Migrant workers’ dormitories..live them to sleep

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  • Minister of State for Information Affairs Faisal Al-Shboul says bread prices will “not be touched” and indicates that there is no increase in salaries in light of the current situation.
  • The government will increase the prices of petrol in both parts by 35 fils per liter at the beginning of each month, confirming that it will make as few as 4 increases in fuel prices in the coming months.
  • The Public Safety Directorate announces the postponement of the installments of advances granted to officers, non-commissioned officers and individuals, from the Cooperation and Savings Funds for Officers and Individuals, for the current month of June
  • A truck (Diana) on Deir Alla Road was seized, carrying 29 passengers in the back box without the slightest traffic safety requirements.
  • Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Adviser, met with Yang Jiechi, director of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Committee, and described their lengthy talks as an “explicit” attempt to manage the “dynamics” between them.
  • There is a slight rise in temperatures, and the weather is moderate in most areas, and warm in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba.
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    This is the place where I live, no enemy or friend spreads. With this phrase, Hanafi, the man in his forties who came to Jordan to secure a livelihood for himself and his family in Egypt, said that the farm on which he works in the Jordan Valley is only a room for 5 people assured, which Hanafi described as a “banana fermenter” due to the high temperatures.

    Hanafi says he has been coming to Jordan since 2008. He arrived in Jordan as if it were a city of dreams, to be shocked by a bad life situation. He spoke of labor accommodation and described the situation as difficult. At the beginning of his work in the capital, Amman, he worked in a restaurant for popular foods, as he lived in the basement of the restaurant and used the floor to sleep and eat.Al-Mashrib and Hanafi could not stay in this state for long due to the poor financial return. Then he went to the Jordan Valley, where the situation was no better.

    He lives in a room for five people, consisting of one room and one bathroom, and it lacks the minimum requirements for decent housing.

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    Perhaps the problems of labor housing provided by employers do not stop only among Egyptian workers, as there is housing provided by factory owners in various industrial cities in Jordan for expatriate workers of different nationalities who do not meet the minimum requirements for living.

    We tried very hard to get to these homes for documentation purposes, but! Employers blocked access to it. In a meeting we held with a number of workers in the Al-Dulayl Industrial City, Khadija, a Pakistani worker in one of the clothing factories, said where she and her eight colleagues live, there is no place for ventilation or the sun does not, and that the room in which they live is converted from a place to wash to a dining room, and she added that the temperature in summer It is very high at night, so they can not sleep, and she added that the owner of the facility does not provide them with anything in the winter to alleviate the bitter cold.

    Sahid Al-Hindi, in his thirties, said that the room provided by the owner of the facility in Al-Dulayl area is vulnerable to fire at any time due to the lack of regular maintenance of electricity inside the rooms.

    Regarding the inspection of labor accommodation, an official source at the Ministry of Labor explained in a previous statement that there is uncertainty about the division of roles between the Ministries of Health and Labor, and a draft memorandum of understanding has been prepared between the two parties to authorize the inspectors of the Ministry of Labor to inspect housing in the Qualified Industrial Zones.

    And to stand on the health and psychological aspect and the impact of poor housing quality on the worker, the psychologist, Dr Musa Matarneh, said that the expatriate worker naturally saves on expenses to live in an overcrowded place, which can cause psychological pressure for the worker due to contact with a large number of people of different genders, ideologies and cultures, which can cause a lack of the presence of social interaction between them, in addition to reducing emotional catastrophe, tension and anxiety , and it can generate a general feeling of oppression and oppression.

    In an unscientific questionnaire we published to determine the quality of housing available to migrant workers in various sectors, it was found that 31% of migrants working in the agricultural sector and 29.4% of workers in factories provide them with a 50% of those who are dissatisfied with the general situation For housing, the answers were as follows:

    ‘The same place I work is the same place I live, and the owner of the work makes me work longer hours. ‘The place is full of insects, there are no large plant beds in the rooms’

    Perhaps these human violations against migrant workers are one of the most prominent things we have tried to shed light on, as Jordan and many international forums have signed human rights agreements, but the implementation on the ground was not as hoped. The question is, what will happen to the reputation of the Jordanian state as a result of these transgressions?

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