Study warns: sleeping with too little light can harm your health in two ways

Afraid of the dark? New research suggests that sleeping with a light is at an even more frightening prospect. Environmental light has been shown to increase the risk of two serious health problems.

Some people find that they can not sleep when there is even a dim flicker of light in their bedroom. New research published in the scientific journal PNAS suggests that there is a strong health argument for sleeping in dark black people.

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Sleep researchers at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine found that exposure to even a small amount of ambient light during the night can damage cardiovascular function during sleep and increase insulin resistance the next morning.

Insulin resistance is one of the complications that can lead to diabetes.

The study authors acknowledge current and emerging scientific evidence that excessive exposure to light in the evening can negatively affect metabolic functions, namely reduced glucose tolerance (blood sugar) and reduced insulin resistance.

Simply being exposed to light before bedtime can be detrimental to sleep and certain physiological functions.

Your brain uses the presence of light as a signal that it’s time to wake up and wake up, and darkness as a signal that it’s time to stop and sleep.

Light exposure activates the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and increases your heart rate so that you are ready to enjoy the day.

On the other hand, at night, the parasympathetic nervous system (PRF) – the system of rest and digestion – must take the lead, promote relaxation, lower heart rate and maintain a healthy metabolism.

And when the sun goes down and it gets dark, the brain produces the sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for telling your system that it’s time to relax and sleep.

It is therefore believed that exposure to light at night (from bedside lamps to TV screens) suppresses melatonin production and disrupts a healthy, natural sleep pattern.

“Your eyes are your direct connection to the part of the brain that controls the circadian rhythm. Exposure to light is interpreted by the brain to cause chemical reactions to take place for healthy (or unhealthy) sleep cycles,” Neilong Vyas explained.

“If there is a lot of light interference at the time your body tries to sleep, it can cause poor sleep or unhealthy sleep cycles, which can lead to a host of other medical problems.”

How did the researchers collect their results? For the study, researchers took a group of young, healthy adults and compared data such as their sleep quality, heart rate and glucose levels during one night of sleep in a very dark room (three lux, dim light) and during one night of sleep in a moderately lit room (100 lux). .

The results found that sleeping in a moderately lit room can increase heart rate and activate the sympathetic nervous system during sleep, as well as impair your ability to regulate glucose the next morning.

The study concluded that “attention to avoid exposure to light at night during sleep may be beneficial to cardiovascular health.”

Dr Vyas added: “Gradual reduction and eventual elimination of light from your sleeping environment will enable better sleep.”

How to darken your room

There are simple ways to darken your bedroom to ensure a deep, healthy night’s sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, covering your windows should do the trick.

“Light from the sun and moon, as well as safety lights or street lights, can enter the bedroom through the windows.”

If blackout blinds or blinds do not block externally enough, you may want to consider investing in blackout blinds.

“Covering the window with aluminum foil is a low-cost alternative that also blocks out outdoor lighting.”

It also recommends:

wear an eye mask

Electronic storage.

Source: Express

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