Novel The Joy of the Heart of Saedi Chapter Thirteen 13 Written by Israa Ibrahim

Novel The Joy of the Heart of Saedi Chapter Thirteen 13 Written by Israa Ibrahim

Irfan smiled and understood what was going on in Fahd’s mind and decided to go on with the others with him and spoke with artificial anger:

Yes, really, and you do not think I will leave her on your time after what happened, and you know that this luxurious girl will not be afraid of my house again.

Murad’s face turned red with rage and he spoke very nervously:

These words will only happen to the corpse of a nymph of my wife, and she will prefer my wife until I die, and he pulls her out of Fahd’s arms in anger and grabs her by the hand of her possession, so she tries to evade him while speaking evil:

You wander that I saw you, you were not angry with me over the people, and I was hurt by them, but no, I’m a virgin * you, Murad, I did not see you and I went to Abdul Qadir looked up and spoke with tears:

Daddy divorced me, I did not want him

Abdelkader approached her, took her in his arms and spoke tenderly:

But, my love, you do not cry, and what you wanted will happen

Murad raised his eyebrows in surprise as he mumbled:

My father, I do not understand my uncle, how do you keep your father?

Abdul Qadir smiled and spoke lovingly:

Oh, a mermaid, Tabji, the sister of Fahd and Hamza

His mind wandered and did not understand what his uncle Abd al-Qadir was saying, and he found that Fahd approached him while speaking sarcastically:

I mean, when you came to your wife in the arms of another man, what was her feeling when she saw you side by side, someone hugged you and you hugged her too and also instead of protecting her and returning her dignity to pay and she quietly dried up and left one you did not care to blame me for? Who will make you cry and take it out of you?

Murad felt a lump in his heart and looked at the nymph with regret, while he lost her out of his hands with his stupidity and knew that Fahd was right about what he said, so he sighed with distress and the leaving home as he can not bear to see the sadness and reproach with which you look at him.

As for her, she closed her eyes sadly and buried her head with a knife in her father’s arms

…… O Allah, bless him and bless the Prophet Muhammad

Ahem, I’m so sorry, but I thought Yousra was alone

Hamza spoke cheerfully as he consulted her to enter:

You do not care, my uncle, come to her, I was originally on my way, and indeed Farha went in and Hamza left, and after his departure Farha approached with tension and embarrassment, as if she had done a disaster and spoke to a stammer. :

All right, my darling, in need, you’re a decoration

Farah speaks sadly as she sits on the couch and looks at her sister:

Fahad, Yousra

Yusra was surprised and sat across from her and asked her:

His money Fahd is Zalk in Hajjah?

She looked at her with joy and spoke nervously:

Honestly, I want you to consult me, let him forgive me, how

Yusra replied anxiously as she approached her:

He forgives you for what, and she did not complete her sentence until she was warned, so she looked with joy and spoke with a warning:

Be aware, Farah, that you are a tour of me, and she did not complete her sentence, Haya, until she saw Farah move her head affirmatively.

Yusra gasped as she put her hand on her heart:

Oh Mary, you’re a story.

Farha sighed sadly as she told her what had happened to Salma and threatened her that she would tell Fahd and keep crying

And Fahd Dalok is upset about me, and he does not tell me at all except for emergency, and he tells me that he will talk to me, Yosra, he will neglect me after I treated him and cried with fire after it ended so I arranged Yusra tenderly for her and she did not know what to say but she was warned on something and lifted her sister’s face with her hand and spoke doubtfully:

But you’re the one who upset you, confirm it, not what you wanted from the first, and she gasped as she continued with shock of joy, it’s you, and she was silent as she looked in shock at the joy she embraced, and she continued to mumble with tears:

Oh, Yusra, I was treated to it, and until I went through it, I thought I was getting used to it, not anymore, but every time I know him more, you make sure I’m in love with him. It’s too late Fahd Khalas Kar * Here, Yousra, do not you want me?

All this and Yosra hears her shocked because she did not think it could all happen between Fahd and Farha, and now what, she forgot about Hamza, she made sure she did not love him, as she says, Yosra smiled happily and snatched her from her bosom as she spoke with love:

I dedicate, my sister, every need and it has a solution.The important thing is that you made sure you love him, and honestly, Fahd deserves that you love him, joy.

