Here are 8 reasons to visit the Cheval Blanc Hotel – Paris!

Paris scenery

Immerse yourself in the City of Light, enjoy its breathtaking views from the glass facades overlooking the river, from all the rooms and restaurants within the hotel. Discover the capital from above, just like the birds fluttering above, and enjoy the view of silver roofs, historical monuments, winding streets and the Seine. The most amazing point to enjoy these views is the garden which hangs on the seventh floor and extends over an area of ​​650 square meters, offering a panoramic view of the city.

From this breathtaking height the whisper of the city can be heard. On the horizon, Paris is a fascinating sight. This splendor is reflected inside the Cheval Blanc Hotel – Paris, where the refined atmosphere, inspired by French living art, prevails. It is a contemporary world, full of creativity, joy and a family atmosphere.

classic building

The design of the hotel is based on the preservation of the Art Deco splendor of this historic landmark building, while at the same time boasting the modern Parisian style. Completing this delicate duplication required five years of work, combined with the skills and ideas of a skilled group of talented craftsmen, artists, interior designers and architects.

The foundations and identity of Cheval Blanc – Paris today are based on these different aspects. It is a classic historical landmark and a model for the future, as well as an openness to innovation and a commitment to maintaining a rich heritage.

Back to the beginning, the architect Henri Sauvage designed this building some 100 years ago, inspired by the Art Deco style at its best, and it is one of the rare sights in Paris. This building formed a blank page, on which the architects Peter Marino and Edouard Francois wrote the rules of a new chapter, inspired by the facade of the building, which has been restored to its original condition. The façade is adorned with straight-cut stoneware inspired by the parquet, while the hexagonal medals, with their floral-inspired embellishments, add a touch of softness. The glass panels reflect the gold metal columns, like jewels shining in the sun. The beauty of the Art Deco style is on its way again. The clean lines breathe life into the building, and it is extremely elegant. As for the harmony between outside and inside, between the city and silence, it is enhanced by the glass facades that stretch from ceiling to floor and overlook the water.

elegant design

The design of the hotel bears the signature of architect Peter Marino, one of the old partners of the LVMH Group, knowing that it is the first hotel to design it. He chose to design the 16,000-square-foot building as if it were a living private home.

Unique approach: build a world complete with elements, not just decor. Each styling element was chosen for its meaning and connotations. The decor shows a refined taste, as if the hotel belongs to an art connoisseur and art collector. Indeed, the purchase of Sonia Delaunay lithographs determined the type of wood to hang on it, and lemon wood was chosen as the most suitable. The same goes for the big blue canvas by Georges Mathieu who defines the design of the foyer. The stair railing for L’Appartement, the hotel’s most exclusive and private apartment, was specially designed by artist Claude Lalanne for the hotel. This interweaving of architecture, decor and scenic design creates a whole world. This decor reflects the sophistication of the building itself, thanks to the carefully selected materials, including 20 different types of marble, along with a wide range of leather, delicate leather and hand-colored patina.

Like a jewel with a thousand faces, this hotel is glorified by its ingenuity and contemporary craftsmanship. Exceptional artistic expertise and skill is evident in a thatched roof wall where artist Lison de Caunes collected straw for straw, in a collection of hanging lamps and bedside lamps in marble and plasterwork by Philippe Anthonioz, and in the cast iron rod by Ingrid Donah Ingrid Donat, the finely woven metal fabrics by Sophie Mallebranche, the sculpted upholstery by André Dubreuil, and the chandelier by Laurence Montano.

wellness facilities

The hotel is limited to 72 rooms and suites, in which the guest feels at home in the comfort of his own home. “Cheval Blanc” – Paris promises its guests a stay called harmony, in an atmosphere of privacy, while the butler is eager to meet all their needs. The spaces are distinguished by their capacity, with rooms starting from 45 square meters, all with a large glass façade overlooking the river, to enjoy the views of the city and the Seine in complete privacy.

Spacious spaces are a luxury in big cities, as well as a pleasure to meet with family and friends. The culture of sharing hangs over Cheval Blanc – Paris, where all the elements reinforce the atmosphere of intimacy. It starts with the large size of the rooms and suites, all of which are designed to provide comfort and tranquility for the guests, so that the desire to stay between its premises can not be resisted.

Guests can relax in their room or suite, wander through the spacious garden on the seventh floor and visit the relaxation area which includes a 30-meter pool.

