Jordanian IT sector companies strive for future business partnerships in Saudi Arabia

Jordanian companies operating in the Jordan Information Technology sector strive to expand and enter new markets in the region, increasing their export share of business systems and solutions through future commercial partnerships with government agencies or private sector companies.
Therefore, the Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies “Entaj” seeks intensively and with great effort to enable companies operating in the sector to participate in and attend local, regional and even international exhibitions and conferences, of which the latest the organization of the Jordanian pavilion at the Saudi International Exhibition of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computers AiCloudExpo2022, with the participation of 10 Jordanian companies operating in the information technology sector.
The participating Jordanian companies: Datahub Analytics, IRIS Technology, Image Technologies (ITEC), the Matrix Group that developed the Sajaya ERP brand, Mind Rockets, Origin Training & Technical Consultancy “OTrain” and Quality Business Solutions praised them. (QBS), and KAYAN HR Company, played the role of the Production Association in organizing the Jordanian pavilion, emphasizing its role as a main center based on the fact that Jordanian companies can attend exhibitions and conferences.
Algebra Intelligence and AYMBot were supported by the Youth, Technology and Jobs (YTJ) project funded by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.
The founder and CEO of Algebra Intelligence, Eng Ahmed Al-Tawafsha, described their participation in the exhibition as “excellent” and pointed out that their participation came with the aim of entering the Saudi market through a working office working with the company is affiliated.
He praised the role of the Production Association in organizing the Jordanian pavilion within the exhibition, in addition to its active role in many local, regional and international activities and events, and emphasized that this participation reduces costs for companies and gives them the benefit of participate in an integrated pavilion.
Al-Tawafsha indicated that Algebra Intelligence integrates artificial intelligence and technology in the energy sector into its work, while the company has provided a platform called “Your Energy”, which is an energy management system that can be integrated with computer components on consumption or by solar cells , in addition to its role in the field of Maintenance, emphasizes that participation in the exhibition establishes future business partnerships.
In turn, the co-founder and CEO of Kayan Human Resource Development – “Kayan”, Amer Abu Ghosh, said that participation in the exhibition comes to expand partnerships, find new customers and pave the way for future commercial agreements, especially if the company is looking forward to finding new markets for its products in Arab and even regional countries. .
Abu Ghosh indicated that his company was established in 2020 with the aim of providing human resource systems, adding that the company has a list of customers in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain and several other countries, and pointed out that the systems provided by the company are built according to the latest technology updates that combine artificial intelligence and simulation With employees through “chat bots” and many other systems.
He praised the role of the “Intaj” association in enabling Jordanian companies to participate in exhibitions at the level of Arab countries and even Europe, noting that the association’s support for companies enables them to to find new markets for their products.
In turn, Muhammad Al-Kilani, chairman of Mind Rockets, said that their participation in the exhibition was aimed at exploring new markets, especially the Saudi market, especially because the company partnerships with the government and private agencies in Saudi Arabia. Arabia was able to establish, emphasizing the company’s aspiration. to expand further, especially with manufacturers, to integrate Deaf sign language with products that use artificial intelligence.
He pointed out that Mind Rockets helps the government and private companies to prepare their websites and services to cater to the needs of “deaf” people in sign language, because most of them cannot read adequately.
He praised the role of the Intaj Association in organizing the pavilion, as the Intaj Association is the main axis based on enabling companies to host exhibitions and conferences at the regional and Gulf countries level. living.
Ahmed Abu Qaoud, CEO of Quality Business Solutions “QBS”, stressed that their participation in the exhibition was “important” for two reasons, the first: because his company provides artificial intelligence and cloud computing services, and the other: to keep the exhibition in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which is considered one of the most important markets in the region with the aim of increasing the company’s exports there.
He said: “We aim to increase the company’s share in exports to Saudi Arabia over the coming period, through several factors, one of which is participation in this type of exhibition.”
Abu Qaoud praised the role of the Intaj Association in organizing the Jordan Pavilion in the exhibition, as the association’s role contributes to enabling Jordanian companies to participate in such exhibitions, as participation is more effective and against is a lower cost.
In turn, the CEO of IRIS Technology, Muhammad Al-Qurashi, said that their participation in the exhibition came because their company operates within four axes: cyber security, network solutions, infrastructure and cloud computing.
He pointed out that IRIS Technology has been working in Jordan for 11 years, in addition to its expansion into the Saudi capital two years ago, and looks forward to expanding further into the future period in Saudi Arabia in general.
Al-Qurashi said the products offered by the company are based on artificial intelligence technologies and cloud computing services, noting that artificial intelligence and computing have become one of the most sought after services in the world, especially since regulators and monitors in government agencies and institutions require companies to set up and integrate with cyber security services and cloud computing.
He praised the role of the “Intaj” association in organizing the Jordanian pavilion, emphasizing that “Intaj” supports the presence of companies in these exhibitions at a lower cost and a greater presence.
In addition, Director of Sales and Business Development at Ta’een Software Development Company, Mustafa Sharqatli, said the purpose of the participation is to build commercial relationships with investors and companies, in addition to the opportunity to further promote the company to visitors. after the exhibition.
He stressed that the exhibition is in line with the company’s future vision for local commercial expansion for many countries, the most important of which is Saudi Arabia.
And he indicated that the company is introducing a fully automated automated system built according to artificial intelligence, which enables users to find another source of material income without human intervention or prior knowledge.
He praised the role of the Production Association and described it as “very positive” because of its primary role in organizing the pavilion within the Saudi exhibition.
In turn, the co-founder and technical director of Datahub Analytics, Dana Momni, conveyed her sincere thanks and appreciation to the Intaj Association for the opportunity to participate in the exhibition.
She noted that the company has offered a range of services it provides in the areas of data analytics, business intelligence systems, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation; She added that the company, by the grace of God, was able to conclude a set of partnership and cooperation agreements with a number of companies located in Saudi Arabia.
She reaffirmed the company’s quest for more collaboration with the Production Association and to participate in various local and international activities related to data analysis and artificial intelligence.
In turn, the director general of the Jordanian Archives Technology Company (ITEC), Jihad Al-Jaljuli, announced the registration of a company in Saudi Arabia owned by the Jordanian company under the name of the Archives Technology Company for Information Technology, as it started. its activities that effectively coincide with the end of the exhibition.
He pointed out that the reason for participating in the exhibition was to increase the company’s product “Doctrack” on the Saudi “cloud” computers, where interviews were conducted with a number of companies offering cloud computing services, and an agreement with Zain Saudi Arabia.
He pointed out that the presence of the company’s product “Doctrack” on the Saudi “Cloud” enables it to reach customers more easily due to the presence of a large number of subscribers at Zain Saudi Arabia, and thus access to subscribers easier, announces the signing of a partnership agreement with Zain Saudi Arabia to reach potential customers.
He pointed out that the exhibition enabled them to meet with cloud computing service providers, adding that participation in the Jordanian pavilion gives visitors greater importance and focus.
In turn, Sajaya Regional Director Iyad Al Shelleh said participation in the exhibition offers new services and solutions from Sajaya related to artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and subsystems related to customer relationship management, project management and other services that the company seeks to achieve The goals of the companies to increase their competitiveness and the level of services they provide to their customers.
He explained that Sajaya is a technology company whose goal is to use technology to serve business and help companies automate their work to achieve digital transformation, noting that his company has been in the Saudi market for 11 years is.
He praised the efforts made by the Production Association to organize the exhibition and emphasized the importance of participating in an integrated pavilion.

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