What’s In My Heart Novel Chapter Twenty-eight 28 Written by Yara Abdel Salam

What’s In My Heart Novel Chapter Twenty-eight 28 Written by Yara Abdel Salam

What’s In My Heart Novel Chapter Twenty-eight 28 Written by Yara Abdel Salam

The light of her consolation after she left Persia

Nour: Nancy, you’re not going to ruin what you do in this salon

Nancy Badala: And you’re the owner of it, you’ll teach me literature

Noor came close to her and pulled her by her hair.

At the same time she was on the ground and there was a light above her, and she struck her with all her might, and the whole university gathered around them, and the light also came down.

Nour: I live as Horiki, how do you do that and I’ll deprive you of a haircut but it’s my husband, my sister, you think we’ll cut it

Jamila: It’s forbidden to you, Nour, you’ll die in your hands

One went to Ahmed who was sitting with his friends

_ Ahmed Al-Haq, your cousin, chokes on Nancy’s mask when she’s healthy

Ahmed: Black collapses, where are these talks?

_There in the fetus

Ahmed ran and went to Fares’ office

Income without permission

Fares: You’re an animal, come in for me like that, and you have an approach like this

Ahmed: Right, Nour is suffocating

Pharisee: Are you kidding?

Ahmed: With God, never come with me and see for yourself

Fares went with him and they went to meet all the people who were together.

Fares was near this gathering and was amazed when he saw the light holding him, who had been standing with him for a while.

near her

And pull it off her

Fares: Noor, what are you doing? You’re crazy, you do not know where you are

Nour while taking herself: She’s the one who’s less polite and disrespectful, and I have the right to hit her

Fares Bass for everyone who is nervous

He exclaimed: Come on, everyone sees someone doing something. I do not want a creature here

And in an instant everyone was scared

Pharisee nervous: You’re the one doing it

Nour: Ask yourself, and I’m not asking for the one who is staring at you

And I watched Nancy

Nour Bhoshehia: You know if I saw you wearing a mask, but I would do it for you. Honor to those who help you out of my hands

Nancy Baiat: I swear to God, I will not complain about you and I will tell my father that you will be captured

Nour: You and Dad and your family are all accused of me, and show me what you will do

Jamila with regret: Sorry, Nancy, you have the right to me.

Ahmed laughing: Sorry, Nancy, she loves him and changes him so you can get used to it when you pick someone up, then take care and know if she’s married or not

Faris: Ahmed!

Tell Nancy, I’m sorry for this unpleasant situation, but as compensation for what happened, you’ll take your full marks, don ‘t worry?

Nancy Badlaa: For your sake, Doctor, I’ll keep quiet and give up

And I look at Noor with disgust

But if she was on her, I would have been kind to her in the arts

Nour: she will take you, you are far

Danger nervous: The light of salvation remains

The light of suffocation became silent

Pharisee: Come on, let’s go

Nour Benad: No, I’ll go with Jamila to spend the day with her, and I’ll go with you in the evening.

Pharisee: You will not come with me

Nour: I will not be with Jamila

Ahmed: Sorry, Pharisee, keep her with a beautiful woman so you can be with her as you know the girls

Jamila: Oh, doctor, sorry, keep her with me

Faris: OK

And take a little and walk and the light of tears accumulated in her eyes

Ahmed: Sorry, Nour, I’m angry, but from the face I saw

And he laughed, but you, any of her friends, could not get up from the ground. Oh, I wanted to be jealous and her agents.

beautiful appearance

Oh, you will do it or not

Jamila Mule: Ok, there’s one that will catch you, but just look

Ahmed: Praise be to God, me and my two brothers have two daughters who are teaming up after marriage against the girls we are going to divorce.

Nour and Jamila in one voice: Ok, there’s one who dares and it works

Ahmed had a good laugh, may God protect us, me and my brother

Come, stay so I can get you on my way

The two walked with him

Nour felt that she had made a mistake in what she was doing, and that Pharisee had done this and was bored with her because he was afraid of her and decided that she would reconcile with him except when he reconciled with her.

Oh no for violence against women

She does what she needs to do and reconciles normally

They arrived at the house and entered, and Noor greeted a beautiful mother, and the two entered the abode.

Jamila: We’re going to do something to cherish this groom

Nour: just be patient

Take off the dress you’ll wear, and I’ll go out and see your mother, she does not know if she should have a conversation.

Jamila: Oh, and I know I love Ahmed and Baby is a designer for this groom. I do not know what to do with him

Noor: Good

Nour went out and went to the kitchen, a beautiful mother

Nour cheerfully: Oh, Toto, what are you doing?

Regards: Come, Nour, my daughter, make lunch, because this groom, I do not know, your uncle is determined for me

Nour: You do not know that Jamila loves Ahmed?

Regards: Oh, my daughter, you know

Nour: Ok, it’s coming today, it’s my grandfather

Regards: how?

Noor: I’ll tell you …

Nour started saying hello to her plan, and greeted her with amazement at what she was saying

Regards: Hi, you were the leader of a gang before it was decided

Nour: No, I just see that in the movies

Regards: Ok, understand me, now we’re going to do anything

Nour: I’m going to dress nicely and you’re making coffee when he comes and pouring in salt, not sugar at all

Greetings: go as we see

Nour Basta from her cheek: Long live, O greatness!

