Schneider Electric develops mySchneider IT Partner Program to enhance collaboration between partners and promote their business models in markets around the world

mySchneider IT Partner Program Contributes to Partner Growth and Enables Companies to Distinguish and Achieve Sustainable Long-Term Success

The new version of the IT Partner Program is the company’s most important update to comprehensively streamline and enhance partner experiences

mySchneider Rewards allows partners to earn points that can be exchanged for more than 60,000 items, experiences and goods

Schneider Electric, the world leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced its new mySchneider IT Partner Program, which offers a simplified, innovative and collaborative approach to enable partners to drive growth and excellence in the markets in which they operate. work. The innovatively redesigned program focuses on helping partners develop diverse business models and enable them to enhance their business excellence by enabling them to become strategic advisors and experts in various areas of information technology.

At a time when the information technology system is witnessing continuous developments, Schneider Electric is building its development of the information technology partner program on its record of award-winning innovations at sectoral level. by enabling partners to grow their businesses and improve their competitive advantages over the long term. The new program focuses on unique disciplines, giving partners a high level of flexibility to become certified experts in one or more disciplines based on their current abilities and future aspirations. It contributes to the further improvement of partner excellence, and emphasizes the true value of the IT partner ecosystem by:

● Opportunity to develop diversified business models

● Simplifies and increases transparency in terms of requirements and benefits

● Acquiring new business opportunities through market recognition and competitive differentiation

● Promote IT ecosystem-focused practices

“The mission of our affiliate program has become very clear as program members have been able to reap clear benefits for more than ten years, including discounts, tools and innovative offerings from Schneider Electric,” said Paul Terrier, vice president of global information technology at Schneider Electric. and its flagship APC brand. Partners involved in our development program will continue to enjoy flexibility in today’s rapidly changing markets, and will be able to generate returns up to eight times higher. ”

The specializations will be introduced over the next 12-18 months, through a phased approach that includes IT solution providers, data center solution providers and software and service providers. The first specialization is currently available to IT solution providers and is ideal for IT providers with expertise in IT infrastructure solutions within distributed IT environments.

Key features of the IT solution provider specialization include:

Data-driven application control screen: To support new value-driven and data-centric requirements, the digital experience has been completely rediscovered so that partners can see real-time business updates and data. The program’s new dashboard provides partners with a high level of transparency and also identifies key areas of focus when partners choose to upgrade in the program to gain greater capabilities or benefits.

Business Tools: Certified partners have access to the tools they need in their current business environment, including the Local Edge Configurator, which has helped set up tens of thousands of solutions in IT solutions spread across the globe.

Increased Profitability: IT solution providers will have access to unique transaction registration discounts in addition to the regular discounts offered by Schneider Electric’s Edge Opportunity Registration Program (ORP).

MySchneider Rewards: With the return of mySchneider Rewards, one of Schneider Electric’s most popular rewards programs, members with partner accounts – including sales, engineering, services and other features can earn points from a variety of activities and trade them for more than 60,000+ Materials, experiments, goods, etc.

Dedicated support and account coverage: Sales account coverage provides ongoing support for business building activities, pre- and after-sales support

Andreas Lockville, Director of Business Development at Buyitdirect, who was involved in the pilot phase of the new affiliate program, said: “Accelerating digitalization has changed the way we serve our customers. and platforms to help them keep pace with this transformation Perhaps most importantly, the mySchneider IT Partner Program is easy to use and has a streamlined interface that enables us to have a greater level of flexibility and have the convenience to achieve greater success and improve our readiness for the future. ”

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