My Heart is Yours Alone, Chapter Nineteen (Part Two) 19 by Maryam Muhammad

Murad was surprised: I heard right

And the prophet, tell me whether I heard where.

I love nervously: What did you hear right?

Murad: What did you say a while ago?

Love with shame: I did not say anything, do not go to sleep, Murad

Murad: O my God

Ashiq: And it was me who did something that annoyed you with me ?!

Murad: Because of my mind, love, say it again and the Prophet

Ashiq: okay, stay, Murad, I do not say the need twice … let’s sleep, stay

Murat: good night my love

Love: And you are from his family, Murad

the next day

In Germany

Ishq woke up in front of Murad and found her turning to him and looking at him while he was near her

Love with a smile: I do not know why I feel you really love me … and what assures me of this is that you treat me with love and tenderness and that is where everything you do for my mind … I do not deny that I stay happy while you are with me and I feel with you a beautiful feeling … a feeling Distinguished … and the feeling of fear that I felt with you disappeared when I see the love and tenderness in you. eyes while talking to me.

Ashq approached Murad and placed her hands lightly on his face

A beautiful smile formed on her lips as she looked at him

To find that he respects the space between them as promised

Love with love: I do not know how to believe that all this tenderness is for me

Murad holding her hands lovingly kisses her

Murad with a smile: Good morning, my soul

Love with suspense: Good morning, Murad

Murad Bakir: It’s the beautiful hand that did something about it

Love: Haha … No, I never slept and my hands were about to leave

Murad laughed: You wanted to hit me or what?

Love: No, of course .. but I’m sometimes far … I did not mean

Murad Hob: My love, you do what you want … and I’m happy

am I longer what the princess worshiped

She puts her hands on something .. it’s the day of happiness

Love: Well, let’s stay because we have a long day … I want it better than yesterday

Murat: as you wish, my heart

Ashiq went to the bathroom and took a shower and performed her duties … She put on her clothes and brought herself

And I sat and waited for Murad as he prepared himself and stood in front of the mirror

And she was a love who looked at him with interest

Murad with a smile: What is the center of the moon?


Murad: Ashshak

Love attentively: Ha … are you saying something, Murad?

Murat: Am I saying something?! …. Do you need your job, my love?

Ashiq: No, I’ve never … I just covered a little

Murad with a wink: What do you think of me?

Love with disillusionment: Moz … such a need does not exist … and of course you know that you are very sweet

Murad was surprised: Are you okay, my soul?

Be careful love: do you not come to go out?

Murad laughed: Go, Shushu … I told you, what are you going to tell me, what did you say yesterday?

Love: No, I will not say ..

Murad: Tomorrow you will come and say it, darling

And you will say it on top of your voice and you are happy

After a while they went down … and broke their fast

And they went for a new outing … and a smile of love did not disappear from her face

And Murad felt that happiness

To see her happy

Murat: you will laugh a lot

Love to laugh: I can not

Understand how it happened … I’m really crazy

Murad: Finally you confessed..this is a historical event .. Selim Al-Tohamy’s confession that she is crazy

Love: Are you crazy too, my love?

Murat: Oh what?

Love with pity: and then it’s me. All I say is a word, sit, say what?

oh yes

Murad: So, let’s go eat ice cream

Just without being naughty

Love to laugh: I’m free

in the University

in the College of Engineering

within the lecture

Assel sits and looks at Nadia

Outrageously, she looks at Omar with intense admiration, which makes Assel very angry

after a while

The lecture is over

Everyone is gone .. Aseel stays angry looking at Omar

Omar asks: What do you, Sola, have to do with you?


Ask outrageously: And then you mean in this leaven?

Omar to understanding: Who?

Ask nervous: Nadia

Omar: her money

Ciel: The length of the lecture is staring at you

Comments I do not like at all

I wanted to hit her and pull her hair and teach her manners … so she did not think but spit one eye.

Omar laughed: Why did you hit me?

And you made a problem and went to the Dean, and Rafd happened, Hanim

Ask: I’m out … and happy. Meet me, Si Omar, if you knew you would reconcile with me

Aseel comes out … Then Omar comes out and hurries to catch up with her, but Nadia grabs his hand

Nadia represents fatigue: How are you, Dr. Omar?

Omar eng: Thank God

Nadia held her head and pretended:

I did not … D … R … and I drew Omar

Omar in shock: I told you, your night is black

Haai Omar

Everything under Aseel’s gaze, burning with anger

Aseel approached Omar and removed Nadia’s hand from Omar .. and threw it on the ground

out of jealousy

Omar: What did you do, you crazy?

Ask: What, doctor .. you wanted me to stand and watch while she held you like that

Omar laughed: Change, duck

I ask diligently: You also have a breath of laughter .. it is very cold

Omar: May God forgive you, I love you, Knobbel

I ask angrily: Get up, my sister, and my hero is adversity … because if you do not do it, I will do it my way.

Nadia Bdeq: are definitely not normal

Ask: When I’m not normal, what are you left with, my darling?

Omar tries not to laugh: Come on, Aseel, for you will not be late, my love

Nadia shocked: Your girlfriend ?? !!

Asel holding Omar’s hand with a smile: Oh, my beloved soul, and very soon I will stay with his wife

Nadia fled before them while cursing everyone … She was thinking of a malicious idea to get rid of Aseel … and she could only take Omar for her

In Germany

In the evening

Inside a good restaurant

Murad sat down and he fell in love

They chat, laugh and have fun

Susan happy: Mourad Jozy Habibi

Shocked Love: What’s wrong with you? !!

Susan: I miss you, Murad

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