I came out of the kitchen and walked into a beautiful woman, and I found that she was wearing the dress she was familiar with

Nour: I want you to look forward to these and beautiful ears

Beautiful: how?

Nour: I just want you to do something nice

Beautiful: What is it?

Noor: Lag

Beautiful: I do not understand

Nour: I mean, go out and laugh at anything I’m an idiot, I mean, so he can be overwhelmed

Beautiful: I do not understand

Nour: Look, oh my end of my patience

Now I made your mom make coffee and add salt instead of sugar, and your mom came out to love you and want you to marry Wade Ahmed

And now you have to stick to the plan

Jamila: I mean, I go out, normally, of course, and in front of the groom, when we sit alone, I sit laughing and laughing in front of him and making him think I’m crazy and suffocating

Nour: May God enlighten you and give you a little rhythm of folly so that it will float before Ahmed comes.

beautiful: present

Greetings I entered

_ come on beautiful groom face

Jamila: Present, may God rest

I grabbed the coffee tray and walked out

A beautiful woman came out for once, six seats, and a young man next to her

Beautiful father: come beautiful

It’s beautiful, my daughter is in fourth grade and looking forward to being among the first every year

Six: If God wills, God wills, like the moon

Jamila: I was just laughing and not talking

Six: Ok, the groom’s cousin, they talk

Jamila’s father and mother: Do you want to go to branda?

They all came out

And start planning nicely

Jamila Yahbal: I prefer coffee, I made it for you with my own hands and just started laughing

Hua, I was surprised by this way, and it was disgusting

He grabbed a cup of coffee and started drinking

The first thing we did was suck it

She’s beautiful in her voice and she laughs too: Yes, she’s your fan, Dana. I love her out of my hand

_ How are you, how are you?

Beautiful, I got close to him and laughed too.

_How do you not like Dana like the moon

You are out

_ Mom, let’s walk from here. I do not want to get married. I do not buy a passport

He left them and went away

And Noor laughs to herself

She comes out laughing

Nour laughing: He ruined you, beautiful, you were ridiculous

Jamila’s father: What happened?

Light and beautiful close up

Jamila’s father: What did you do?

Beautiful with confrontation and tears: I do not want to marry him, I love Ahmed

Her father: Who is Ahmed then and see what?

Ahmed from behind him: I am Ahmed

Her father: You are the one who ate sweet in her mind

Everyone came out, Grandpa, Pharisee, Muhammad and his praise

Grandpa: No, I do not care about the sweetness of the two of them.They love each other, and today I come to ask beautiful hands for my grandson Ahmed, and it increases my honor.

Jamila’s father was crippled when he saw them and saw their grandfather’s prestige

_Please just relax and talk

Grandpa: Yazid, please, my son My grandchildren choose right

She is beautiful and I have admired her and her morals since I saw her in Farah Faris and Nour, and I am honored that she is the times of my grandson.

Jamila’s father: I’m honored as long as the two of them love each other. I can not stand for their happiness.

Grandpa: Ok, let’s read Al-Fatihah

Everyone started reciting Al-Fatihah, and Faris, the length of the base, looked at the light while completely ignoring him, or she treated herself as ignorant.

Knight in himself: Go, Noor

Noor stands up and shouts

And a beautiful hug

Nour: Congratulations, my love, I wish you joy, Lord

And praise him, she embraces her: Congratulations, my son, praise God

Rates near Noor

Pharisee: I want you

Nour in his T-shirt: I do not want to talk to you

Pharisee: I told you, come

Noor Bana: No

Pharisee pulls her hands

And he said to the grandfather, ‘I will take the light and go on a journey, and we will find you at home.’

Grandpa: Go, my love, take care of yourself

Pharisee grabbed her hands as she tried to loosen her hands

Noor: Oh, knight, I’ll build

Fares Waqf: Can you calm down I want you to calm down, because I want to talk to you for a while Can you come with me?

Noor was touched by his words and his eyes

I just looked into his eyes and was able to challenge and confront

Light: present

Faris smiles and takes her out of her hands

And they rode the Arabians and took them to a beautiful place on the Nile

Nour: God, this place is a masterpiece

Pharisee: Do you like it?

Noor with joy: Many

Pharisee: I’m not upset

Nour: Oh, a little, because you disturbed me before the decision, or it’s Soram

Pharisee laughed: Umm Sourm

Nour: Oh, Mahi, right, did you like it and your mood is inside, or Sourm, who burned her hair?

Fares: My daughter, I dedicate my hero to your words and your style

Nour with tears: Hey, if I love you and change you, I’ll stay lonely

Pharisee approached her and held her hands: My soul, you do what you want, and I am happy with this, but I was afraid of you, so do not complain, this is the last year for you

Nour jammer: ek is jammer

Pharisee: I’m sorry, and I’ll bring you a surprise

Noor: What is it?

Fares: Did you not want me to introduce you to you from the beginning and the new?

Noor: Ah

A knight got up from his seat and sat on his knees in front of her and pushed a nice box out of his pocket, and opened it, and there was a beautiful ring in it.

It caught the attention of all people and their prayers

Faris: I now introduce you to all people

I agree, will you marry me?

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