The dollar is the watchword .. the increase in supply supports the fall in timber prices in Egypt

Writing: Islam Juma

The timber market in Egypt is witnessing a state of stability during the current period, compared to previous periods which recorded continuous increases, the reasons for this were numerous, the main ones being the suspension of exports and the movement of the dollar price, which led led to an increase in the price of raw materials in general.

According to the Furniture Export Council, Egypt’s imports of all types of timber increased by 0.3% during 2021 to about $ 1.419 billion, as natural timber represented about 69.3% of Egypt’s timber imports in the past year, with a value of $ 984 million.

Egypt’s imports of wood fiber boards (MDF and others) amounted to about $ 210 million, and of plywood about $ 168 million during 2021.

The state of the timber market in Egypt

Mohamed Saleh Al-Shabrawy, a member of the Chamber of Wood and Furniture Products Industry in the Federation of Egyptian Industries, said that wood prices in Egypt are currently experiencing a state of stability in the buying and selling processes, with a state of repair, and the availability of large quantities of wood.

Reasons for the increase in timber prices during the previous period

In exclusive statements to “Ahl Masr” he said that the main reason behind the increase in wood prices during the previous period was the increase in wood prices by some European countries and the cessation of the export process during the winter due to their inability to snow-covered trees in saws off the winter.

Al-Shawarbi pointed out that the coming period will show a decline in prices; Due to the dollar’s decline against the pound, and the increase in the amount of supply during the summer.

Price increases from 20% for banking and travel products

He pointed out that the high cost has caused the prices of products to rise to varying degrees, as prices have risen by 20% for banking and travel products, while the prices of bedrooms and children have risen at higher prices, which largely depend on wood and plywood imported. of Russia, whose prices rose by a large percentage.

Al-Shawarbi added that the price of plywood has doubled within 3 months, pointing out that there are problems in obtaining raw materials in light of the successive increases in their prices, which is the backbone of the industry.

Raw materials control the timber market

He pointed out that raw materials are considered a strategic commodity, and should not be controlled by the rules of supply and demand, as the furniture industry offers millions of direct and indirect jobs in all governors, especially Damietta, who is mainly dependent on this industry is. .

He continued, “We need to tighten raw materials controls and sharpen market control and protect it from the influence of raw material traders, in addition to supporting raw materials .. which will help the competitiveness of the product in local and global markets.”

Higher raw materials increase the cost of the final product by 70%

He added that the increase in raw materials has led to an increase in the cost of the final product by 70%, while companies are trying to mitigate its effects by lowering the profit margin and increasing production of rooms to increase the wages of labor to cover.

80% of the materials used in the manufacture of furniture are imported

The Furniture Export Council stated that natural timber represented about 69.3% of Egypt’s timber imports over the past year, valued at $ 984 million, and pointed out that 80% of the raw materials used in furniture manufacturing were imported, and the rest were local manufactures, such as nitro, solar, glass, upholstery fabrics and sponges.

Imports of raw materials tax the state budget

Al-Shabrawy added that he hoped the government would work to locate tree planting in Egypt, in order to provide raw and freehold raw materials and reduce imports that tax the state budget, in addition to producing metals used in manufacturing. word. of furniture.

types of wood

There are many types of wood, and the source of its quality varies from one type to another, and among the types that are widespread in the market (beech wood – musk wood – oak wood – Swedish wood – Russian wood – Aziz wood – mahogany wood – without – counter wood – teak wood – oak) The prices of wood 2022 differ from one place to another, according to the cost of transport, and also according to the quality of the wood.

“People of Egypt” reviews wood prices today, Monday 13-6-2022, according to its types, sizes and quality rates.

The price of a square meter of beech wood ranges from 13,000 to 13,777 pounds.

The price per cubic meter of Swedish wood varies between 11000 and 12100 pounds.

The price per square meter of Russian wood ranges from 9000 to 10100 pounds.

The price of one meter without, first class, ranges from 800 to 8750 pounds per cubic meter.

The price of a meter of American oak ranges from 30,000 to 31,550 pounds.

The price per square meter of imported mahogany, first class, varies between 24,000 and 24,500 pounds.

The price per square meter of oak varies between 28,500 and 29,100 pounds.

The price of one meter of teak type wood varies between 28000 and 28700 pounds.

The price of a square meter of wood varies between 9000 and 9650 pounds.

The price of a meter of Al-Azizi-type wood varies between 15,000 and 15,550 pounds.

The price of a meter of wood, D. F, of the good Spanish type, varies between 800 pounds.

The price of a wooden counter, made of musk as well as plywood, ranges from 950 to 1,000 pounds.

The price of a 3-meter Korean plywood, ranging from 600 pounds.

The price of Korean plywood 6 meters ranges from 500 pounds.

The price of the 9-meter Korean plywood varies between 400 pounds.

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