Al Akhawayn University crowns graduates .. and the Board of Trustees reviews a five-year plan

Two years after the pandemic, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane returned to organizing the graduation ceremony for students, an institution founded in 1995 by the late King Hassan II and under the honorary presidency of King Mohammed VI.

Al Akhawayn University is the only university in Africa that has received accreditation from the prestigious American accreditation body – NECHE (New England Commission on Higher Education), which accredits universities such as Harvard and MIT, among others. The NECHE Accreditation Committee has announced that Al Akhawayn University, although only 27 years old, is ready to enter a new phase of excellence.

The graduation ceremony was led by Abdellatif Jouahri, chair of the University’s Board of Trustees, and dr. Amin Bensaid, President of the University, in the presence of Abdellatif Mirawi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, and some representatives of the diplomatic corps, such as the Ambassadors of South Korea and Tunisia, and personalities from the world of finance and business, such as Mohamed El Kettani. , CEO of Attijariwafa bank, Mohamed Karim Mounir, CEO of Banque Populaire, as well as some politicians and representatives of local authorities in Ifrane and Meknes; Along with Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sport, as guest of honor at this event.

In the same context, Abdel Latif El Jawahery, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and dr. Amin Bensaid, President of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, held a meeting; As well as the chairmen of the committees of the Board of Trustees, Larbi Belarabi, the head of the Academic Committee, Mohamed El Kettani, the head of the Development Committee, and Karim Mounir, the head of Finance and Budget, held a press conference. on Saturday, 11 June 2022.

This meeting was an opportunity to evaluate the strategic plan 2020-2025, which aims to strengthen the role of the university in Africa and the Middle East and to provide the Kingdom with young professionals who meet the best international standards. trained. The Al Akhawayn model is characterized by being based on the American education system, which is based on a liberal arts education system but is deeply rooted in its Moroccan culture.

Jouahri and President Bensaid specifically outlined the formulation and implementation of this new phase of excellence and its incorporation into the Strategic Plan 2020-2025. The stated goal is to take advantage of the complexity of the 21st century professional worlds characterized by profound, profound and accelerating change.

Hespress’ source confirmed that the said plan also aims to double the number of university students during the said period, and to attract the best baccalaureate holders. To do so, the university strengthens its infrastructure and expands its academic offering in line with the needs of local and regional economic and technological ecosystems.

Al-Jawahiri told the media, “The financial resources needed for the success of this ambitious plan are mobilized from outside state funds. While the financial support received by the university is allocated only to support scholarships, emphasizes that” Al Akhawayn University is a public, independent and non-profit university. “

President Bensaid said: “Our ambition is to continue to expand our influence in Morocco, and one of our top priorities is to diversify the socio-professional classes. In 2021, the number of students benefiting from a scholarship or financial aid reached 50% “; He also added:” This significant increase in the number of students is in line with our quality and admissions policies, as the beginning of 2021 school year 93% of new students who obtained an advantage in the baccalaureate examination, including 70% who obtained an advantage of good or very good, the rest came mainly from other education systems such as Hispanic, Italian and Middle -Eastern systems. ”

President Bensaid emphasized that “Al Akhawayn University is adopting an educational approach that enhances the independence and comfort of its students, enabling them to open up and develop skills that go beyond the technical aspect and are needed today. in highly competitive professional environments, “adding:” Al Akhawayn University therefore trains engineers with full experience in the field of corporate governance and management frameworks have strong technical skills. The university prepares a new generation of students who are capable of to excel in the sectors of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse and computer science, but also in many other disciplines unknown today by providing them with the necessary learning skills.Al Akhawayn has chosen to pioneer a university in innovation on international level, with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. ”

The graduation ceremony is the beginning of the application of the new generation of innovations developed by the university to take advantage of the amazing speed of change in the world of work, and all the opportunities that the new generation can create; It has developed an approach that enables students to manage their orientation, jobs or entrepreneurial projects in an integrated way. This is illustrated, among other things, by the launch of various study and job rotation programs, in collaboration with leading Moroccan and international companies such as Alstom, Leyton and DACHSER Logistics, and by a dual mentoring system: by managers and peers (ie other successful students).

Specifically, this new strategy over the next three years is aimed at ensuring that students participating in this program receive three job offers or a project before leaving university. The results for this first year are very promising, as the institution is almost 50% of graduates who received at least one job offer before the end of this academic year. On the entrepreneurship front, Al Akhawayn University has developed an incubation platform for start-ups. This incubator adopts the models of the most successful international platforms by providing high-level training and guidance provided by senior Moroccan and international managers, in addition to financing channels through the financing of Moroccan and American “Venture Capital” start-ups.

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