The swing of life between victory and brokenness

You who are now flipping through my words: Do not wait for me to talk to you about what happened hours or days ago about the failure of the Egyptian football team in a match here or there; But this event – and it is indeed a great event – has revealed to me several matters that touch the heart of our life pulse on earth; Since God created “Adam” on the dust of this universe … and from his dust! And we are all like those who ride a hammock – as we later knew it – from the swings of the birth of the Bedouin master. “Something for God, sir.” Sometimes in the extremes of sensual and material pleasure; and sometimes between the jaws of the hopeful and the possible out of the available possibilities; What happens in this eternal battle between some successes with thoughtful scientific planning; or by chance – as happens in the “random run” we see on soccer fields -; Between tears, disappointments, and the torments of loss, we hid in their lush branches against the desert sun of hard, tyrannical life; But these are footsteps written on us .. and whoever has written footsteps on them, it is traversed!

We therefore know in advance that the two sides of the “coin of life” are: victory and defeat; But we do not know which of them will triumph during the voyage, as some try to plan and draw “scenario” lines for the days of the old years; These years we know when they started – and we know very well that they will inevitably end – but we do not know when, how and where they will end!

Perhaps the Creator – Glory to Him the Glorified – has the wisdom that life is a mixture of sweetness and torment so that we know the value of beautiful things so that we can enjoy them and be happy with their fragrant fragrance; The wisdom is also to make this contrast and difference in the nature of people, their view and theory in the way they read the rules of the book of their lives. Some leave things as they are without planning or drawing a specific “scenario”; He leaves his ship in the midst of the waves of the sea of ​​life, “according to the winds.” Some plan to have influence, prestige, money and power; The belief in the well-known “Machiavellian” method of those who want to control and climb on the shoulders taught him; He rather firmly believes in the saying: “If you go hunting, do not forget to bring dogs”! He turns to the principle of precaution and caution by surrounding himself with the most despicable people of those who break the norms, traditions and laws to ensure the safety of his path in the world of money, business, influence and power; People like sects!

Clearly, stories of success and victory; There must always be determination, perseverance and patience behind it to do the purposeful work and achieve the required productivity; It is necessary to work diligently to achieve positive thinking for the possibility of offering the necessary solutions to solve all potential problems. And to stay as far away from negative thinking as possible that goes against expectations. The funny thing is that negative thinking always creates a “problem for every solution”; But my faith will remain firm in what those who enjoy the air of the world should do; in that they must enjoy every detail of the voyage while on the ship of life; That ship that makes them pass through the days and years of life.

The failure to realize some legitimate personal or social ambition or dream; or lose hope of winning a match for your favorite team; This is not the end of the world; We must always try to let the flame of hope shine in our depths! We believe that if we fail today, we will certainly succeed tomorrow with will, strength and determination, and with the consent and grace of God. Despair must not seep through what cracks and crevices do in the walls of the soul; Some sages say: This is usually the last key in the set of keys that is appropriate to open the door.

It is nice to have the “seed of satisfaction” planted in the walls of the soul; You and I know that “the beginning of the tree is a seed.” It is better to look forward than to look back; And to hold in the corners of our ribs the unshakable faith that we will reap the fruits of success … as we believe in the rising sun that will come in the morning after the long night; And one of the optimists advises – by behavior – by saying: Do not procrastinate in your life journey to collect and keep roses – because they will inevitably die in your hands – but in secret and you will find roses along the roads what you with all optimism and hope .. to enjoy them and the momentum of their fragrant fragrance.
Did I not say unto you, We are all in the swing of life? who rises, let us laugh, rejoice and be proud at this temporary height; It decreases and we call all expressions of despair and rebellion at its unjust and unjust rate; And we forget – or forget – that it’s a strange mixture between this and that! that the player who happened to score a goal for your favorite team, and our palms of applause for his success in scoring the goal; He’s the same player who sang his fall when he failed to score a “goal” from the ball he had!

It is the game of life that will not cease with all its vocabulary; So that God inherits the earth and those on it! Let’s be optimistic .. and smile .. and honest and comfortable advice:
Always put the “ball” in the middle of the goal..and “you scolded”!

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