Lucky, the leading financial services technology application, obtains final approval to introduce the Lucky One card to all customers

Lucky Company, Mashreq Bank – Egypt, Meeza and MDP for Digital Payments (MDP) sign a co-operation protocol to launch the unique “Lucky One” card

Cairo: Lucky – the leading application in the provision of financial services technology in Egypt and the Middle East – has announced that it has obtained the final approval of the Central Bank of Egypt for the “Lucky One” direct debit card in partnership with Mashreq Bank – Egypt, to introduce Meeza. and MDP (MDP). The card is specifically designed to provide the Egyptian customer with the highest cash back percentage, as well as various financial solutions such as account payments, withdrawals and deposits.

The cooperation between the aforementioned entities is in line with the directives and plans of the Central Bank of Egypt aimed at achieving financial inclusion, in addition to encouraging the cashless economy, as the protocol aims to provide the service of procurement of the “Lucky One”. map through the Lucky application with simple and fast procedures. In addition to enjoying the “installment” services provided by the Lucky application, the card will offer the highest cash back percentage in Egypt, up to 5% from any merchant. To make it easier for customers, ATM deposits and withdrawals can be made through ATMs.

Commenting on the partnership, Ayman Essawy, co-founder and CEO of Lucky Company, said: “Lucky has always worked out of its social responsibility to support the environmental climate of financial services technology, as well as its ongoing pursuit of an ideal. for customers who do not benefit from banking services.

Essawy emphasized, “Therefore, this partnership supports the objectives of the Central Bank of Egypt and Egypt’s Vision 2030 to achieve financial inclusion and the transformation of a cashless society, which will help move forward towards the achievement of sustainable development goals and the creation of a long-term social and economic impact for millions of people. “

In this context, Mr. Amr El-Bahy, CEO of Mashreq Bank – Egypt said: “We are proud to work with Lucky, MEEZA and MDP, which are among the leading companies in the Egyptian market.” He added: “This partnership will enable us to develop the bank’s products and services and improve the banking experience for customers, in addition to facilitating cooperation between Mashreq Bank – Egypt and financial technology companies, which will improve financial inclusion in Egypt. . “

Ahmed Nafeh, CEO of MDP, emphasized: “MDP’s strategic partnership with Lucky comes to expand the company’s digital financial solutions, as part of our support to our customers through our integrated digital payment solutions system, as the company plays the role from an integrated provider of financial technology workers with smart cards and electronic payment solutions, adding that we continue to develop our financial technology solutions, giving our partners flexibility and the ability to adapt to the changing and meet the dynamic needs of their customers. .

“We are excited to seize innovative growth opportunities with Lucky in line with MDP’s vision to be the best partner in promoting digital financial services and solutions in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa region,” Nafeh emphasized. .

The co-operation protocol was signed by mr. Amr El-Bahi, CEO of Mashreq Bank – Egypt, mr. Ayman El-Esawy, co-founder and managing director of Lucky, and mr. Ahmed Nafeh, CEO of MDP, and Mr.

In the presence of a group of representatives from Lucky, Mashreq Bank – Egypt, Meeza and MDP (MDP), led by mr. Haitham Hammad, executive vice president, head of retail banking and distribution channels sector, and Mr. Khaled Al-Jugail, Managing Director of M DP (MDP)


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About Lucky

Lucky is a leading application in the provision of financial services technology in Egypt, the provision of payment services, in installments and cash back through a network of merchants that includes more than 40 thousand stores. The Lucky application is also trusted by more than 8 million Egyptian customers.

About Mashreq Bank

One of the top performing banks in the UAE for five consecutive decades, Mashreq Bank is a leading financial institution with a significant presence across the Middle East. It also has international offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States, and a strong presence in the financial capitals of the world.

As the oldest bank in the UAE, the bank has a rich history since its humble beginnings in 1967 followed by periods of rapid growth and strategic expansion. Throughout the Bank’s history, Mashreq has been distinguished by pioneering work with new concepts in the market and the introduction of unique products and services.

The bank’s innovative approach has contributed to improving its distinction and superiority in the market, and has won him many awards in all areas of the banking business in which it operates, including digital banking, and the most recent awards given by the bank. won, including the “market leader” award in the UAE United in the Euromoney survey on cash management for companies and in the Middle East and Africa for financial institutions, and the “Market Leader” award in the UAE and the Middle East East in Euromoney magazine survey on trade finance, best digital bank in the Middle East by Euromoney Regional Awards for Excellence, and most innovative digital bank for individuals and companies in the United Arab Emirates and the best bank in the United Arab Emirates in the best Banks in the Global Finance World Awards, and the most innovative bank in the Middle East by EMEA Finance, in addition to other awards gs.

The journey of Mashreq Bank in the Egyptian banking market began in 1977, and the Egyptian market is one of the most and most important strategic markets in which the bank operates abroad, as Mashreq Bank – Egypt branches in different areas in Greater Cairo and Alexandria has . The Bank has also succeeded in strengthening its role in the various banking sectors, which include the financing of large companies, retail banking and small and medium-sized companies.

About MDP for digital payments (MDP)

MDP Digital Payments (MDP) is a leading manufacturer of bank cards and electronic payment solutions. MDP enables its corporate and banking clients to offer their financial solutions by providing an advanced comprehensive payment infrastructure – from the production of bank cards to digital financial transactions: to achieve the financial inclusion objectives targeted by the Egyptian state.

MDP has been in the market for over 30 years with a proven track record of improving payment experiences based on technology. MDP keeps pace with the global trend of innovative, secure and evolving financial and banking technology solutions; Which provides a seamless integrated experience for customers, and achieves its goals.

MDP is headquartered in Cairo in the Arab Republic of Egypt and provides its services in more than 40 countries around the world.

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