In addition to the theater, the hotel includes a modern fitness room, Rossano Ferretti hair salon and Dior Spa. Furthermore, each room and suite embodies Cheval Blanc – Paris’s desire for excellence, as evidenced by L’Appartement, which covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters on the eighth and ninth floors and includes its own 12.5-meter pool and wellness corner. Recreation, cinema room, seven bedrooms, as well as a terrace overlooking the entire city, several living and dining rooms, in addition to a private entrance and private parking, which guarantees the utmost privacy.

the garden

From June 2, Cheval Blanc – Paris has opened a pop-up restaurant and a summer garden on the seventh floor, where the atmosphere of small restaurants and drinks room combine to enjoy the beauty of the Paris skyline.

The garden, filled with trees and flowers, is located on a terrace open to the city, which covers an area of ​​650 square meters, with a view of the vibrant city of lights. The city’s most beautiful sights can be seen, from the Notre Dame Cathedral and the columns of the Louvre on one side, to the Eiffel Tower and the heights of Montmartre on the other. When he stands on this terrace, the observer thinks that the hands of time have stood still. This floating garden, bathed in the sun, is a destination in itself, on a floor pulsating with the French Philosophy of Living Art. Everything here points to joy and fun.

Chef Arno Donkelly teamed up with chef William Pekin to create an ultra-fresh menu, with lunch and dinner focused on strawberries and tomatoes.

Chef Maxime Frédéric has created a strawberry-centered dessert menu, from the French “floating island” with wild strawberries and orange blossoms, or cake with strawberries and rhubarb jam.

On the west side of the terrace, head waiter Florian Thiru prepares delicious cocktails while admiring the sunset over the Sacre Coeur.

Culinary Arts

Paris is the undisputed capital of fine dining. The best proof of this is Cheval Blanc – Paris, which offers distinctive and luxurious experiences in all its restaurants, thanks to its capable team that works passionately under the supervision of a distinguished duo: Chef Arnaud Donkelly and Patisserie Chef Maxime Frédéric.

Two exceptional personalities, who share the same belief, namely to return to the roots, and the commitment to deal with farmers, traders, livestock breeders and small fishermen, based on an ethical and sustainable approach. This philosophy respects the seasons and needs of each individual, and helps to highlight the value and flavor of delicious food, in terms of effort, time, patience and required precision. This attachment to direct sources, mutual trust and knowledge of the people and the country, is nothing but proof of excellence and also that every dish is prepared with professionalism and skill. This approach adds memory, culture and love to every dish.

Plénitude is located on the first floor of Cheval Blanc – Paris and is run by the famous chef Arnaud Donkelly. The restaurant has three Michelin stars and five Chef’s Hats, and is rated 19/20 according to the Gault & Millau guide.

small world

The Cheval Blanc Hotel – Paris has always been a family-friendly hotel, so children under the age of 12 have a special space of their own. Le Carrousel is full of fun activities and surprises, led by sailor and explorer Maud Fontenoy, under the banner of the association that bears her name. Through this club it strives to teach children in an entertaining way about the environment and to educate the younger generations about the importance of conserving the planet. Children will immerse themselves in the world of novelist Jules Verne, bees and oceans. The skilled staff is eager to add an element of entertainment to the lessons so that the children will immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, with an aquarium and a jellyfish pool in the heart of the club.

City of Lights

Discover the secrets of this city, with the help of Margaux Médeau, who is in charge of the concierge services at the Cheval Blanc Hotel – Paris, who will take you behind the scenes and relieve you of the hassle of waiting for your turn. in the city’s highlights. The porter will introduce you to the beauty of Paris in all its facets, even those Parisians may not be aware of. Enjoy unforgettable experiences such as a picnic on the Seine in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or cross the river to reach the Sèvres Ceramics Museum. Breakfast with the main expert in the field of “Art Deco” to organize a private tour through the apartments in Paris. Enjoy a “men by excellence” day of shopping and hairdressing, or take a tour of the French artisans’ workshops, where feathers, jewelery, handbags and accessories are made. Admire Paris from Maison Balzac, or enjoy special moments in a corner of Montmartre. At the Hotel Cheval Blanc – Paris, the concierge team has one more key: curiosity and the ability to surprise guests with precious moments, with priceless little details.

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