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Open, exuberant, intelligent, curious, flexible and never bored in the presence of Gemini. It is the third sign among the constellations, and the number 3 among the numbers has connotations, including: attractiveness, perseverance, struggle, high professionalism and dual personality. Are you a Gemini? Born between May 21 and June 21? We know that you are the type of person who hates being alone, and stays away from routine as far as heaven is from earth. You are ruled by the planet Mercury, which represents perpetual, continuous, and continuous motion. Take a moment, take a few minutes of your continuous rotation; Let’s dig into your qualities that are different from any other. a flower ..

If you want to confess to a woman born in the constellation Gemini, just give her a large bouquet of lavender flowers. Red roses will look silly to her, as opposed to the vibrant purple shades and the refreshing lavender scent. Gemini needs meditation, something like daily yoga, and lavender opens the door to that. Hawthorn, a long shrub, whose strong-smelling flowers grow between April and June and attract bees and birds. These herbs represent Gemini’s natural ability to attract people there, through a unique “charisma”. The edible orange Melianthus, a symbol of love, happiness and joy, also attracts Gemini. And when we say that it is a symbol of sincerity like him; There are those who will smile, stemming from a bad experience with Gemini. In fact, a happy Gemini will dedicate his loyalty to love, business or friendship. Gemini if ​​he feels happy with you; He will be the most loving friend or life partner. Another plant that attracts Gemini is the expensive lily of the valley, which is used in large weddings and conferences, and will inevitably turn the heads of Gemini who consider it the best gift among plants and flowers. If you want to see a Twin smile; They gave a present for a lily of the valley. Fuchsia flower, carnation, and anemone flower, also turn to her and also the heads of Gemini .. So memorize their names well.

Sitting with a Gemini is nice. But, hint: Do not tell Gemini, a woman or a man, your deepest secrets; Because the impulsivity of the people of this sign may make them reveal what you whispered in their ears. They applied a saying with Gemini: “Some secrets are like dreams that do not accept to be deposited in someone’s heart.” In any case, you know Gemini by their “gossip”, at a party or in a meeting. These people always have something interesting to tell about, and their conversations are not just passing talks, but contain a lot of depth and beautiful narration. These traits allow the Gemini woman to sit for hours with someone she has just met without getting bored. And she herself can make the “Gemini” man attract the eyes and ears of the fairer sex, as he is very tactful, and a very skilled talker. It is known that confidence and skill are like an invincible army. Gemini is rarely defeated.

in strength ..

Perhaps the strongest characteristics of Gemini are that those born in this sign sing: “Courageous thoughts always think”; So we rarely see them in silence. They are willing to try anything, anything, at least once in their lives. So do not defy the Gemini; Because he does not give up easily. and if you need proof of it; Ask a Gemini to help you arrange a party on a tight deadline, and the result will inevitably surprise you. Gemini overcomes the impossible, and is always ready to come up with the best ideas and innovations, he who does not fear his way, and adapt like a chameleon. The intelligence of Gemini, of both sexes, makes them expect what others expect of them; They vary in their personalities to reflect this. Their incredible ability to discover the motives of others makes them great leaders.

in colors ..

Bright yellow Gemini loves color, which is similar to them in their extroverted personality, and to stand out at public gatherings, large gatherings and parties. Here it is important for you to know that the Gemini is very attracted to the yellow gold he uses as ornaments, and even to give a little touch to his home decor, and yellow saffron loves it too, and the orange color is also in harmony with Gemini; It is the color of positive energy, and of course there are no two differences in the effect of colors on a person, his ability to make decisions, and even a smile. The tumultuous Gemini sometimes needs a little calm, which stems from the green color. And green, as you know, is the color of plant life, and symbolizes growth. Growth and learning are essential for a Gemini’s happiness. However, twins often use the colors of power to attract happiness, empowerment and success. Want an example ?! See how a Gemini woman gets ready to go for a job interview; You will see it enhances the colors you wear with yellow or orange; Which inspires more confidence and activity, and improves the positive vibrations in the environment. Look at Nicole Kidman (Gemini); You will see it very vividly in more than one time and place in yellow. Blue, the color of the sky, symbolizes Gemini’s longing for freedom; So we see how he uses it from time to time.

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in weakness ..

