“Marangoni” … The beginning in Dubai and the view of Saudi Arabia

“Marangoni” … The beginning in Dubai and the view of Saudi Arabia

The institute where Domenico Dolce graduated will open its first branch in the Middle East

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Teaching fashion and design as a whole requires field training, including human interaction and touch of materials, as well as marketing, business management and others – Stefania Valenti, the first woman to hold the post of Director-General of the Institute since his founding in 1935 Digitization and social networking were a way to communicate with students during the Corona pandemic in all branches

London: Jamila Halfishi

When Stefania Valenti joined Marangoni Design and Fashion Institute in November 2019 as general manager, her first decision was to open a new branch in Dubai. A decision that will undoubtedly contribute to this, as well as expand its responsibilities, as the Institute has 9 other branches spread across 3 continents, all of which are under the direct control and management of the headquarters in Milan.
She was ready for the challenge; She is the first woman to hold this position since the institute was founded in 1935, and therefore she knows very well that all eyes will be on her in anticipation of her achievements. What she did not expect was that her inauguration would coincide with the Corona pandemic. The least that can be said is that the timing was not in his favor, especially since the teaching of fashion and design art as a whole is not only limited to theory, but requires field training that requires human interaction and touch of substances, as well as marketing, include. business management and others.
Stefania explains that it was not a question of waiting for the crisis to pass or freezing the idea of ​​the opening scheduled for next September. Much research and research has actually been done, and he has confirmed that Dubai is a fertile ground and thirsty to embrace an institute of this weight. The importance of any fashion capital in the world is measured by its academic institutes, as it is the fuel that provides it with its creative power, and gives its graduates their opportunities to work.
She says she was surprised that the region does not yet have a high school for fashion and design education, and she is known for her passion for everything new and elegant. A survey conducted by a consulting firm from the region that hired it to test the market and its readiness for the project, with a group of prospective students and those interested in fashion, reassured her that the name “Marangoni “is known to a large part of them. Not only that, but it is respected without you having to promote it. She says: “I do not hide from you that the positive results of the survey encouraged me more to continue with the implementation of the project, regardless of the problems.” It is noteworthy that the institute has so far produced four generations of groups from 5 continents and was the beginning of more than 45,000 professionals in the luxury industry, including Domenico Dolce, Alessandro Sartori, Paula Cadimartori, Gilda Ambrosio, Julie de Libran and Nicola Brugnano. Each year, it welcomes some 4,700 students from 107 countries at its campuses located between Milan (School of Fashion and Design), Florence (School of Fashion and Art), Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Miami.
Stefania notes that she did not experience any significant logistical problems. The only problem was the pandemic, which changed the world as a whole, and the modeling landscape and education in particular, in terms of new tools for communicating with students. Digitization was his weapon to protect face on the one hand and counteract its negative effects on the other. I quickly adapted it to create an educational model that keeps pace with the times. “The only way for me was to completely change the trend by investing in technology to ensure the continuity of remote classrooms and therefore the continuity of our programs and projects,” she says.
As for the choice of Dubai, it has not come out of nowhere. “The Arabian Gulf region as a whole is important and exciting for fashion makers, and we are fully aware that there are other promising markets in the region, such as Riyadh , in which we communicate seriously with the Ministry of Culture so that we have cooperation and future projects related to the specific needs of this market. And our students, but the tradition that the institute follows when any new institute is opened is to be located in an area where there has been a network of international fashion brands or companies over the years, in addition to businessmen who are interested in the to invest in fashion industry so that students have real jobs after graduation. ” On this basis, the 9 institutes were opened around the world, all with the same DNA, the same academic path and approach, which will be accepted in the academic curricula, preparatory courses spanning three years, and postgraduate courses dedicated to fashion for one year. design, customization, interior design and design Visible. All this while providing opportunities to undertake training courses in different parts of the world that enable the student to gain greater experience.
“All this is taking into account the culture that is naturally enforced by the environment in which we are,” explains Stefania. This was an important and sensitive point that was studied from all sides. It is true that students tend to acquire their skills in an international environment, and especially in Italy, to immerse themselves in the experience of what is known as “Made in Italy”, but translating this concept into the language of the country is an essential element, and therefore the lessons in the Dubai branch will be alternated with an “Arabic touch” that helps to establish symbols that are new to the future of the luxury market in the Middle East. East and to build a more regulated and recognized fashion system.
About the Instituto Marangoni
Founded in Milan in 1935 as the “Marangoni Technical Institute of Fashion”, it, along with the Barnson Institute in New York, Central Saint Martin in London and the Schumper Sandikal Institute in Paris, has become one of the best educational options for those it wants. to enter the world of fashion, art and design for over 85 years now.

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