Emirates News Agency – Dubai Police adopt 5 tools to attract professional and specialized powers

DUBAI, 12 June / WAM / The Dubai Police are working in accordance with the forward-looking plan of the General Department of Human Resources 2021-2030, which stems from the strategic directions of the UAE and the Government of Dubai. And turn it into smart applications, including the selection and employment program, the “Kafu” incentive program, and the submission platform for college students and scholarships.

Major General Ahmed Mohamed Rafie, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Administration Affairs at the Dubai Police, emphasized that the success of institutions is measured by the strength of their human resource, and that human resource departments here fall on big tasks that require different and innovative thinking , the application of modern concepts to manage human capital, the creation of positive stimulating work environments, and the use of artificial intelligence systems to manage Human resources and achieve maximum benefit, noting that under the precepts of His Excellency Lieutenant- General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, The Human Resources Board was formed in early 2019 to make Dubai Police employees happy, suggest development projects and take advantage of best practices in the field of human resource management.

In turn, Brigadier Dr. Saleh Abdullah Murad, Director of the General Administration of Human Resources, said: “The process of offering vacancies through newspapers or the official website of the institution is no longer feasible today because the rapid and successive development in various professions calls for ‘ an accurate search for specialists with skill, competence and talent with more modern mechanisms Today we are There is an urgent need for minds that are more open to change, learning and innovation to develop the work system in different disciplines, with reference to the Human Resources Laboratory engaged in analyzing all numbers in the demographics of the Dubai Police Force and ensuring the optimal use of available human resources in parallel with the optimal use of technologies and artificial intelligence systems to achieve the goal. efficient and effective management of human capital.

He stressed that the human resources in Dubai police had in mind the implementation of the state’s job placement guidelines through a set of programs and projects, pointing out that they had trained nearly 4 thousand recruits during the preparations for the reception of the world opportunity. Expo 2020 Dubai and followed up with them to appoint qualified people according to the needs of Dubai Police, as they acquired according to For training on the license of an international self-organization inspector, which enables them to work in it on anywhere in the country, confirm their success in locating leadership and supervisory positions with 100%.

According to his experience, Dean Dr. Saleh Murad said the future today is for disciplines related to service automation, upgrading digital services and enhancing them with artificial intelligence technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and big data.

In turn, Lt. Colonel dr. Mansour Al Balushi, Director of the Mission and Attraction Division at the General Department of Human Resources, said that the launch of the dispatch platform was a crucial tool to provide the Dubai Police General almost four years ago. Command with the required functional and specialized competencies through a set of programs and partnerships aimed at selecting a qualified human resource according to the needs of the police sectors and security.

He explained that the General Administration of Human Resources adopted 5 tools to attract those with functional and specialized competencies, which led to the employment of 2450 soldiers and civilians of both sexes in the functional aspect, and attracted 985 specialists internally and externally have to employ their abilities. according to their specialization, and they have joined Dubai Police in aspects of the digital security system, data science and proactive confrontation, challenges, innovation and leadership system, investment in human capital, happiness and quality of life.

The five instruments were the smart recruitment platform, the dispatch platform, the cooperative student program, the practical training program and the completion of projects. And each instrument in turn contributed to reaching the qualified and prominent people, as the smart recruitment platform managed to attract 1974 people, the dispatch platform and the cooperative student program attracted 852 people, and it managed to attract 373 people attracted by completing the study, and finally we attracted 236 people through the practical training program, some of whom were employed and some of whom were hired. Dubai Police used him as part of their internal operations.

Lieutenant-Colonel Al Balushi took note of the processes used to make the best use of the five instruments, which are direct employment, academic polarization, continuous learning, part-time learning, internal polarization through completion of the study, specialized professional diploma programs, cooperative students. program, and practical training, emphasizing that Dubai Police are eager to open the door to opportunities for young people and graduates of the country to learn. And gain experience and use their skills and studies to participate in the development of the police and security work system.

Wam / Salma Al Shamsi / Islam Al Hussein

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