Conditions, checks and papers .. Everything you need to know about the Umrah season

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After the opening of direct flights and the door of Umrah between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Egyptians who want to perform the rituals of Umrah are looking for the travel mechanism, procedures, vaccinations, prices and papers needed to discuss the itinerary.

On Thursday, November 25, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that it would allow direct access to the Kingdom of (6) countries without the need to spend (14) days abroad, applying institutional quarantine for a period of (3) – 5) days, from Wednesday 01/12/2021 AD, and it was decided to allow direct access to the Kingdom of the following countries without the need to spend 14 days out there before it is entered, and the list of countries included: (Egypt – Indonesia – Brazil – Pakistan – Vietnam – India).

“Masrawy” reviews the most prominent statements about Umrah in the following report:

When did the door open for Umrah travels from Egypt?

Engineer Hisham Saeed, Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for Hajj and Umrah Services, announced the opening of Umrah voyages to Egyptians from December 1, 2021.

What are the requirements for pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia?

The requirements stipulate the need for two-dose immunization for all pilgrims coming from abroad on an Umrah visa, as those vaccinated with doses of vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to start immediately Perform Umrah without the need to apply institutional stone.

In the case of pilgrims from abroad who have been immunized with the doses of vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, institutional quarantine procedures are applied to them for a period of 3 days, and after 48 hours of institutional quarantine, a negative PCR laboratory test certificate is submitted. and they go straight to performing Umrah.

What are the approved vaccines in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Ministry of Health has issued approved vaccines to enter the Kingdom for travel with the aim of visiting Hajj and Umrah, from 1 December 2021, for all those vaccinated with the vaccines (Sino Pharm – Sinovac – Covaccin) two doses, as well as from 1 January 2022 each From the time of taking the Corona vaccine (Sputnik – v) two doses, in addition to the previously approved vaccines of the (Pfizer – Moderna – AstraZeneca) vaccines, two doses, and the (Janssen) vaccine one dose after 14 days after receiving the dose.

What are the penalties for violators of the institutional stone in Saudi Arabia?

A fine of up to (200) thousand riyal

Imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years, or both.

If the offense is repeated, the fine imposed on the previous time will be doubled.

– If the above offense is committed by a non-Saudi individual, he will be punished with deportation from the Kingdom, and his entry will be permanently banned after the punishment imposed on him.

What age groups may Umrah perform?

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that the age group allowed to come to Umrah from abroad is between 18 years and older, according to the requirements of the Saudi Ministry of Health.

What are the groups deprived of Umrah?

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that it is not allowed to perform Umrah for those coming from abroad who are under the age of 18, and it is not allowed to travel and perform Umrah , unvaccinated citizens who refrain from receiving the Corona vaccine as it is a prerequisite for travel and performing Umrah rituals.

How long is the Umrah visa or period of stay in the Kingdom?

The duration of stay within the Kingdom for pilgrims coming from outside Saudi Arabia, 30 days.

When will the regulations for Umrah travel be announced?

Next week, the government is scheduled to announce the regulations for the Umrah season, and to allow companies to announce prices and programs to those who want to perform rituals, to operate flights, according to statements by Nasser Turki, ‘ a member of the Supreme Committee of Hajj and Umrah, to the website “Masrawy”.

What are the most prominent features of the regulations that govern Umrah?

A guarantee letter from 50 to 150 thousand pounds as a deposit with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, together with one million bank checks returned

The approval of the Saudi agent and the approval of the letter of guarantee.

£ 2800 payment, 2 PCR analysis + Corona insurance.

Pay a £ 1,000 fee for the Tourist Company Room.

– Assignment of a supervisor for each company 2020/2021, with the updating of the corporate room cards.

To deprive a company that does not have supervisors of shares.

Umrah will be during the months (Rajab Sha’ban Ramadan).

It is forbidden to trade visas between tourism companies, and anyone who violates them will be penalized with the cancellation and suspension of licenses.

Registration of the company’s portal barcode with the Saudi agent.

