Mediterranean gas … and the final decisive battle

Rasem Obeidat wrote: The US administration, which wants to stay connected to it by Western European countries and adhere to its foreign policy, is fully aware of the importance of gas and energy for Europe, and therefore he sought a long time for an alternative to Russian gas, hence the Black Decade War that America launched against Syria and with it a wide range of Arab, regional and international allies, and with many Syrian local tools used for this purpose and purpose . , as well as many criminal and terrorist gangs were brought in from all corners of the world to break up and destroy the Syrian state, after Syria refused to pass the gas pipeline country from its countries to Western Europe.

The aggressive war waged against Syria and in which more than 60 countries participated, except for armed terrorist groups, which exceeded one hundred formations and groups, failed to break and defeat Syria.Therefore, the passage of Qatari- gas from Syria to Europe became impossible, and after the war that took place and takes place between Russia and America And Western Europe on the Ukrainian land, which said that Russia is on the verge of a decisive strategic victory, if the hard economic, financial, and trade sanctions imposed on Russia by America and Western European countries, including preventing the supply of Russian gas to Western European countries, this gas that forms the backbone of energy and life for many. From the European countries, led by Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. ., these sanctions prompted Russia to respond by stopping the supply of gas to the European countries that adhered to the sanctions against Russia, and determined that they pay for gas in Russian rubles, which led to an increase in Russia’s financial income from Gas and oil exports, whose prices soared, and the ruble exchange rate rose against the US dollar, and Europe became the one paying the highest price for the sanctions imposed on Russia is, of a larger rise Insanely high energy prices, gas and oil, high food prices, due to the shortage of grain coming from Ukraine, unemployment, inflation and bankruptcy of companies, which predicts a global famine. To protect its national security, to defend its interests, to prevent its blockade by America and Western Europe, and to gain access to the bedrooms of its leaders, as it controlled an area of ​​120,000 km of Ukrainian lands, making it easy could reach the shores of the Black Sea and a land connection between it and the Ukrainian lands, And its economy did not collapse as America had planned, but the Russian economy was able to absorb American and Western European sanctions.

Continuation of the situation and Russia’s refusal to supply European countries with Russian gas and oil, without paying the price in Russian rubles, and in a way that breaks the consequences of the sanctions imposed against it and a severe Siberian winter for Western European forecast. countries, urged the US administration to look for alternatives that would prevent the admission of a serious defeat that would end its unipolarity on the world that Western Europe would emerge under its guise, not to mention the differences and conflicts that exist between European countries will not emerge, and go to disintegration.

America has sought alternatives through the gas and oil of its Gulf Sheikh allies, especially Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, but even if Biden and his team have the differences with those Sheikhs, especially Saudi Arabia, over what is known As democracy, overcoming, human rights and the Khashoggi assassination, and relations have returned between the two teams, where interests are above all differences. The criticism is that Saudi Arabia could not evade the “OPEC Plus” agreement, and most of what it could do to serve the US ally was to increase production by 200,000 barrels a day instead of one million barrels. , and this quantity does not cover the shortage in global markets resulting from the cessation of the pumping of Russian oil and gas. , not to mention the high transportation costs and the transportation time of at least two weeks, make this alternative useless, and therefore there is no substitute for gas in the eastern Mediterranean … And the struggle here, is a decisive battle over the two axes, America and Western Europe, with a group of Arab allies and the entity state, and the axis The Russian-Iranian, along with Syria and Lebanon, and what is meant here is the Lebanese resistance.

Therefore, the arrival of the Israeli ship “Al-Hafar” to plague Lebanon and Syria is not an absurd issue, it is rather a carefully planned issue by the state of Israel and America, after thirteen years of indirect negotiations on the demarcation from the sea borders between Lebanon and the state of Israel, in which the envoys were The Americans, from Frederick Hof, David Starfield, David Hill and David Schenker, to Amos Hochstein, the holder of dual US-Israeli citizenship and representing the interests of the two countries , take time for the benefit of the entity state and for the benefit of their scheme and project, and after the entity state is ready by exploration drilling, exploration and preparation of the fields, Bringing the “Energy Power” ship, owned by Israeli businessmen, to the Karish field to carry out oil and gas extraction operations from the Karish field. Syria and Hezbollah, and behind them Iran, have the right of “Israel” to extract oil from the Lebanese and Mediterranean coasts and transport it to Greece or Turkey by sea or by ship to Turkey or Greece and then to Europe by pipeline.

Russia is well aware of the nature of the US plan and has therefore worked to intensify meetings and consultations with its friends and allies, where it met with a delegation from Hezbollah in Moscow, as well as Iranian President Ibrahim met the two leaders of Moscow visit and meet Putin. , and the Russian Minister of Defense visited Syria at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis and met with President Assad, and Lavrov, Minister. The Russian Foreign Ministry has visited more than one Gulf state, particularly Saudi Arabia, and urged it not to increase its oil production, and to abide by the “OPEC Plus” agreement.

America and “Israel” want to withdraw gas from the “Karesh” field and the Mediterranean coast, and are ready to wage a war for it, so they brought the ship to the “Karesh” field. Unknown military threats and strikes, including “fire vehicles” maneuvers for a month, in which all Israeli military sectors, air, land and sea, marches and cyber units on the northern borders, and in Arab cities and towns in the Palestinian north participated as well as extensive air maneuvers on the Cypriot and Greek lands. “Beyond the Horizon”, which mimics the start of a war on more than one front, and the threats made by Kohavi, the chief of staff of the occupying army, in response to the statements by Al-Sayyid, that the Lebanese resistance will prevent the extraction of oil and gas from the “Karish” field by force “and the ship must leave immediately, as Kohavi threatened Lebanon with unprecedented destruction that affects everything, civilian and not civilian, as well as the occupation’s bombing of Damascus International Airport, and the carrying out of assassinations against Iranian leaders, led by Hassan Sayyad Haddaei, an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and work to build an organization And a regional air defense campaign, which will improve the radar capacity of America’s regional alliance, the Gulf Cooperation Countries, Egypt and Jordan, to counter Iranian missiles and drones, and the visit made by the US President Biden next July will bring to the leaders of the occupied country, the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Iraq in Saudi Arabia, and push Saudi-Israeli normalization are steps to publicity.

All these developments and “harassments” say that the Jerusalem alliance and axis is far beyond their means, and that the great decisive battle is inevitably coming, and Hezbollah will be a spearhead, but there is no doubt that fate of “Israel” will also be determined in this struggle, which if it loses, it It will lose its work and the mission for which it was created .. and when the need for it ends, its rationale and justification for its existence will withdraw .

And I say emphatically, as the great writer Naram Sergon said:

The eastern test tube will undoubtedly explode .. but its explosion this time is not like every time .. because the two sides of the conflict will be desperate in the war for survival and the struggle for survival .. the victory of the Israeli gas project will Russia defeats, and then Iran and Syria .. and to deprive Europe and America of an alternative to Russian gas, the economic crisis will make Europe very deep and threaten even the stability of Europe and its relations with America and NATO .. and this is what will push the whole axis of Russia to a great rise in the world at the expense of the whole West.

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