Al-Fadhili Plant .. a giant gas processing company in Saudi Aramco (photos)

Saudi Aramco has many huge projects, at the forefront of which is the Al-Fadhili gas plant, which is at the forefront of essential facilities, to ensure the growing demand for fuel and energy in the Kingdom.

The Saudi oil giant realized early on the importance of natural gas, which countries are currently scrambling to meet their energy demand, and is seen as a transitional fuel in the energy transition.

Since the mid-1970s, Saudi Aramco has been extracting gas and using it to develop value-added products other than oil.

Al-Fadhili Gas Plant is one of the key production facilities that strengthens Aramco’s great influence and leadership, not only in terms of increasing gas supplies, but also in terms of economic growth.

Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco’s biggest projects

Gas demand in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco is working to increase its gas reserves, in conjunction with the growing domestic and international demand for gas, as it seeks to discover new fields, add new reservoirs to existing fields and reevaluate the reservoirs of existing fields.

Aramco’s expansion of gas projects is in line with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision to increase domestic gas supplies and provide additional raw materials with minimal flare-up release.

Over the past 4 decades, Saudi Aramco has been committed to meeting the Kingdom’s needs for gas used in electricity generation, and in many industries, such as: steel, aluminum, petrochemicals and water desalination.

Aramco Gas Refinery
Aramco Gas Refinery

Saudi gas network

Saudi Aramco used the latest technology; In order to develop many gas facilities as part of its strategy to expand in this important field.

Many plants, especially the Al-Fadhili Laboratory, have seen remarkable developments based on the latest technologies that increase the level of gas supply, support economic growth, develop national human resources capabilities and reduce emissions.

Al-Fadhili gas plant is a critical part of the current expansion of the gas network in Saudi Arabia, as the expansion is planned to meet the growing energy demand in the Kingdom.

Aramco began developing the new gas plant in Al-Fadhili in late 2016. The value provided by the project exceeds the limits of the resources it will process, as it will add billions of dollars to the local economy, with expectations to provide around 40. % of the services and materials used in its development and manufacturing in the Kingdom.

Al-Fadhili Laboratory has achieved an outstanding level of local content in its establishment, and is characterized by its advanced technologies that achieve a maximum sulfur extraction rate of 99.9%, which helps to protect air quality.
The capacity of the Al-Fadhili gas plant has reached about 2.5 billion standard cubic feet per day, after the successful phase of operation.

Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco's biggest projects
From the opening ceremony of the Al-Fadhili Laboratory Project

great potential

The Al-Fadhili gas plant is the first Saudi Aramco plant to process non-associated gas from both domestic and foreign fields.

The Al-Fadhili plant is expected to increase gas processing capacity to about two billion standard cubic feet of raw gasm per day from the Hasaba field, And half a billion standard cubic feet of raw gas per day from the Khursaniyah field, as these fields are characterized by high-productivity reservoirs developed using the latest drilling and production technology, which has significantly contributed to the reduction of capital costs of the project.

The Al-Fadhili plant processes gas from onshore and offshore fields, supplying the main gas network with approximately 1.57 billion standard cubic feet per day of sales gas, in addition to 470 million cubic feet per day with low heat content to the Fadhili Electricity Generation Company.

Al-Fadhili plant contributes to raising the level of the UK’s production stock to 12.2 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day, from the current supply level of 8.8 billion cubic feet per day in 2015.

The plant is also distinguished as the first plant to use low-enthalpy natural gas in the operation of an independent power station, with the ability to convert to sales gas as needed, and increase supply to the main gas network.

The energy tariff required for the project is also the lowest, which has contributed to large savings in capital costs and annual operating costs.

Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco's biggest projects
Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco’s biggest projects

Unique innovations

The plant also saw many other innovations happen for the first time. It is designed to treat exhaust gas to ensure a maximum sulfur recovery rate of 99.9%, which helps protect air quality.

The production capacity of the “co-generation” power plant is about 1 500 megawatts, which will be supplied to the national grid, including 250 megawatts of the gas plant. The electricity that the plant will generate is equivalent to the consumption of 1.4 million people, and the plant is also expected to produce 1 447 tons / hour of steam, and 768.8 tons / hour of water that will be supplied to Saudi Aramco. .

According to Aramco’s website, the project helps to meet the growing demand for electricity in the Kingdom, as it is a joint project to generate electricity between Saudi Aramco and the Saudi Electricity Company.

The project provides the region with 1,100 megawatts, which in turn covers the eastern region and other regions, as well as any shortages that may occur in the Kingdom in the coming years, with the increasing industrial, urban and population growth.

Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco's biggest projects
From the opening ceremony of the Al-Fadhili Laboratory Project

Plans to increase gas production

Saudi Aramco has announced its commitment to increase production capacity to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise from the increased use of gas, while developing the operational performance of the Al-Fadhili plant, whether as a source of energy , or as a raw material for the chemical sector.

The value of the Al-Fadhili plant project exceeds the resources it will process, as 46% of the plant’s materials and raw materials are sourced from local suppliers, and also manufactured within Saudi Arabia.

Natural gas is a primary product used to meet the increasing energy demand needed to operate various industrial sectors, such as steel, aluminum and water desalination. It provides a kind of alternative energy that is characterized by efficiency and clean combustion. It helps reduce emissions.

Such operational work includes other additional benefits, such as job creation and localization, as the construction business employed more than 4,500 Saudi citizens in jobs that included design, manufacturing, construction and training.

Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco's biggest projects
Al-Fadhili plant is one of Saudi Aramco’s biggest projects

Stop burning oil

The project contributes to Saudi Arabia’s efforts to stop burning oil at power stations, providing Saudi Aramco with a larger amount of crude oil that can be used for export purposes, and other high-value applications such as the conversion of crude oil in chemicals.

Saudi Arabia aims to reduce the consumption of liquid fuel in the production of electricity, and to achieve the optimal energy mix, so that the share of gas and renewable energy sources in this mix by 2030 each will be about 50%.

Aramco aims to develop an integrated global business group in the gas sector, and continues to evaluate joint investment opportunities outside the Kingdom in natural gas and natural gas liquid projects.

This is the first giant project in Saudi Aramco to implement the Capital Efficiency Initiative, which is one of the strategic transformation initiatives that the company launched years ago.

The initiative includes concepts and collaboration agreements between all major departments to facilitate and control all mega projects; As it involves the allocation of large amounts of capital financing to the company.

The development of the Al-Fadhili gas project went through several stages, starting with the development of the underwater Al-Hasaba field, the development of the Khursaniyah field ashore, and the establishment and development of the Al-Fadhili gas and electricity project.

The site of the Al-Fadhili factory was also developed, and housing for single employees was established and developed in the Al-Fadhili field and the company’s surrounding factories.

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