The bank loan letter from the Saudi is an approved affidavit.

Is Egypt activated on the Saudi system?

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that Egypt will activate the Kingdom’s system for Umrah, and companies operating during the season can submit operational plans and activate contracts, following the acceptance of Umrah controls by the Egyptian government represented by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

What are the steps to issue an Umrah visa?

1- The Umrah company or the external agent buys the services and configures service packages for the Umrah program.

2- The Umrah company, the external agent, fills in the visa issuance application data.

3- The Umrah Company, the external agent, will accommodate the pilgrims on the Umrah program.

4- The data of the pilgrims are registered, the data of the type of vaccine are recorded, and the vaccine certificate is attached.

5- An initial booking is made for Umrah permits for prayer / visit to Umrah.

6- The Umrah company or the external agent sends a request to issue a visa to the pilgrims.

7- The system will check the type of vaccine.

What are the documents required to discuss the Umrah program?

– The original passport is valid for 6 months from the start of the travel date.

– 2 personal photos with white background and women in hijab.

A health certificate from a state health office with a stamped copy and the original receipt of payment for adults attached to it.

When will the first Umrah voyages leave Egypt?

The owners of tourism companies expect to operate the first Umrah voyages from Egypt, during the second half of next January 2022, until the completion of all procedures, the announcement of Egyptian controls, electronic connectivity, documentation, pricing, system control, and so on.

– What is the reason for the delay in the departure of flights from Egypt?

Because the government has not yet announced Egyptian regulations governing work (including a letter of guarantee, insurance and supervisors) and other details, in addition to the companies that do not officially announce prices for citizens who want to export Umrah.

What are the expected prices for Umrah?

Owners of tourism companies expect prices to rise by 25-27% over previous seasons, bringing the economic program to between 20 and 21 thousand pounds, including airline tickets, with prices reaching 30 and 35 thousand pounds for 4- and 5 thousand -star hotels reach.

– What is the reason behind the expected rise in prices of Umrah?

There are many reasons, especially: the high prices of airline tickets, the reduction in the intensity of transportation and accommodation in hotels, Egyptian and Saudi Arabian medical insurance, fees and expenses of the Egyptian Umrah gate, financial insurance for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques, fees for a guarantee letter, and an increase in most services by not less than 15%, and fees Corona virus analysis.

Is the Umrah a witness to the quota system (number of pilgrims)?

In the past, the number of Egyptian pilgrims was 500,000, including 100,000 pilgrims during the month of Ramadan, and this scene is expected to continue during the new season, as those numbers are set by the Egyptian government, to prevent the currency Egypt leaves.

How are companies that violate the right of the pilgrim reported?

Al-Saha Chamber of Companies has announced the establishment of the “Umrah Market Monitoring Unit” to monitor any advertisements or violations that may harm tourism companies and citizens, in addition to activating the WhatsApp service on the number (0150360556) to report received about any intermediary or unlicensed entity currently issuing any Advertisements for Umrah programs so that the Chamber can intervene with the competent authorities to take the necessary measures regarding the matter.

Finally, what are the fines for companies violating the Umrah Gate?

Suspension of the activities of the tourism company, in whole or in part, from the conduct of the Umrah activity for a period not exceeding one year in case of violation of the rules and procedures referred to in the law.

In the event of a repeated infringement, the license of the tourism company will be canceled, according to a reasoned decision.

Anyone carrying out Umrah journeys in contravention of the provisions of the Egyptian Umrah portal will be punished with a fine of not less than £ 500,000 and not more than £ 2 million.

In case of recurrence, the minimum and maximum fine will be doubled.

Whoever commits any of the following acts will be punished with a fine of not less than one million pounds and not more than 3 million pounds:

1- To conduct Umrah journeys without a license.

2- The private data of each pilgrim does not match the data registered with the portal before the pilgrim leaves.

3- In case of return, the minimum and maximum fine will be doubled.

4- Anyone who, personally or by anyone else, falsifies the identification code provided for in this Act shall be punished by imprisonment.

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