the level of spiritual acceptance, rather the great slaughter of education by accepting educational leaders of the educational process from outside the educational body who understand the coordinates and know of the educational process in all its details, so that plans, programs and changes became exclusive and exclusive only by the decision of the responsible minister who violates the post, by deliberately bypassing the competent councils and blessed by them, based on the absolute powers grant him Sword of violence to be executed and slaughter every adversary on the list of retirement or deposition.

The unfortunate consequence today is that our educational reality is worrying and does not bode well for the future, despite the promising efforts made by His Excellency the current Minister, who seeks to be in a middle position between the bitter reality and the national vision to be. for the future that suits us as an educated developing country that has the qualified capabilities to compete for an advanced educational center. Especially since he inherited an educational and educational file that was branched out with no specific content and time. Many people of opinion and other opinions continued to mix his papers, without a vision and a plan, but with the hypothesis of zeal, some of which were destructive without the circumstances of nature and fate The first features of change have start with decisions with a personal flavor with national dimensions, By legalizing the recognition of foreign schools that award study certificates to those who fail here in exchange for material numbers that qualify them for university competition, and there is an educational and educational decision, which earn the full degree to determine the minimum high school average for study abroad in the comparative disciplines here, so that this fraud is not a reason for the bleeding that occurs. At the professional level, we will continue to talk about school curricula, the high school exam, the foundations of university admission and types of university admission, because university education can go into an unknown It is resuscitation without a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, and for the rest of the talk.

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