“Al-Binaa” is at the forefront of the beneficiaries of “Metaverse”

Yousef Al Arabi (Abu Dhabi)

The construction sector, with its three phases, which includes design, development and construction, is according to experts and specialists of the sectors that benefit most from Metaverse technology.
They told Al-Ittihad that the use of the Internet is moving from traditional use to the second generation by using the latest generation of multi-sensory connected devices, such as augmented reality (AR) glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets, with a focus on the 3D generation. Such as 3D immersion, the feeling of physical presence in the virtual world, and the interaction with our real world.
They pointed out that the use of this advanced technology in the future will enable designers and architects to experiment with buildings before their construction, which allows for a smarter and more efficient use of spaces. This technology also enables project managers to track the development of construction stages from a distance.

  • Harpreet Seth

Next generation
Dr. Harpreet Seth, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Architecture and Director of Studies – College of Energy, Earth Sciences, Infrastructure and Society at Heriot-Watt University Dubai, told Al-Ittihad that the consumption of the “Internet” mainly comes in two-dimensional forms and in a traditional way.Computers, smartphones, laptops and smart TVs are the first generation of connected devices that bring us together in “online” experiences.
She explained that the latest generation of connected devices is moving to other multi-sensory forms, such as augmented reality (AR) glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets, with a focus on the three-dimensional generation, such as three-dimensional immersion. , feel the physical presence in the virtual world, and interact with Our real world.
She noted that although this concept is not more than one year old, the responsibility lies with the early users to achieve positive results from it, as it is one of the fastest growing industries, and the construction sector will continue to do so in the future. benefit. only the basic industry, but other stakeholders, such as designers, architects and project managers, will benefit from its acceptance and implementation.

Virtual reality
She said that although 3D visualization was popular in construction, the use of AR and VR would be the next step as we entered the metaverse era.
She pointed out that the “Metaverse” is a virtual reality space, where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users, as it is a three-dimensional development of the “Internet” that represents a virtual world that can experience become like the real world.
She noted that Metaverse technology has the potential to revolutionize the world, as the use and application of Metaverse technologies in the construction industry will greatly help designers and architects to create spaces in an increasingly efficient and innovative way, which they ‘ will provide an opportunity to the site during its construction.
She said that architects and designers have traditionally relied on 3D modeling and visualization to design spaces, but the advent of metaverse technology, and the unique ability of technology to help people walk through an almost real representation of space, benefit them doubly.

Remote follow-up
She pointed out that architects and designers can remotely collaborate on design concepts by being part of the building design in “Metaverse”, in addition, it is very important for construction project managers to be fully aware of the stages of building design and construction, while not To be ubiquitous, building managers can monitor everything that happens in the construction phase using virtualization of the construction environment. Furthermore, she said, it is necessary to understand the importance of metaverse technologies in all three phases of construction, such as design, development and construction.
She noted that while architects, designers and project managers will undoubtedly benefit from Metaverse technology, these professions will also help with the actual construction process.
She said, “Architects and designers are very important in creating any space in the virtual environment, from the design of interiors to exteriors because the capabilities of Metaverse technology are still emerging and under development and have not yet been seen and explored. the world has become more in line with advanced technology It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a widely used resource in the world and in all fields.

  • Edward Baaklini
    Edward Baaklini

3D buildings
Engineer Edward Baaklini, CEO of 3D Vinci, which specializes in 3D building technology, said: “Metaverse is an emerging technology that will play a prominent role in the construction and development sector in the near future.
He added that this technology will provide a more realistic and immersive interaction, enabling designers and architects to experiment with buildings before their construction, enabling smarter and more efficient use of spaces, and this technology also enables project managers capable of developing construction stages from a distance.
He noted that construction companies, especially those specializing in 3D building technologies, are closely following the successive developments of these emerging technologies, especially as they improve the speed and efficiency of construction operations.

  • Mohammed Al Mutawa
    Mohammed Al Mutawa

In turn, Mohammed Al-Mutawa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Waleed Real Estate Company, said: “Metaverse technologies will transform individuals and industries of Internet users into a part of them into a new immersive world that is the real combine. and the virtual. “
He noted that the integration of the “metavers” into building technologies would take more time, but it would then play an important role as designers and architects would be able to test buildings before their construction, allowing for a smarter and more effective use of spaces, and this technology will enable project managers to track the development of remote construction stages.
He noted that the techniques of “Metaverse” architects will provide unlimited space to find creative ideas and designs, and these techniques contribute to the increase of efficiency in general.

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