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The Antonio is back, The name of the Antonio family has spread among the wide fame gained by the Saudi young man, Badr Al Antonio, one of the celebrities on social networking sites. Al Antonio is active on many social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter, in addition to Snapchat, where he shares many photos and videos daily with his followers in the Gulf countries and the Arab world, and in this article from Nazrati magazine we present your Antonio and his return.

Who’s Bader Al Antonio? – Wikipedia

Badr Al Antonio is a young Saudi citizen of Saudi Arabia, born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He studied interior design and decoration, and obtained a university degree, until he became one of the most prominent designers in the Kingdom. He publishes on a daily basis his personal works of interior design and decoration on social media, especially on Snapchat, which has contributed to him being one of the most famous personalities. Al-Arabiya has recently been on social media, and thousands of people from different Arab countries follow it, in addition to constantly receiving many business requests for design and decoration.

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Badr Al Antonio

Social networking sites in various countries of the world are witnessing the rise of many influential figures in young people, and with the circulation of many of the names of these figures, a great deal of interest is being generated among people to learn about all that is with them related, and among the most prominent of these figures is Badr Al Antonio, and in the following we present to you the most important information about him:

  • Badr Al Antonio is a young Arab of the Gulf, a Saudi citizen, born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It is said that he is in the second decade of Anrah.
  • Bader Al Antoino studied interior design and decoration, and through Snapchat he displayed his various personal works.
  • His posts on his official Snapchat account played an important role in making him the most famous Golf personality on Snapchat.
  • He is followed on his personal account by Snapchat, followed by tens of thousands of people from different Gulf countries and the Arab world, in addition to the job requests that are submitted to him on an ongoing basis regarding the decorating work.

Badr Al Antonio South

Young Badr Antonio is of Saudi descent, but at the moment it is not known to which family he belongs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there is information circulating among social activists, namely that his origins go back to his southern father and his pebble mother, but this information is unconfirmed and from sources Unreliable, and the young Antonio did not deny this information, and in the same information Badr Antonio did not publish any information about him or talk about his personality.

Antonio you will be back 1

Omar Bader Al Antonio

Perhaps one of the most important questions asked by followers of social networking sites is Antonio, and how old is the young Badr Al Antonio, and according to sources, Omar Badr Al Antonio is 29 years old, born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and currently resides in the United States, and he gained notoriety. He has published his design and decoration work on his official accounts on social networking sites, most notably Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.

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Snap Badr Al Antonio

The young Saudi Bader Al Antonio is active on social networking sites and has a large base on Snapchat, where thousands of followers watch all his news and his latest work from his daily videos he publishes through his personal account, in addition to creating an atmosphere of fun and humor during the presentation of the videos, until he became one of the favorites on social media. And you can follow Bader Al Antonio’s account, which is “bderanz”.

The Antonio you will return

Twitter Bader Al Antonio

The young Saudi Bader Al Antonio is also active on Twitter, and he has a large number of followers on Twitter from various countries of the country and the Arabian Gulf. Antonio Twitter from hereAnd below we present some of his tweets on Twitter:

Your life will improve significantly when you start to be convinced that the days alternate between sweet and bitter, and you stay away from semi-friends, and you have enough power to end relationships that were just an increase in weight on your heart. surround yourself with kind people, who love you and respect your circumstances and decisions and that you are a person who has to isolate himself.Sometimes

In the chapter on what came with reassurance: “And if God will provide for your food, he will bring it to you from beneath the earth and bring it to you from the farthest corners of the world, even if the troubles were not, and if the obstacles were in the face of these foods, they would not be. ”

We came to the end of the article, in which we introduce you to Antonio Wesh Ya’ig, a young Arab of Saudi origin, who currently lives in the United States and is very active on social networking sites.

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