The Minister of Water Resources follows up the efforts to activate information system technology in the Ministry’s agencies

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, held a meeting with Dr. Ayman El-Sayed, Head of the Sector Monitoring, Communication and Information Affairs, in order to follow up efforts to integrate and activate the technology of information and communication systems in the various departments of the Ministry.

Dr. Abdel-Aty said the Ministry is making relentless efforts in the field of work to automate the work of water management and distribution, to integrate and root out the latest technological systems within the work system in the various organs and sectors of the Ministry. with the aim of improving performance and ensuring the speed of gathering information and data with the highest accuracy and speed and making it available to decision makers It achieves the conservation and proper exploitation of water resources and increases the efficiency of management through development and innovation in water resource management tools, including integrated monitoring and control systems.

He said that in view of the work to monitor and control water resources with high efficiency, the decision makers in the Ministry at all levels can make the necessary decisions to achieve rational management of water resources and in all the water needs of the different sectors to provide. in the country.The ministry has established an advanced system for automated telemetric monitoring. Allowing data to flow from (300) solar-powered monitoring stations across the control and separation points along the Republic-level irrigation and drainage networks.

The necessary equipment was provided and supplied and the installation and operational works on the sites were carried out by the Ministry’s engineers and technicians, in addition to the management, operation and maintenance of the system to ensure the safety and regularity of its operation. through careful follow-up and periodic traffic, with the development of an ambitious plan to expand the monitoring system so that the required investments are in line with the National Water Resources plan until 2037.

This system has proven its success as an effective tool in providing accurate and continuous data around the clock that monitors the status of water flow in waterways, where data for monitoring levels on the Nile, canals, drains, lifts and others are exchanged is around the clock with the decision makers in the ministry through reports and multiple and automated mechanisms It includes email and SMS on the mobile phone, using the latest information and communication system technology, and this system has had a huge impact on the monitoring and control of water management, especially during the rainy season and the period of maximum needs and immediate handling of any emergency in the irrigation network.

Dr. Abdel-Aty added that a water quality monitoring network has been implemented to provide periodic follow-up and early warning, as a water quality monitoring system has been activated by providing a mobile unit to determine water quality elements for a number of points by decision-makers, where many visits have been made Field monitoring of water quality and the submission of adequate reports on the status of water quality.

Within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to conserve water resources, rationalize their use and develop water management methods using the latest technologies, and to ensure optimal utilization of groundwater. The Ministry has implemented a monitoring and control system for surface and deep wells. in the New Valley Governorate for (19) wells, where the wells are operated automatically. , and the avoidance of excessive withdrawals in violation of the authorized rates.

The monitoring, communication and information sector provides the necessary technical support to the various interests, bodies and devices of the ministry, and provides the necessary training by holding an annual training program for engineers and technicians in the relevant ministry authorities with the aim to provide technical frameworks in each authority to operate the monitoring and monitoring system and to implement future extensions in the system.

The engineers of the Central Department of Monitoring and Communication Systems in the Ministry implemented a monitoring system and software development work, in light of the Ministry’s ownership of the infrastructure for monitoring systems, including devices, equipment, communication networks and control centers, in addition to human frameworks trained in the work of establishing, operating and maintaining such systems.

An integrated data center is also established in the central administration of monitoring and communication systems, through which all water resource data from all relevant departments of the ministry are collected, and all current and future monitoring systems are linked, with the provision of specialized frameworks around the integrated data center. manage and issue periodic reports that link and collect relevant data in a proportionate way With the needs of decision makers in the ministry at all levels.

Dr. Abdel-Aty directed the continuity of follow-up and made every effort to ensure the continuity of the operation of the system and the flow of outputs with the aim of providing data in an immediate and continuous manner.

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