Riaad Newspaper | What has technology done to us?

a. Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Shaalan *

“Technology” is a term coined and abbreviated from the term “technology” adopted by the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo, which has been adopted and used by some Arab countries, including the Kingdom. Technology is a word of Greek origin, consisting of two syllables: the first “techno” means a craft, art or skill, and the second “logi” means science, knowledge or study to put everything in the word “technology” formulate and integrate. “Meaning the science of achievement or the science of skill and application; It is one of the most important phenomena and data of the modern era due to its profound and far-reaching impact on the performance of modern man and the various aspects of his life in medicine, engineering, agriculture, mechanization, communication, transportation and the means of energy production and its various uses. Scientists and thinkers around it, as the optimists of them believe that it will contribute to an effective role in promoting the economic and industrial wheel, take steps forward to complete the work, improve the means of production and better levels of human life while the pessimists among them say that it can help to freeze man’s own energies and disrupt his mental abilities and creative abilities. And it works to replace man with machine, but despite this pessimistic view, is the astonishing scientific and technical progress in today’s world has played a major role in influencing various areas of life, facilitating working methods, shortening time and developing means of production to increase the adequacy of the product and improve its quality.

In any case, it is no secret to us that we now live in an era full of modern technology with its emerging methods, its multiple fields and its diverse channels in the different horizons of knowledge and science and its diversity, concepts and comprehensive specializations. Coordinating, editing, preserving and then referencing, searching, transferring, formatting and saving again, in addition to organizing tables, making drawings, writing comparisons, coloring and diversifying fonts, as well as the rise of modern software techniques in presentation and illustration media as (Power Point), which made it possible for the scientist, specialist, researcher and student The university presents its ideas, research, studies, projects and plans in an attractive, focused, convincing, influential and comfortable way. Perhaps the most well-known emerging technology at the moment is the advent of the era of the web, known as the “Internet”, as this brilliant technology has allowed large worlds and vast areas for research, knowledge, exploration and exploration. And if the book represents a source of knowledge and a side branch of culture in which the student, researcher and interested person seeks to find his purpose and purpose, but now it has begun to lose its luster and attractiveness with the solutions of modern means that develop in the midst of research, exploration, transfer of information, photography and its preservation with ease and ease. Speed ​​with attention to time as a precious material that we would like to preserve and not waste and waste in what is useless or advantageous, these means of the internet have provided wide, easy and accessible options in searching, prospecting, exploring and finding the required information from various sources and various references and then monitoring, compilation and maintenance thereof. This means that Arabic calligraphy and handwriting will disappear and papers and pens will follow. The technology known as e-mail also now plays an active role in facilitating communication, sending and receiving files, exchanging information and transferring documents, images and documents at high and secure speeds. The brilliant technology also appeared during the pandemic of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the continuation of educational processes (distance), without which the educational process would have been disrupted and students would have lost much of their educational achievement and progress in its stages, in addition to the meetings and meetings, whether it was routine or in conferences and scientific seminars, if any. It is organized, held and executed in its usual atmosphere without being affected or interrupted. With our transformation into the digital world and its new technologies, there are many things that will disappear or are on their way to it, see for example the paper newspapers we now read electronically via the internet in an easy, flexible and easy And store information, data and articles from its pages for reference and use thereafter. Likewise, watches that many of us have apparently abandoned, threatening their existence with deterioration and perhaps even disappearance because the cell phone is indispensable, and likewise, banknotes have been replaced by encrypted electronic cards, which have increased money retention and security. , and shopping is easy and convenient.

Artificial intelligence is also one of the prominent technological separations that depend on high technologies and advanced methods, which makes it a great impact on various areas of life in terms of facilitating working methods, shortening time, developing ways of energy production and increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of its products through optimal economic and environmental means and methods. The hope is based on the role of modern technologies to develop artificial intelligence as a scientific force focused on investing our natural resources and riches that God has given us in our precious lands of oil, gas and minerals, such as any country that strives for a prosperous future to develop its national industries, its own faculties and human capabilities by using artificial intelligence and acquiring its fruits, products and data. Some of the challenges, of which perhaps the most important are energy and its transformations, and the exploitation of solar energy, wind energy, and water desalination. to deepen, and then to innovate and explore in broad horizons and unknown worlds. The interest in technology is an urgent requirement as it is one of the most important branches to the advancement of today’s world financially, politically and militarily What Japan has achieved, for example because of its technical progress after the end of World War II is the best witness it, as it changed from a broken, crumbling state to a reviving one within a relatively short period of time. Young industrialized countries compete with their scientific leadership, industrial superiority, and technical superiority.

Civilization (ie human civilization) is based on the new technological changes, and it is a form of culture that man learns and becomes for him one of the main components in his connection with life and its continuity. We also have a clean and safe environment in which we can lead a better life as we take a ride to launch it in the fields of development and development and the fields of upgrading and industrialization, and maybe we can learn lessons and draw lessons from these experiences that lighten the way before us and remove obstacles from it, and accustom us to patience, deliberation, diligent effort and hard work to adopt this The strange phenomenon of our modern time to achieve it, obtain and establish it in our precious, precious kingdom, may God preserve it.

* King Saud University

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