Sheikh Nahari … Is the return of the lion of Arab preachers near the pulpit ???

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This is what he said, an earthquake that sounds in the ears of the listeners: “Listen, God gives you peace, we will meet on a day when the titles will be absent.” … The speech here is addressed from the Dean of Arab Preachers, Sheikh Al-Arefi Allah, the learned Al-Nahari ,,,, Sidi Abdullah Nahari ,,,, to the Minister of Donations and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Al-Tawfiq, yes, you have the right to forget and it is our duty to remind you ,,, The occasion is the Minister’s answer to an oral question in the Moroccan Parliament, on the phenomenon of Sheikh Nahari, but without a blush the above minister softened his lips, and he appreciated the murmur of his voice: “Sheikh Nahari is fascinated by the internet.” I wish you were silent It is beautified by silence … If you are experts in mathematics and claim that you can hold us accountable ,,,, We are strong in history. We know our past and yours !!! Ignorance killed you before your death and dragged you out of the drowsiness of ants … Where were you when Sheikh Nahari toured the mosques of the city of Oujda with his worn bike in the early eighties ??? Where most of the city’s neighborhoods were plagued by the absence of water and electricity, but the time of technology was far away, after your mind was far from right ,,,,

I say this as an honest testimony I will give before the One, the Judge, when we were in the age of adolescence and we were proud of ourselves, our esteemed sheikh came to our old neighborhood where there was no water or electricity not, “Hay Lamahrashi” and gave a blessed religious lesson. I was 14 years old at the time, and the mosque was crowded with neighborhood Derwishes and the neighboring neighborhoods, and our sheikh answered questions that people asked in a good and innocent way, in a simple way ,,, until this guilty slave expressed a question in which he wanted to show his scientific muscles to the weak of the neighborhood.Jinn or angels. “On these entertaining questions,” Despite all this, he answered my question … The man believed ,,, and at that point I did not know how to get rid of my body from the impurity of impurity !!!

And the years have passed, so here is this poor slave of Sheikh Nahari’s students at the age of 43, he is still my dear Sheikh as I saw him for the first time, with his flesh and fat and the storms of his wrath for God. How unsuccessful you were, O Tawfiq, because Imam Al-Shafi’i advised the nation with his saying, “Say the chapter and the side of humor.” The content of your words was as scanty as a rabbit’s sauce …

One of the young men was one day asked Sheikh Al-Albani, may God restore his bed, what are you warning me about, Sheikh ??? He says to him: Beware, my son, that someone complains to God ,,, because God is God, give me success … All mistakes are forgiven by God, except the injustice of the servants.He will laugh when he reads it for the first time ,,, As for the second, I hope for the faith that runs in the blood of my sheik and cleanses him from resentment, to forgive Tawfiq it, and I’m sure he will, because the file is at filed the Supreme Court and without forgiving the oppressed, the oppressor will inevitably perish … The day I told my sheikh, “I saw people say so-and-so about you on YouTube.” He answered me with an answer that dropped my eyes to my left. ”

I spent the nights transcribing poems and articles, and when I was about to write about our eminent sheikh, my mind became dull, and my letters and sentences betrayed me. Before this arrogance and exaggeration, the popular saying goes, “Add vinegar to vinegar.” So they think that they have killed a man who cried out to men, that God is my Lord, I do not identify anyone with Him? When the Holy One repented. the gates of heaven are still open. ”… With God, what is this cubic stupidity ,,, How many people attend daily sermons, and how many people watch it on YouTube, the answer: without comment … The pulpit is the one who lost an honest sheikh, the enemy testified before the friend ,,, Al-Qushayri said, “The least honesty is the level of secrecy and publicity.” “By the One who sent Mohammed with the truth, a man’s honesty his tired body loaded with all chronic diseases “drunkenness, blood pressure, and whatever evils you want that sweeps the heart that is jealous of what the nation of Mohammed has achieved.” His sons, yes, I will reveal this secret so that everyone who insults the chastity of the nation’s scholars will return to his true greatness … The man has two sons and two daughters, all with high grades, but they practice their unemployment with patience and perseverance … So also the Sheikh once went out among the people to talk about his diseases and problems, ,, It is the chastity of the saints and the pure…. Until I close this sad arch, make sure that my old man will be very angry with me, because I made things known that he does not want to spread among men, but that he rather hates those who cleanse him, because he always reminded me of it and says the truth: “Do not cleanse yourselves not, for God purifies whom he wills. ”

My Honorable Sheikh, this is how I replied to the venerable professor, Belkheir Hamoti, when he read my article I wrote about him, he, like you, does not want to recommend himself. Who went, if we leave the victory of this, who will win ??? We will simply leave the arena for the trivialities and the corrupt. You deserve praise from the servant and from God, because you are tall and important, and embody the luxury of the mind and the elegance of the soul. ”

Unfortunately, the people of wisdom fall behind the order, and the ruway bidat shines the spotlight on them ,,, and the poet was right when he said:

And what is the evidence for the judgment and its essence – the misery of the pious and the goodness of the foolish life?

Despite all this and that, I did not one day have my old man, with a grumpy face, he did one day have a traffic accident between Oujda and Fez, and when asked by the Royal Gendarmerie about the cause of the accident , he said, “I have turned on my own … I will not lie, and God has saved me and my sons.” ,,

Imam Al-Shafi’i said, “Arrange your wishes in the Fajr prayer” … In fact, I was in a great deal of anxiety, and one day I turned in my bed in Casablanca and waited for my book to stand, after my stay in the city of Casablanca for a long time, so I called my sheik two hours before the prayer Fajr, so we talked about most of the great choices of mankind, and I discovered that the man is a deep thinker and knows all the subtleties of legal and illegal sciences. He shocked me with his divine answer, which made me swallow my tongue, “We are not going to flex our intellectual muscles, we must first dedicate ourselves to our main task so that Muslims can learn their religion, and at that time other matters come automatically. . ” The Sheikh believed and how not !!! And the video he filmed on how to perform ablution of impurity reached six million viewers. First the faith in God, then the application of his law ,,, then they will try to rest in all the sciences of the world to the satisfaction of God …

I had no choice but to name another fantasy of the Minister of Success, who wanted her to put a gallows around the necks of those who rise up against evil where it is hidden, with reference to the lost saying of Ibn Khaldun: “If a lawyer enters politics, he corrupts it and corrupts it.” … Peace be with him ,,,, what a prophet, head of state and a nation , was a jurist, a scholar, a politician and an army commander ,,, What was it is wandering, sir … Will we kill the spirit of religion in this country, so do not be a hollow drum that repeats what others have not said, so why do you insist on missing opportunities that are golden for silence This is the strategic difference between us ,,, between the Tamgrabit class …. Description of the secularists who insist on failure after failure, after all their despicable attempts have been made, to take the pure Moroccan soil …. For this reason d it is not left to you to open the way for the honest callers with God and their country and their rulers to ascend the pulpits, speak the truth and immunize the Moroccan self, of all who want to corrupt its nature. …

Sheikh Nahari is a moderate man who believes in all the constants of the nation as enshrined in the constitution, and works under the banner of a legal association “The Unification and Reform Movement.” That’s why and our zeal for our country and our king has long been glorified and empowered … The pulpit longed for people he loves, and Sheikh Abdullah Nahari is one of those …

Sona said … a researcher in contemporary thinking

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