Terrorist aberrations continue to reveal their wrongdoing

Ayman Farouk

New developments in the struggle between leaders terroristwhere issued terrorist organization Recently, the front of Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former secretary general, of Ankara, issued a decision to appoint Ali Hamad as a media spokesperson for the group abroad.accident news“, titled” And still leaking. ” Brotherhood Reveal their atrocities, “a video of my fleeing brothers exposing betrayal and threats of bloodshed.” It is the inheritance of blood that is inherited from generation to generation, until they reach the state of self-destruction in which they are now. ” They eat themselves as fire eats itself Day after day, the divisions deepen and take root in the depths of the terrorist group, in light of the ongoing battle between two warring fronts over money and power.

The “great rift” is the situation they have now reached, and the dire consequences that day after day will and will hit the crumbling international terrorist organization, following the clash between the two terrorist fronts in Istanbul and Turkey. The struggle between the two fronts to obtain new profits for one party at the expense of the other, as the group formerly appeared as a large gang with a head and a body, but now the logic of piracy was the terrorist leaders needed as terrorist group Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former secretary general, recently issued a decision from Ankara to appoint Ali Hamad as the group’s media spokesperson abroad, in addition to Talaat Fahmy, the current media spokesperson abroad, as well as media speakers at home, Hassan Saleh, Ahmed Asim and Iman Mahmoud. Over the decision, the committee was responsible for the work of the guide and his spokesperson, Mustafa Tolba, who is used by the Istanbul Front to pursue his goals in the conflict with the London Front, led by Ibrahim Munir.

Ali Hamad, who works as a broadcaster for the terrorist group’s “Watan” channel, accepted the position, which was offered to him because he belongs to the extremist current within the organization, and this current has a tremendous ability to listen and to obey, and therefore these tasks were assigned to him because he listened and obeyed.

Before addressing the details of the new development, we must shed light on the fact that what is happening is normal. Those who follow the bloody history of the group must have caused this explosion, which they always carried out outside their group due to terrorism. operations they committed that led to many casualties, so heaven’s righteousness was needed. And this comes inevitably, especially since their failed media weapons always cast false and false accusations against others, so that rivalry and disagreement reached the top of the organizational hierarchy and reached this stage, a historical precedent that has not occurred since the establishment of the group almost 90 years ago, as “terrorism” has repeatedly seen several divided incidents due to multiple disputes, but we have not seen that we have seen them with two heads and four. legs, consisting of two “groups” of organizations, one led by Mahmoud Hussein and the other by Ibrahim Munir, and four divisions of the bases, one of which supports the Turkish front, and the second stands next to Munir’s “London Front”, and the third has frozen his membership and the fourth has announced his apostasy, and here it is.The conflict continues, and a few days do not pass until a new conflict emerges and a development in the greater rift to emerges, as the new development that includes the appointment. of Ali Hamad as media spokesperson signed the decision of the committee responsible for the work of the guide and his spokesperson, Mustafa Talib. Who uses the Istanbul Front to register his goals in Al-Sarraj with the London Front, led by Ibrahim Munir, and after Mahmoud Hussein recently set up a “committee to carry out the work of the guide” and the selection of Mustafa announced. Tolba as its representative in the position of the group’s guide for a period of 6 months, this led to a conflict between The “London Front” led by Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide whose legitimacy is challenged, and the Istanbul Front, on the other side. hand, led by Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former Secretary-General, of Ankara, and hours after the announcement of the establishment of a “committee to carry out the work of the leader”, the London Front told the other side confirms that Ibrahim Munir He is the acting guide and the representative of the organization’s institutions, and with the establishment of the Istanbul Front for a “committee to carry out the work of the guide,” the group will read the last chapter of wrote its end, as two official organizations are being inaugurated for the first time, each with official spokespersons, and the first Shura office in London The other is in Istanbul.

The collapse is coming
Major General Ashraf Amin, the security expert, explains that the conflict exists and what happens will not change the subject, so the appointment of a new media spokesperson is not a development but within the program that accompanies the fight against the two fronts, adding that there is a greater conflict that will appear on the horizon and the frank confrontation has not yet begun, So far there is no clash, but there is a rift, and the clash inevitably comes . Hamad and other media spokespersons, whether affiliated with the Istanbul front or the London front, have their roles simple, with respect to eccentric delusions.
Major General Amin explained; That the terrorist Brotherhood is beginning to weaken and collapse, it was certainly used for change in some way, but the road was paved and they were used by the dynamic forces for them, whether in London or America, and they are now turning in a different pattern than their own, and soon there will be a confrontation and there will be exchanges of statements and conflict over the leadership of the group, and there are unexpected forms of conflict, but it is certain that the state of weakness the terrorist hits. .

Maher Farghali, a researcher on extremist movements, said: What happened embodies the idea of ​​a dispute between the fronts of Hussein and Munir, as each of them established offices and institutions as an alternative to the institutions run by the front is established. The others, and this is thanks to the terrorist group’s strategy, as they relied on the policy of the painful points, exhausted the state by “stifling” investments and stirring up the media, which all did not work. The inevitable divisions we witness, there is the old side that sees the need to return to what the group was, and another side that wants to abolish the organization, so there are several fronts, including Mahmoud Hussein, who Ali Hamad appointed, and another Ibrahim Munir, who appointed and installed himself as the acting guide of the Brotherhood, so It is natural for the Hussein Front to name another acting Brotherhood leader, Mustafa Tolba, within a committee which the organization’s business management Months after Munir announced the appointment of new media spokespersons. for the group, the Hussein Front announced the appointment of the young Ali Hamad alongside Talaat Fahmy, reinforcing the idea of ​​division. .

Farghali added, the most important thing about what’s going on is that the state of conflict is turning, and it indicates two things, the first is either the group’s disappearance and its total collapse, and the other is the continuation of the division into two or more fronts within the group.

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