We are sorry to say that Gemini often add “salt and spice” to their stories and novels, and this is placed by many in the category of lies. The curiosity that goes into the depths of Gemini’s traits makes some people quickly alienate him. The Gemini man’s desire to be everywhere at the same time makes him disoriented, confused and unable to focus for long; He thinks of many things at the same time. This increases his evasion, which he uses to evade his chaos. As for the Gemini woman, she has a special “charisma” that attracts people to her, but the “gossip” she uses to break the routine and boredom in the sessions can turn against her; If you overuse it. Therefore, the Gemini had to be careful, and remember well – in her councils – that words are like medicine, a little of it is beneficial … and a lot of it is fatal.

in love..

Gemini women usually manage to hide their feelings; His “love love”; But she is able to manipulate the feelings of her lover, as if he were playing tug of war … And the Gemini man is not easy to fall in love with; Because his personal space and freedom are very important. Even if he confesses love, he will try to develop his interests and his own life, in parallel with the state of love he experiences. So, if you fall in love with a Gemini man or woman; You must have the patience of Job. Also in love, Gemini, male or female, needs a partner for constant stimulation and fascination. In short, Gemini does not fall in love quickly, and in turn they can try to get the partner into pitfalls to try – until the last minute – to withdraw from the relationship. This is how Gemini is born, which does not easily land on justice. It’s like two souls living in one body, and it’s the duality of Gemini that you can often experience; If you fall in love with a woman or a man this sign.

in friendship ..

Do you have a Gemini boyfriend (or girlfriend)? We expect you to feel that it is two people, not one; He is moody and can sometimes drive you crazy. But, advice, stick to a Gemini friendship; Because his presence gives a lot of joy and fun among friends, and he does not hurt, and he never stabs in the back. People born under this sign are also eager to be unique among their friends. So, another tip, do not try to imitate him; Because he will be upset.

The personality of the Gemini friend is “magnetic”; It attracts friends, especially those who are looking for adventure and trying new experiences. On the other hand, there are those who like to describe the friendly wife of Gemini as a social and friendly butterfly, and the best friendships are built with Aries, but the love between them fails.

in the profession ..

It goes without saying that those who like to talk can succeed in public relations. This profession suits Gemini very well; He has the power of persuasion, and the ingenuity of dialogue. The professions of broadcaster and program provider are also worthy of him. same as project management; Gemini is detail-oriented and excels at gathering information. The teacher is also worthy of the Gemini, who wants to be the center of attention, and wants to give lessons and interact with the environment. the fact that Gemini has great intelligence; It gives him the good fortune to be an outstanding scientist in physics, chemistry or biology. Gemini can also be excellent in the engineering profession, allowing him to apply the trait he loves most, namely to create solutions to any kind of technical problem.

Faten Hamama .. power and attractiveness

We browse through the names of the famous Gemini; We discover many names that have sparked controversy in the world of fame of all kinds, which also dates back to “Gemini”, Soad Hosni Gemini, Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie. We find many other famous names, who had the audacity to stand out, among them: Ruwaida Al-Mahrouqi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sulaf Fawakherji, Ragheb Alama, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Najah Al-Mouji and Faten Hamama, who always had that answered answers. who grumbled about her personality by laughing, “I’m Gemini.”

Is she really, in characteristics, a Gemini?

Faten Hamama was confident that the owners of the same tower would be united by broad lines of behavior, way of thinking and reactions. She is the one who has met director Gemini Henry Barakat repeatedly and co-hosted films with him that we like, including: “Fawah and Rabbits, and Du’aa Al-Karwan”. There was a great “harmony” between the Gemini director and the Gemini actress.

Faten Hamama’s first appearance was at the age of seven, in the movie “Happy Day” with Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the artist and musician. And her last look, in this world, was on Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab, the man and the doctor. Between the beginning and the end, the hands of her life turned.

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The woman from the Arab screen was married three times, had two children (Tariq and Nadia) and presented more than 100 works. From her biography we confirm that she is a Gemini, with her strength, confrontation, perseverance and enthusiasm, her innocent attractive features, the strength of her personality, her ability to win hearts, and her love of plants and roses. Another thing we notice is that her marriage to Omar Sharif did not last, she is Gemini and he is Ram, and it is known in the science of the horoscopes that Ram and Gemini are attracted to each other but their love and marriage rarely last, they both love movement, stay away from boredom and seek renewal, except that Aries man is naturally selfish; That’s why the Gemini woman, who is always looking for freedom, may feel upset … and maybe that’s what happened between Hamama and Sharif!

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