The novel of my heart is for you alone, chapter twentieth (Part Two) 20 written by Maryam Muhammad

Murad was shocked: Susan

Susan approaches Murad to hug him

Love Nervous: Where Are You Going, Mom?

It’s an agency without a concierge or what

Susan laughing: Who is she, Murad?

You will be his sister, not so, my soul

Love shouts: Why are you reacting quietly, Murad ?!

Susan angry: No, I will not allow you to raise your voice to Murad, my love .. I can catch and hit you. You do not think of me as sand. I wear a check to be calm.

No, my love, I can do anything for the beauty of Murad’s eyes

Ishq as he pulls her to her hair with great jealousy: I’m the one who will hit you and not make you feel healthy .. I grabbed Susan’s hand and bit her in anger.

Susan in pain: Aaaah … You give me a shot, Murad. Why are you standing around looking like that?

Murad furious: But that’s enough, so much

Take Susan’s hand and let her sit on the table where he sits and worship

Murat silently: Sit down, my love

Tight love: By God, I’m not a rule but when this wedding steps out of here

Murat: I mean, do you want to make trouble, my love?

Love: Oh, I love problems very much

Murad: It’s not possible for people to look at us like that

Ashiq: What’s the best thing that works .. is that what works, and she consulted about Susan

She’s the one who works for you to come say Murad, Josie, my love … Oh old woman, your love is neighbor and ten dumb

Susan: What are you talking about, this girl?

Murad with emotion: I do not want to hear a single word … and you got married and sat down so he does not tell you now.

Susan worried: You calm down, my soul, and do not settle down like this

Ishq sarcastic: Does that mean your husband is left ?!

Susan with a smile: Oh my darling!

Love and tears flow in her eyes: What you say is true, Murad ?!

Murat: No, of course not right

Suzanne in shock: What are you talking about, you also earned a profit or something, Murad?

Murad sarcastically: I married you, Susan

Why do you say I’m your husband ?!

Susan: No, we did not marry, but you told me the first time we graduated from university, you would marry me … But then a dispute arose between you and me, and since then are we apart.

I live on our memories together and we are at university

Murad cold: What do you want to get here? …. Those who stand still hold my mirrors

Susan, shocked: What … for you it’s definitely impossible, and it’s a joke of yours

Murad: do you want to listen again .. I tell you I love my mirror

Susan: Well, you can keep divorcing her, and you and I can get married … and give her my money in exchange for the divorce

Murad looking at love with love: love and the money of the world do not appreciate it

And I can not stay away from her

Susan: How much do you love her ?!

Murad: much more than that

Susan: I’m leaving now, Murad

I just want to keep you posted and I will not forget you

Nervously in love: No, sister, forget it because

He will not make you listen, you, and I will not come to listen to you

Susan: Why are you married … you are married to a crazy person

Murat: crazy and in love with her

Susan left them and left the restaurant

Angry love: I want to walk

Murad: I know you’re a curse, but believe me, this is someone who draws things

Out of her imagination and I’ve never loved her, my love … I’m impossible to love anyone but you

Love with tears: I said I want to go

Murad moved out of his place and took love

And they left the restaurant

after a while

Murat and Ashq arrived at the hotel

who lives in

Ashiq went to the room and changed her clothes and slept or pretended she could sleep

Inside the room’s balcony

Murad was talking to Malak and Omar over the phone talking to make Eshk a surprise

Omar: Oh, everything is ready, and there is nothing but you to go back

Murad: I do not know what to tell you, Omar

I’m tired of you, my love

Omar: Are you not saying you deserve more than that, my love?

They kept talking about the surprise


after a while

Murad: Good night, Omar

Omar: You are from his family, Murad

Murad entered the room

And he sat down in front of the bed, specifically in front of love

Murad holding the hand of love and kissing it with love: I swear by God Almighty, I love you

There is no one in this whole world

Fill my eyes with others, my love

Love with tears: I do not know, every time I forget what happened, I think again of something that bothers me about you

Murat: You ask yourself, why are you trying to forget what happened?

Love: No … but maybe because you’re very nostalgic with me

Murad: Whatever?

Love: I do not know

Murad with a smile: The most important thing is … we travel tomorrow, so God willing

He fell in love with joy and moved from her place and embraced Murad.She did not deny that she needed that hug until she calmed down from the event that happened.

Love attentively as she turns away from him: I’m sorry … I’m so glad I do not know what to do

Murad Hob: This is the best hug .. because of you, my love

Dear shame: so let’s go to sleep

We catch the first plane

Murad: Present, my heart

Love: Good night, Murad

Murad with a smile: And you are one of the good people, my soul

the next day

Murad and Ashq woke up and prepared for travel

They went to the airport and got on the plane

After a while

They got off the plane and Murat’s driver was waiting for him outside the airport

They got in the car, got in the car and went home

after a while

Murad and Ashq arrived at their home

And Murad began to open the door of the house

They found that the light was off

Love: He is in need

She did not finish her words when she found the house illuminated with beautiful lights

It was decorated with Christmas decorations

Today is the birthday of love

And I found everyone and they are her family and friends who congratulate us on her birthday

They wish her a happy new year full of comfort and peace..and that she is doing well

Love with joy: You are the one who did it, Murad

Murad: Umm..but honestly, Malak and Omar are the ones who helped me

Love: I’m so happy

Love friends approached her .. She fell in love with opening the phone on her and Murad’s photos .. and she was very happy

And she shows them pictures

Murad watched her in silence and he was very happy

after a while

It’s time to cut the cake, which is prepared with very special ingredients, for a state of love

Love as it blows out the candle

And her friends sing with her: Happy New Year, beautiful … Happy New Year, beautiful .. Happy New Year, Shosho. Happy New Year, beautiful.

Come on, stay alive

And I started cutting the cake

Murad came from behind her and hugged her from behind and said next to her: Every year you are with me and next to me … Every year you are my love and my whole life … Every year we are together, my soul

Love with a smile: You are good, Murad

In the evening

Everyone went home

Ishq stands and looks at Murad with joy

Murad loves her hand: ready

Love with a smile: Ready for what?!.

Murat: I’m still in for another surprise

Love with joy: you speak seriously

Murat: Oh, God, come on

And they took her, and went to a great chamber.

the House

Murat: let’s open the door

Love: What’s wrong?

Murat: open and you know

Love began to open the room door

And I looked inside and got a studio

And it has all the paintings painted by love

I like to surprise: You did all these things for me ?!

Murad I love: and I am ready to do more than that so I can see this love for me in your eyes

I looked at him with a look of love and spread out in his features .. Murad approached with love and pulled her from her waist and approached her lips and kissed them with love and she responded with love and ended with soft kisses that he pressed the side of her neck .. Murad carried her and Ashiq put her head in his lap and they went to their room .. ??? ?

when i ask

in her room ..

Aseel’s phone rang and it was a strange number

Aseel Phnom: Hello!

Unknown: Doctor Omar had an accident

I ask in panic: What are you saying?

Unknown: This is the address of the hospital if you care about it *******

I cry with tears: I’m coming now

She got up quickly and got dressed

She went downstairs and took her car

I went to the address

after a while

Aseel arrives at her address with her car

And you did not find anything in that place

I learned it

Suddenly a truck appeared in front of her

It was very fast and on the way to Assel

Ask shocked: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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