Popular solidarity with the Society for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an .. What is the story?

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Hashtags have been deleted in recent hours #Ons is alles_Association for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an #Quranic_Child_Club , #Beself_Association for the Preservation of the Holy Quran , social networking sites in Jordan, where an electronic storm erupted last night, Tuesday, in solidarity with the association. What’s the story?

What has happened recently is that the Ministry of Awqaf has issued a surprising decision requiring every teacher working in the teaching of Islamic sciences to obtain a pre-license and approval from the ministry, after meeting a number of conditions , including that he has a higher university degree. not less than Master’s degree.
As well as new conditions for those who want to donate, including being a citizen and making their donation known to the authorities. Which, of course, makes most donors fear that they will be deprived of their money for various reasons.

The Awqaf Ministry’s decision actually led to the suspension of Sharia science courses in the thousand centers affiliated with this giant association, as well as the suspension of some Quran memorization courses for adults and children, as if we accept that each center only need two teachers, this means that the association needs two thousand people with certificates Accreditation from the Ministry of Awqaf, and master’s degrees in Sharia, and maybe not even this number of people in Jordan who possess these two degrees. With these data, it seems clear that the government in Jordan is adopting a policy to restrict the Association for the Preservation of the Holy Quran.

Jordanians expressed solidarity through social media with the association and called on the Ministry of Awqaf to withdraw its decisions, which apparently regulate the work of the association and to restrict the work of the association in its interior, according to them description.

Dr. Ahmed Nofal said in a post on his personal Facebook page:

Association for the Preservation of the Holy Qur’an

This blessed tree … gave to dear Jordan bouquets of those who recited the Qur’an and its memorizers, and its light and splendor spread throughout the good land.

This blessed meeting took moderation as an approach and a way, and received respect and a decent position, not only in its own country, but in many Arab and Islamic countries.

This association must receive all the support of all of us, both people and officials, because we are all eager to present our beautiful Islam and our glorious Quran in the best and most beautiful presentation, and the Association does it all as clearly as the sun rises the fourth of the day.

We ask God to reward those in charge of the association with the best reward, and they are among the choice of the sons of Jordan, as we think of them.

And author Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi posted on his Facebook and Twitter pages, saying:

The rest of hope, the stronghold of determination, the source of values, the refuge of wandering, the factory of stars and moons.

1050 Koran centers, 163 Koran children’s clubs, 15 000 metaphors 8200 Hafiz, dozens of Koran projects glorifying virtuous values, 220 knowledge publications.

Do not touch her badly.

I’m talking about the Society for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an

As Muhammad Al-Sumairi wrote,

The Society for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an graduates memorizers of the Book of God with achievement, mastery, and high efficiency in the world, and its readers are among the most skilled readers in recitation and intonation. Even universities and endowment courses are not similar in skill and management of law courses and courses in teaching and refining the Quran. Distorted or extremist, rather they carry the Noble Qur’an in their hearts, and they work with constant effort to teach the people the Noble Qur’an, so the restriction that has taken place is a restriction on the people of the Qur’an what God’s people are and his own, and to fight it is to fight against God’s people and his own.

Distribute this hashtag in support and loyalty to the association in which we learned the Book of God Almighty.


Dr. Ahmed Ziyad Abu Ghanima expressed solidarity with the association, he wrote.

The fierce war waged by the state (whose constitution states that the religion of the state is Islam, and the royal family is honored to belong to the pure family of the House) with its political and security weapons, against the Association for the Preservation of the Holy Quran; It can only be interpreted as a declared and unequal war waged by the state against the values ​​and constants of conservative Jordanian society, away from the “lies” that govern the work of the association, its branches and Koranic child centers.

This campaign will fail, if God wills; For whoever performs it forgets the noble verse: “It is We who have sent down the Remembrance, and we will keep it.”

And you who put yourself in the face of the Book of God, whether you were a pastor, a security guard, or a junior employee; God will judge you on the Day of Resurrection for the crime you participated in with unparalleled enthusiasm; On the Day of Resurrection you will stand alone before the Lord of Glory, and “higher commands” or “security orders” will not help you, so what will you say on the Day of Judgment ?? !!

Teacher Inshirah wrote a box of books and asked: Will we return to Dar Al-Arqam in Qabil Al-Ayam? She added

When it narrows the people of the Koran and makes way for the people of immorality, vices and fallen parties, know that a disaster has happened …

The Association for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an in general and the Quranic Child Club in particular have always been the incubator we entrust to our children.

In it my five sons were raised …. and in it we learned the utterances of recitation and intonation …. in it we found ourselves …. and in it the food for our souls has always been .

Suzan Hajj wrote:

I am proud and proud to be a part of this great Koranic building.

Student, teacher and pioneer, thanks to God.

The Association for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an lifted the name of #Jordan high when it won the #first_place in memorizing the Noble Qur’an worldwide

It has the right to be mentioned of the Kingdom’s achievements in its centenary..do not be limited !!!

Abdul Hamid Rajeh Kurdi testified about the association and its achievements, he wrote.

God Almighty honored me by being a member of the Council of Sharia Scholars for years

The truth is that this great Quran building has been a beacon of Quran studies in recent years and it has the merit of the people of this good country by attaching the hearts of their children to the Quran and its sciences. and the organization of the affairs of the women of the country in terms of knowledge, purification, education, morals, and preparation through hundreds of courses and meetings, since he raised many men together Knowledge, literature, and creation through seminars and courses

Yes, the association has entered the home and heart of every Jordanian

Yea, it was a beacon of those carrying the word of God Almighty on their shoulders: We have revealed the Remembrance, and we will keep it

Yes, it was a symbol of moderation in sacrifice and giving

Yes, it was methodical in teaching and teaching

Yes, it was a thorn in the throat of the enemies of God and the Koran

Yea, it was a thorn in the side of the people of deceit.

And now she’s fighting

She fights in the Quranic Child Club that has created a unique Koranic evening

She fights in the institutes of Sharia sciences that have produced a divine generation that adheres to the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may God bless him and give him peace.

She fights to prevent the leading scholars who offer her the butter of their experiences and abundances to preserve the existence of society

To whom and for whose benefit?

God is enough, and yes, the agent

Some of the association’s achievements

8115 Hafez of the Book of God

15800 licensing and licensing

1050 centers in the Kingdom

Hundreds of forensic science courses over many years

Hundreds of issues of Koran textbooks

Hundreds of issues of Al-Furqan magazines dealing with the topics of the Qur’an and its people

Hundreds of Koran kids’ clubs

and many more

For the benefit of the destruction of the laboratories of the Koran, Sunnah and proper education?

31 years of service of the Holy Quran

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