Ashbal Egypt Digital .. An initiative to create future geniuses .. Select a group of outstanding school students and prepare them to make a quantum leap in the telecommunications sector

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched the Ashbal Egypt Digital Initiative, which aims to prepare a leading generation of young people who are capable of discovering new horizons in the field of communication and information technology, to qualify and to be able to implement Egypt’s digital vision and keep pace with the future The ministry has allocated $ 25 million in 5-year investments. To train 3,000 students each year.

The Ashbal Egypt Digital Initiative is a free grant provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to outstanding students enrolled in the first preparatory degree to the second secondary degree in all Egyptian schools in the academic year 2022/2023, for periods ranging from one to five years, depending on the age and level of the applicants. The initiative provides both scientific and practical study to leading Egyptian school students with specific academic years, whereby it seeks to collaborate with specialized agencies, locally and internationally, in various technological sciences to cover scientific and educational aspects, in addition to the development of life and leadership skills. This comes within the framework of the general orientation of the Egyptian government and the state’s zeal to promote the educational and technological level of the new generations, and in view of the President of the Republic’s constant emphasis on the inevitability of interest in the building of the Egyptian human being and the need to provide him with the latest and greatest digital and technological skills, and in line with the great interest that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology attaches to capacity building. Technology for the Egyptian citizen, which includes providing all the requirements of the age and developing his skills in all relevant fields.

10 international companies taking control to make Egypt’s future generations

The major international companies specialized in the field of information technology are participating in the implementation of the “Digital Egypt Cubs” initiative, to prepare a leading generation of outstanding schoolchildren who are capable of anticipating the future and modern technology in the various fields and applications of information technology, to become young and active citizens in building a digital society that keeps pace with With the developments of the times and the requirements of the future locally and globally. The list includes 10 major international companies: Vodafone Egypt Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Huawei, Microsoft, VMware, Dell Technologies, Google, IBM and Value. and Cisco.

International companies prepare training courses, provide virtual platforms and laboratories in related technology disciplines, technology awareness, and organize online seminars for students of the Ashbal Egypt Digital Initiative, in addition to the opportunity for leading students to participate in competitions and field visits to the headquarters of these companies, as well as co-operation in the training of the trainers responsible for the Implementation of the initiative and the awarding of a training certificate in the relevant disciplines, as well as the organization of activities for the initiative’s outstanding students, whether cultural, educational or development oriented .

Minister of Communications: We establish a new generation bearing the banner of progress and knowledge

Dr Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said that the aim of the Digital Ashabs or Egypt initiative is to build a very capable generation, educated, learner, aware and competent, around the banner of advancement and advancement of science knowledge, work and effort, and note that the initiative is integrated with the rest of the initiatives launched by the ministry to provide youth and young adults with all the information technology tools to keep up with the requirements of the digital age, as the initiative aims to provide specialized training to school children.

Talaat unveiled 3 axes of the initiatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to achieve human building, the first of which is inclusion by providing the opportunity to young people and girls from different parts of the Republic and of different ages, and an opportunity for in in-depth training, during which students receive a serious dose of science and knowledge consistent with their experiences and work and their academic backgrounds, which explains that the Ashbal Egypt digital initiative targets school students from the first preparatory to the second secondary in all Egyptian schools, while the initiatives of our digital future, the Misr Informatics University and the courses of the Institute of Communication and Information Technology, aim to provide experiences to university students and graduates.

“Talaat” added that the second axis is represented in the diversity of training programs and specializations and in keeping it in line with the requirements of the labor market, by refining the skills of young people to build abilities and competencies on a professional level in line. with the requirements of the international labor market and in accordance with the standards of multinational companies, and in the various sectors of industry.

Amr Talaat added that the third is the use of hybrid education mechanisms by integrating the traditional education model and digital distance education to provide training across the country.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology has made it clear that the minimum target of the Digital Egypt Initiative is 3,000 students annually, and if more students apply, all submitted applications will be accommodated, without taking into account any figures, and added that the budget allocated to the initiative does not depend on the number, but rather aims to provide programs And the exercises for the largest number of beneficiaries and according to the latest technological systems.

International training and competitions

The Ashbal Misr Digital Initiative is a continuation of the efforts and efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to prepare a new generation of young people trained in a practical and unconventional way in the field of communication and information technology Digital Egypt- projects.

The initiative aims to develop schoolchildren’s skills according to the latest global developments in various technological fields such as: software development, digital arts, networks and information security, computer science and artificial intelligence, robotics and embedded systems, in addition to building personal, life- and leadership skills, as well as the implementation of scientific, cultural and social activities to build personality Egyptian leader capable of communicating with future sciences.

The initiative provides an interactive, participatory educational environment that stimulates creativity, excellence and innovation among young people by providing scientific and practical training in collaboration with local and international companies and institutions specializing in various technological sciences.

The initiative offers students enrolled in it partial scholarships from specialized technological universities affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for outstanding students who will complete the study years in the initiative, in addition to prizes in kind for outstanding students and certificates approved by the ministry every year.It also offers opportunities to participate in local and international technology competitions.

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