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One of the thorny issues, which moms and dads often confuse while traveling to raise children, is the issue of sexual education, and how to talk to them about the changes taking place in their bodies, especially since we recently saw and heard. about many cases of harassment, and others, as well as getting a lot out of misinformation from social networking sites and the World Wide Web. Here we need to stop at ourselves, to reflect on the need to open the door for conversation and dialogue with our children in all matters of life, and to get them used to freely expressing everything that comes up in their minds. pressure, and we need to respond to all the questions they ask in a smooth manner, according to their ages.

In our interview with the educational specialist, Nour Walid, she explains to us how to deal with children of different ages, and teaches them how important it is to protect their bodies from strangers, as well as the need to give them confidence at any time. to speak away from fear and tension.

  • The educational specialist, Wer Walid

What are the reasons why fathers and mothers do not open the door to dialogue with their children on issues of sexual education?

The reason for this is that they do not understand how to explain and communicate information to children correctly, especially if they are at a young age. The common misconception among parents is that they should procrastinate about sex education. talking to their children, think. that the older they get, the more they understand and accept these matters.

What is the right age to start talking about sex education?

We need to start with sex education, awareness and guidance for children from the age of 3, and for parents to realize that sexual behavior requires education, like all kinds of education taught in schools, such as physical, religious and moral education, and others .

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How does the way we talk to children differ according to the age group?

There are steps for each age group to follow, and they are broken down by age, helping parents guide and protect their children from harassment reading, or to go to an educational consultant; To take advice and advice.

How do we handle a 3-year-old?

We can talk to the child in a simple way during this age period, to feel the importance of his body and to preserve and protect it in various ways, including not allowing anyone to help him change his clothes and to look at his nakedness, and so he will get used to refusing to take off clothes in front of strangers, and if the child still wears a cloth, then the mother should never change it in places where there are people , such as family gatherings or in front of his brothers, but only in a closed room or in the bathrooms. We should also not leave the child alone without supervision at the maid, and if the woman is working, she should put cameras to constantly monitor the situation, Finally, it is very important not to force your child to hug or kiss someone who does not want to hug or kiss him, like a grandfather, uncle or girlfriend at work, because you are sending him messages that he should surrender to touching adults even if he does not like them or is not comfortable with them.

What about the age group of 3 to 6 years?

The child and his siblings must be separated in the bedrooms or at least in the family, and it is important to start teaching the child that it is necessary to ask permission before entering the parents’ room in their private room, and to not only the room of the maid or the manager, and it is very important to develop self-control if his eyes fall on an Immoral view on TV or iPad.It is also important to teach the child to never take clothes out of the house to pull, for whatever reasons. As a mother, you should start talking, repeat the topic, and ask him, “What do you do if someone touches you in an inappropriate way?”, And here you should always assure him that he is telling you if he is harmed by anyone. , no matter what, and you need to introduce your child to sensitive areas in his body. And you can use the opportunity for your son or daughter to wear a swimsuit, for example, and say those covered areas are sensitive areas that no one should touch.

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How can we explain this to children aged 6 to 15?

In this period of life the child begins to understand many matters of life, and we must begin with him by explaining the meaning of puberty for men, puberty and the menstrual cycle for women and talking to him about sexual abuse, and mentioning some stories , including educational cartoon videos, and you should plant the principles of religious faith in him, get him used to prayer, and treat others modestly.

Are there any last words?

Children are a trust in our necks, and we must carry that trust with patience and love, and not be stingy in giving them many instructions and information in all life skills, and we must know that after the child has completed 15 years , we have to befriend him, treat him like a man and give him some responsibilities; To feel the confidence of those around him, and thus we brought him to safety.

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