Ibrahim led the prayer on behalf of the mother of Bishop George Haddad in Zahle

The Archbishop of Ferzol, Zahle and the Bekaa of the Melkite Greek Catholics, Archbishop Ibrahim Mikhael Ibrahim, presided over the funeral prayer for the same Josephine Moussa Qaymaz, the mother of the Caesarea Diocese in Philippis and Marjayoun of the Melkite Greek Archbishop George Catholic. Haddad, and the Director of the Faculty of Arts, Branch 4 at the University of Lebanon, dr. Elie Haddad. Bishop Ibrahim participated in the bishops: Edward Daher, Michael Abras, Elias Rahal and the clergy, in the presence of Metropolitan Antonios Al-Suri, Bishop Joseph Moawad represented by Father Elie Sader, Bishop Youssef Kallas, General President of the Basilian Order of Choueira Archimandrite Bernard Touma, Deputy Salim Aoun, and the family of the deceased. . The pews of the Mar Elias convent church were filled with Al-Zahlien coming to take part in the farewell of Qemaz.

After the Holy Gospel, Bishop Elias Rahhal delivered a message of sympathy from His Beatitude Patriarch Youssef Al-Absi, in which he said:

To His Eminence Metropolitan George, Archbishop of Caesarea Philip and the most revered Marjayoun.

Christ is risen!

With this Easter Peace I shake hands with you, beloved brother Georges, in sympathy with your generous mother, who passed away yesterday to heaven and joined the “Meeting of the Saints Who Found the Fountain of Life and the Gate of Paradise” to celebrate to celebrate with them in the praise and glorification of God, at their feast tomorrow, Sunday.

In mothers, there is something of God’s holiness, beauty, love, and kindness, which deserves for them the crown of righteousness with which they crown their lives. Our hope is that the One who “rules all things with the depth of His wisdom and love for mankind” has crowned her today with this wreath that does not wither and opens the gates of Paradise for her and makes her hear his sweet voice calling , “Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

I ask the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to comfort your heart, the hearts of your brothers and the honorable family, with God’s comfort that surpasses all human comfort, and to comfort our dear deceased with the saints and her remembrance forever to make. ”

Archbishop Ibrahim lamented the deceased in moving words and said:

And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Revelation 13/14

Blessed is Josephine Moussa Qaymaz, the widow of the late Nicolas George Haddad, who took her place before God and was clothed with Christ, and was born from above, to a life of perfection with Jesus whom she loved.

He continued: “Those who sleep in Jesus, as Paul describes them, are the saints of the Lord Jesus. They are in his hands in life as in death. They leave their bodies behind with the knowledge of their Master, who means that the Lord Jesus is the one who puts them to sleep like a mother who embraces her child with tenderness until he sleeps, so the Lord Jesus made them sleep and rest until the morning of the glorious day of judgment when He wakes them up by hearing His voice to take them to Himself with glorified bodies, God also brought them with Him and wiped from their eyes the cares of this world from which they were separated after they left souls from a world in which they they were strangers and sojourners in heaven, and they believed from afar, and they believed and were inspired by faith. “

Josephine added, “Today Josephine is crowned with the crown of the glory of the righteous in heaven, and this is her royal part with Christ who loved her, loved him and longed for him, her thirsty soul that never again will not be sad. Blessed are you, Josephine, for you are blessed and happy because you are with Christ and that is much better. You rested from your labor and your labor. to the Father’s house. “

And he added, “You have worked all your life to please your Lord. You have lived in piety and virtue. You have walked the paths of love without boredom. You were the mother who cherished with love and devotion and ‘ a faithful wife.Your life was like that of the monks and nuns when I got up every day to pray in humility for about an hour before the icon of the Virgin Mary.You carry many prayers and supplications to her You were a woman who was conservative in her words, serious in her relationships and solid in her attitudes. At that time the gold of her house, her husband and her children were the most important in her life. She had no gossip or waste of time She has spent her life caring for her children’s caring education, whether by accompanying them in their lessons, schoolwork, or activities.

He said, “During her life she would seldom miss the Sunday Mass, and of course during her illness. When our Master George was bringing the Holy Sacrifice into the chapel of the house, she was the one who served him the entire Mass. “She loves and enjoys prayer. She received the anointing of the sick days before her death.” He always carried the Eucharist to her, which she rejoiced to share as she recited the Lord’s Supper prayers from her head: “I believe, O Lord … and receive me today … and I may not partake of your secrets … “and she kept it until two days after her death. She is great and has a special devotion to the Mother of God.

He continued, “She always taught her children to trust God’s plan and care for them in their lives. She asked them to rely on God’s fatherly care that no one neglects and that birds of their livelihood She ensured the education of her children. And apologized to her friends for not receiving them during their studies because she wanted to indoctrinate them. The sciences were watching over their good performance in their studies. sanctify time and consider it the most precious thing in the world, because everything has its time in life. ”

He cried out to the deceased, “O Josephine! How many we thank you today, O generous, hospitable woman, loving to all people, sympathetic to big and small, caring for every human being, joy with weeping joy with weeping, virtuous woman who knew what her role was in this worldly life.You were that kind lady to everyone.Soft, beautiful, full of virtue, tenderness and elegance.Exceptionally in her community and her family, she did not live for herself but for others, “Sacrifice herself for her family and others. Her house is her monastery and her room is her cell, she maintains his holiness. They see in it happiness, contentment and contentment.”

He stressed that “this unrepentant mother gave birth to noble sons, who became a great bishop for the church, on the rank of the belly he carried and the grace of God who delegated him. Our Master George and his brother Dr. Elie and his two sisters, Mary and Lodi, knew on the example of their mother how to direct their lives to the best, the best and the closest to God, because their great faith God has them alone to Him then get up. ”

He added: “Beloved, I share with you the sorrow and the hope of the Resurrection, for the loss of the mother is a burning coal. But even if this coal becomes like a stone at the door of the tomb, faith roll the stone for us, so we see the lights of the Resurrection shining from the empty tomb of Josephine, and she has risen with Jesus, the conqueror over death and the giver of the resurrection. “.

Archbishop Ibrahim concluded: “In my name and in the name of His Beatitude Patriarch Youssef al-Absi, the blessed one, and in the name of the leading Fathers of the Holy Synod, the bishops of this beloved city of Zahle and all the priests , the eminent fathers, I offer to my brother, His Eminence, Archbishop George Haddad, Archbishop of Caesarea Philip and Marjayoun of the Melkite Catholics, and his brother, Dr. Eli, Director of the College of Arts and Humanities, his two sisters, Marie and Lodi, and their families, Josephine’s siblings, their families, and all family and friends, we express our sincere condolences, and we join you with the affection of brotherhood, friendship and supreme love.

Let it be called forever.

Christ is risen … Truly rose … “

After the funeral prayer, the body of the deceased was buried in the family cemetery, and the family accepted the sympathy of the attendants.

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