She answers, happy and sad, lowering her head to the ground:

After what, after we’re done, Kar * Hani and I do not want Taijani?

Yusra smiles, lifts her face to her and speaks reassuringly:

The one who loves does not know how to hate him.

Farha smiled with hope and lovingly embraced her sister, saying:

Lord, my sister, but please give me advice, what should I do?

Yusra pushed her away and said slyly:

I’m kidding, but doing exactly what I’m joking about

………… Hallelujah and praise, Hallelujah great

At night, Farha sat in front of the mirror and put Arabic eyeliner in her eyes and after she was done, she got up and went to the mirror of the big closet and looked at herself contentedly and smiled. With her very long brown hair, she was like a full moon.She looked at herself confidently and kept spinning in front of the mirror, just spinning and spinning, and she did not notice that lover holding the door handle open and looking at her not. disgust and love because she was really like mermaids. She was still turning around in the room, but fell into his arms, so she gasped as she held him while he washed his hands around her waist and looked into her eyes. She swallowed her saliva. nervous and ashamed.Yousra secretly cursed her sister for putting her in such a situation, and she kept looking into his eyes as she walked around the room. Finally Fahd him and tries to control himself and speaks in a masculine hoarseness Dull feature:

What are you doing in your case?

She swallowed nervously, rolling her eyes away from him. She said hesitantly:

I mean I was b

Fahd interrupts her as she examines her features with his eyes and with his hand removes a lock of her hair that has revolted and ended up in front of her face, making her more nervous:

Ante eh and wear confirm why?

His answer is joy as she tries to get away from him, but he did not give her a chance and kept holding her in his arms

It made her even more nervous and stammered.

Originally I mean, one day I accompanied myself, and I was ready to go

Here Fahd felt d * m boiling in his veins, and so he spoke angrily as he pushed her away from him and consulted about her wearing:

Yes, you are between you. You called me. You want people to heal you. Confirm it

Farha was afraid of his anger and spoke with fear:

That’s money, Fahd. This is us. We’re going to have a harem in each other. No one is weird. I’m outside too.

Fahd approached her, which scared her for him, so the other Haya automatically went back and for a moment she was about to fall, but he grabbed her with his hands and hugged her to him and approached her while he spoke quietly and did not predict well.

You are not going anywhere in this place, Farha, and no one will see you confirmed by anyone else, even if you are in a harem.

She smiled joyfully at his speech and his crystal clear change, while assuring that he still loved her and did not hate her, as he says, so she spoke happily:

Okay, Fahd, I’ll change these clothes, and I will not go with you, but you will come and go with me.

Fahd tried to control himself in front of her, so he turned away and became cold and spoke indifferently:

I’m a hoodie, just because no one bothers you, not anymore. Will you change your outfits?

Farha was sad to change him with her and left him and went into the bathroom to change her clothes, but he sighed angrily to himself, despite everything that had happened and what he knew, but he still loved her, but what was the point, since he knew she was in love with his brother and he knew that his love for her must forget him in spite of what happened between them. And what he now feels about her, he closes his eyes sadly, not knowing where he’ll end up with her.

………………… … pkojihgyfdrxszvgjk

Outside, Farha walked next to Fahd, the distance from her friend’s house, she’s at the end of the country, but she insisted that he walk together so they could get closer to each other. While they were on their way, Farah talked a lot, but he only answered her briefly. As for Farha, she was very sad inside as she tried very hard to get close to him and indirectly tell him that she fell in love with him but he did not care for her and I started singing

Workers are hostile, arrogant and arrogant, and I’m not patient.

Fahd looked at her in shock at what the crazy woman had done.

Honor to the one who increased his goodness and his drawing, these people sing in his name roses and throw the mountain of his seasons without planting or tempering

And here I stood before him, looking into his eyes as I held his hands and lifted them to her arms and finished

Although Mahosh Toby’s conversion came out in my smallpox and my writings, and because he did not stop me, and Toby threw a complaint against my people and my empty people.

His heartbeat grew louder to hear her voice sing to him, so he smiled against his will and was happy. As soon as she saw Fahad smile, she suddenly hugged him, but she was shocked when she found him … …

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